Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram asking Pihu, why she lied to him and hided things. He says Priya told him and says ofcourse you can go abroad and study. He says why I would stop you. Priya says this was your dream and says it is time to fulfill your dream. Priya tells Pihu that she didn’t say anything to Ram as she wants to trust her. She says I want to see change in you. She says Don’t give me a chance to tell Ram about the truth.

Naina cries and says she is going. She tries to gain sympathy from Pari and Mayra. She says she is going to miss her and asks them to tell Priya that Ram wants to adopt her. She says then I can stay with you. Pari and Mayra are in thoughts.

Riddhima cries, Neha says we are not that kind of parents who asks their daughter to go

to her in laws. Vikram says they should call Saurav and asks him to come. Vikram says they should solve their problems. Sammy says that’s why he hates marriages. Neha asks her to go with Sammy for an outing.

Priya comes to Pari and Mayra. They says her sorry, Priya hugs them. Neha tells Vikram that Riddhima is better now. Vikram says they have to handle the matter very carefully. Neha says she was calling juhi as they didn’t talk to her since Priya got well. She says she will call her.

Ram and Priya are talking and seeing the photos. Priya tells Ram that she has the policy and she wants to know the calculation. She asks him, what he had gifted to his daughters. Ram says he did forgot for sometime that she got her memory. Priya says she wants to cover the 7 years in one night. Priya goes through the kids report cards while Ram sleeps. Priya asks him, where is Pari and Mayra’s marks sheets of 10th std. Ram asks her to ask juhi. Priya comes to juhi, juhi hugs her and asks, how is she? juhi says she is happy that she got her memory. Priya says I am happy that you took care of my family and kids. She thanks her. juhi says it’s ok. Priya says she was going through the photos and kids marks sheets, and says she didn’t get Pari and Mayra’s 10th std marks sheets. juhi says she doesn’t know where it is? She excuses herself as she is talking to Malhotra.

Naina comes to Ram’s room and searches for something and takes some papers. Ram asks Pari and Mayra to give their credit cards. They oblidges. Ram handover the credit hands to Priya. Priya says she will give them 500 Rs pocket money every week. Pari and Mayra tells her, how they will manage their expenses. Priya asks them to manage with the money she is giving as a pocket money. They says please don’t spoil Naina’s future and don’t stop Dad from adopting her. Priya is shocked to know that Ram is adopting Naina.

Sammy is speaking with Pihu. Pihu tells him that he is losing his sense of humour. Sammy says then how you will party. Pihu says party will be there, and says she is Pihu ram Kapoor. I will win.

Priya comes to Ram and asks, are you going to adopt Naina. Ram asks, who told you? Priya asks, why you didn’t tell me? Ram says it is right and says he has a reason. He explains that juhi’s husband Rajeev is a very bad guy and he wants to return the favour to juhi. Priya says I know you are protecting Naina. She says she didn’t deserve this and says you can do this much for her. Ram gets a call and leaves.

juhi tells Ram that Naina is a little disturbed and she wants to say something. She says something is there on your jacket. Priya comes and cleans his jacket.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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