Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya and Ram walking on the road coming to meet each other. Bade achhe lagte hain…. title song plays in the background. They come in front of each other. Priya asks why did he call her here. He asks if she remembers this place. She says she remembers everything. He asks if she does not understand what this place is trying to tell. He then asks her to come back to him. She says she was waiting to hear this word from him, but now she thinks why did he tell her to come back as nothing as changed since they separated. He asks does this matter in front of their love. She says she cannot come back as Pihu would not like it. Ram asks again does this matter in front of their love. She says what will the family members think. Ram repeats his words again.

She asks him not to make it difficult for her. He asks if she loves him. She says she loves him, but Pihu won’t be understanding that, she is very egoistic and will do anything to prove her point. He asks again if she loves him. She says she loves him a lot and cannot think of living without him even for a moment. He asks her to believe him then and he will speak to Pihu. He asks her to wait at the same place tomorrow and says they will be together till death. She says even death won’t separate them, but she is just worried about Pihu. He asks her not to worry about Pihu and he will handle it. He asks to come with him tomorow and goes from there. Priya gets happy.

Mamaji and the whole family are waiting for Ram. Ram comes and Pihu says he needs to explain why did he lie that he was not meeting Priya. He says he does not interfere in anyone’s personal matters and does not like anyone to inferere in his. Pihu says if Priya comes she will break her marriage with Sammy. She will leave his house if she comes back. Ram asks her to go then as she is married and her husband’s house is hers. Juhi asks not to speak like that to Pihu asks she is her daughter and says he just thinks about Priya. Ram says he knows what he is doing and commands everyone to behave well with Priya, else they can walk out with Pihu.

Jacky Bhagnani and Neha Sharma come to promote their film Youngistan. She asks Jacky to stop the car as she wants to have the chat. They get out of the car. Rajath and Rahul stop their car there. Rahul sees Jacky and says Rajath he wants to meet youngest prime minister. They go and meet him. Jacky says Rajath him that he is writer asks about his love life. They talk to each other and promote their film youngistaan. Rajath asks Jacky and Neha to enjoy their chat and goes from there.

Natasha asks Priya what did Ram say. Priya says Ram asked to come back to his house. She gets happy and says that is the reason she didn’t hear her phone call. She asks to tell her in detail, but Priya says he asked to come back. She asks to tell the edited version. She says Ram said nothing matters in his life than her and is coming tomorrow to pick her. Natasha says she is very happy. Priya says she does not know if the decision is right. If she goes, Pihu will feel bad. Natasha asks Priya to stop thinking about Pihu and think about Ram and his love. She sees Suhani and Khush standing there and listening their conversation. Khush and Suhani are shocked to hear their conversation.

Vikram comes to Rajath’s house and checks food. He asks what is special today. Rajath says it is his favourite food and says he is happy that Ram and Priya spoke today. Vikram asks if they will be together again. Rajath says they are lucky for each other and love each other and asks Daijaa if he is right. Daijaa says he is right.

Khush asks Priya not to go back to Ram. Suhani says she already spoke to him not to discuss about it. Khush says Priya suffered for 5 months and he cannot see her suffering again. Her asks him not to to do this and goes from there. Suhani says he is angry, so he said that, but will understand once he calms down. She asks Priya to do her packing. Priya says she will not go leaving her and Khush.

Precap: Ram says Sammy he heard he left Pihu and came alone. He says Priya is coming back and he does not like any mistake. He warns Sammy that he will take away his luxuries if anything happens.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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