Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Vikram-Neha taking blessings from everyone after their 2nd marriage. Sudhir tells Neha to go back to her home now.. with her husband and kids, but her father house is always there for her. Vikram tells Sudhir that he will take good care of Neha. Rahul is taking their photographs. He asks Neha not to cry saying her tears spoiling her face and hence Rahul’s photographs. Rahul says, in fact we should cry because you’re returning home and our freedom is over. Vikram says, my freedom is also over now.

In a room, Ram’s mamaji wakes up. He’s having headache and feeling dizzy. He wonders where he’s at. He soon realizes that it’s Ram’s room and wonders how did he come there. He says to himself, if I was here, then were did Ram sleep?

Scene shifts to Priya’s room where Priya is in the bed in a blanket with her half saaree on the floor. She opens her eyes and looks around. She finds her bangles and jewelries on a table there. She gets up in a shock and asks herself, me in Mr. Kapoor’s room? She recalls what happened last night. She’s getting dressed and having hiccups.. Ram comes there with water. He says to her, seems like someone is remembering you. Priya drinks the water and Ram is smiling looking at her. Priya then tells Ram, whatever happened wasn’t right. Ram asks, what didn’t happen right? Priya says, whatever happened between us last night.. shouldn’t have happened. It’s not right and I am feeling very bad. I am not understanding how I came to this room. All I remember is that I drank juice and I was having headache and then all this in this room? Ram laughs and asks, you think I did all that? Priya says, no.. I am not saying that.. I am just saying that all should have not happened. Ram asks her, why are you overreacting? Last night we shared our moment. Why are you not accepting it? read full update with pictures only at You really think that you were drunk and that is why all that happened? Priya says, of course. Ram says, there is no need of nasha to have some moments between us? Why can’t you accept it? Priya says, why don’t you understand.. I was not in my sense else I would not have let all this happen.. I don’t know how I came here but all I know that all this is not right. Ram asks her, when are you going to open up your eyes and see the truth? Last night, we both were in this room.. you were crying on my shoulders and after that… some silence now and then he says.. we had our moment. Why can’t you accept it? Priya says, I know we had a moment.. but all I am saying is that it was wrong. Ram asks, why? Priya says to him, why can’t you understand ? This house is no more mine..Ram asks, what? Priya says, it’s my sister’s .. she’s married to you. Ram is in a disbelief.

Priya says, I feel so bad just by thinking that when we were together last night.. Aayesha might be waiting for you. Ram says, we never had such relationship. Priya says, please.. I don’t want to listen whats there between you and Aayehsa. Ram says, you will have to.. you know very well.. why I married to her. I married to her for you.. for innocent child that was inside her.. and even after all that.. we never had any relationship like a husband wife.

We didn’t even touch each other. Ram asks her, what do you want? You want me to live a fake relationship my entire life? Who will be happy in that? poor she (aayesha) has told me already that she didn’t ever love me and she cannot love me. Forgetting what Sid done to her.. Doesn’t she deserve another chance? Can’t she fall in love once again? I can’t live like this.. why don’t you understand? Now I know that you’re alive.. you’re in front me.. I have touched you.. I can feel you.. now how can I go back to Aayesha? Please open your eyes and accept that whatever happened between us last night was meant to happen. Not because someone mixed something in your drink… but it’s because we love each other. This is meant to be.. you and me. Whatever happened between last night was all that that happens between a husband and a wife.. between two lovers.. WE MADE LOVE.

Priya is in tears. Ram continues, you can think whatever you want.. but I know that it was not wrong. IT WAS NOT. Ram leaves now. Priya is still shaking her head and cannot accept it.

Break 1..

Vikram-Neha come to their house. Neha is tired now. Vikram carries her and is taking her inside. Kids open the door and say, SURPRISE. Vikram puts Neha down right away. Kids do the rituals.. grah pravesh (house entering) .. and take Vikram-Neha to their room. When they reach room, Vikram and Neha get surprised seeing decoration in the room. Neha gets annoyed and asks Rahul, what is all this? Rahul takes photograph of newly married couple. Rahul asks Neha to feel shy. Neha says, this is so embarrassing. But Vikram supports kids and asks Neha to let them take photos and nothing’s wrong in that. Rahul says, without these last photos.. album would be incomplete. He finally finishes with photos. Neha asks kids to leave now, but her daughter says that they want to spend some time with them now.

Neha says, there’s reception and so much work left to do. Vikram then tells kids, we are tired and you’re tired too.. so go now and sleep. When kids are leaving. Vikram’s daughter tells him to be careful. Vikram wonders what she meant by that. He asks Neha. Neha says, I dont’ know and she goes to change.

Ram is calling Aayesha out. Mamaji tells him to keep his voice low as he’s having headache. Ram asks him, where is Aayesha? I want to talk to her. Mamaji says, she is not in the home. Ram asks him, where did she go this early? Mamji says, sometimes she’s in.. sometimes out.. Ram says, but you usually know where she’s. Mamaji says, this thing ate my head. Ram just leaves. Mamaji is still talking. Soumya comes there and asks Mamaji, with whom are you talking? Mamaji says, with Ram. Soumya says, he’s not here. Mamaji says, what has happened to me? Soumya also leaves now. Mamaji asks her to wait,, but she doesn’t . Mamaji wonders even Soumya was there or no.

Break 2..

Mamaji is still holding his head and saying to himself that he’ll never drink again. Servant comes there and gives him breakfast. Mamaji says, what is this? I told you to bring something light and you brought fried eggs. Here my head is fried. I’m having hangover. Mamaji tells him.. take this back and bring something light or lemon juice. Servant leaves.

Priya is coming downstairs and sees Mamaji. She hides herself and trying to leave. But Mamaji notices her on the last moment. Priya turns back and seems like Mamaji cannot clearly see who is it. He shakes his head. Priya hides in the mean time and says to herself, oh no!

Episode ends.

Precap: Ram tells Vikram-Neha, how could she (Priya) do this. We shared our moment. You know what I am trying to say na. Vikram nods his head saying yes. Ram continues, after that how can she say that it was because someone mixed something in her juice. What does she think that I am bollywood’s hero? blo*dy nonsense.

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