Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram informing Priya about having twins. Priya smiles while the sweet music plays in the BG. Priya says she can’t believe and asks Ram, why he is so serious. Ram says how can we take care of the babies. Priya says we will look after them and Pihu will help us. Ram says after this accident, he don’t want anything to happen to her. Priya says nothing will happen to her and says our babies are strong enough. she says when she was pregnant with Pihu, She got saved from the landslide. She says these babies saved them for the air crash and says these babies are strong and they will not allow anything happen to her. Ram smiles now. Priya jokes that she have to take care of the five kids, she counts two for Ram. Ram says very funny. Ram says he will look after

the kids well, after all he is becoming the father of the twins. Ram and Priya smiles while the music plays.

Priya looks in the mirror and talks to her babies. She says your papa is restless after he came to know about you both. She says she is enjoying well and says today is a special day as your papa told me I love you on this day. Gopal kaka brings tea for her. Ram comes and greets her good morning. Ram shows two rattles happily, Priya says since three months you are always bringing two things. Ram says you will get a gift in a day. Priya says today is a special day and asks for a special gift. Ram says he took a off for a prenatal class. Priya asks him to remember this special day. Ram forgets but Priya insists him to remember about the significance about today. Ram gives wrong answers. Ram asks for a hint. Priya says its ok and leaves.

Ram talks with Vikram and Vikram tells him about the disadvantages of having the twin babies. Ram asks him not to pull his leg. Ram is tensed and asks him how to look after the kids. Vikram asks him to handle the twins with the two hands. Ram tells he feels scared to handle the small babies as they are delicate and their neck keeps falling on the side. Vikram asks Ram to talk to Priya about his fears and tell her that he can’t handle small babies. Vikram says I will make you practice and asks Ram to hold the pillows thinking it to be the babies.( funny scene). Ram says he can’t do. Vikram asks him to do as he can’t leave everything on Priya.

Scene shifts to Neha:

Neha talks with someone and says Vikram will not know anything. She says she planned everything. She says she will reach there.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Natasha brings two sets of clothes for the unborn babies. Priya tells her that Ram brings double things daily. Natasha tags Ram as sweet. Natasha says there is something else, Priya jokes she can’t bad mouth about Ram early morning. Sudhir comes and says Shipra went to her sister house as she is hurt. Natasha says she is missing Mummyji and says it is a important day. And says she feared when bhai and Priya had a plane crash. She says she thought about the families who went through the plane crash. Priya says they didn’t know, how they got saved. She says she has realised the importance of life. Natasha says that’s why she had decided not to think about the past and organised a charity show for the crash victims.

Scene shifts to Mamaji:

Mamaji talks with Saudamini and she jokes that she used to see his photo daily in the kitchen as cockroaches are at bay after she kept his photo there. Mamaji asks why she is coming? She asks him to hold his breath and she will be there. Mamaji holds his breath, Rishabh comes there and Mamaji says he is doing yoga. Saudamini cancels the call. Mamaji thinks Rishabh is the bone in the meat.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Neha brings the flowers for Priya. Neha says it is for her, to pamper her. Priya says I wonder husband should behave like girl friends. Priya says Ram didn’t remember about the special day today. Neha asks what is that? Priya says it is between us. She says Ram told me I love you twice on this day. Neha says fatty said I love you second time. Priya says it was 7 years ago. Priya says he didn’t remember anything, Neha offers her help to fatty, but Priya says she wants Ram to remember himself.

Ram tells Rishabh that we will keep the party in the hotel. Soumya comes and make him drink the juice. Ram asks them to get ready. Ram asks where is my wife. Neha says she will go home and get ready. Neha and Vikram argues. Vikram asks Neha to wear Priya’s dress. Neha says she dont want to wear maternity clothes of Priya. Ram suggests Neha to wear Natasha’s clothes. Priya comes and asks him to select her saree. Ram says you wear blue. Priya says you didn’t see which color saree I brought here. The episode ends on Ram.

Ram holds Priya’s hand and starts dancing on the song Ishq ki saazishein………. in the party..

Update Credit to: Amena

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