Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram watching cricket on TV and cheering for the game. Priya comes and says guests are waiting to celebrate their anniversary. Priya about to switch off the TV but suddenly stops seeing the promos of Once upon a time in Mumbai again. Ram says he will watch this film. Priya too says the same.

Vikram building:

Vikram and Neha compliment each other for their looks. They come to their car. Vikram asks for the keys from Neha and remembers that he forgot the keys. Neha says we will miss our friend’s anniversary and decides to take the taxi instead.

Kapoor Mansion:

Rahul tells everyone that we are here to celebrate the wedding Anniversary tof two couples.Lets welcome the first couple Karthik sharma and Natasha. Everyone claps. Then

he welcomes the most lovable couple, Priya and Ram Kapoor. As they walk down the stairs, everybody looks at them clapping while music plays in the BG and Ram takes the blessings of elders.

Rahul comes to Cady and asks why she isn’t answering his calls. Cady replies that she was busy as her friend came. Neha and Vikram arrives there and Neha sees Rahul and Cady together chatting. Rahul asks who is he? Cady says you dont know my friends. Cady sees Neha and leaves. Rahul wonders what happen to Cady. Priya and Neha looks on.

Priya comes near Ram while the music of BALH plays. Neha and Vikram stares at them and jokes that romance didn’t lowered after many years of marriage. She asks Vikram when did you look at me that way. Vikram jokes he is afraid of her. Vikram says Thank God you sorted out differences with Priya. Priya says she did talk and sort out everything. Neha says these two guys are useless and you have to agree that I was right about Isha. Ram says lets not talk about that issue. Vikram and Neha wish them Happy Anniversary.

Rahul takes the Mic again and says Their marriage was arranged but I didn’t saw any couple in love more than Ram and Priya aunty. He says I made a CD on their beautiful Journey. Everybody claps aloud and watching the Ram-Priya moments. Ram and Priya smiles watching their marriage clips.
They reminisces the marriage clips with the family and feels good while the sweet music of Kya kehna plays.

Ayesha Home:

Ayesha calls Jhanvi and informs her that Karthik is hurt in an accident and asks her to come soon. Ayesha smiles.

Kapoor Mansion:

Rahul announces that lets see other couple journey that is Natasha and Karthik Sharma. Natasha and Karthik blushes. Rahul says their marriage is long distance but their love is strong. Their marriage clips are shown. Jhanvi comes and stands infront of the projector stopping the video image. Everyone turns around. Karthik sees her and is shocked. Shipra asks who is there? Jhanvi moves forward. Ram and Priya greets her and says it is good to see you. Priya asks is everything alright. Jhanvi wishes them Happy Anniversary.
Karthik is tensed. Natasha asks him the reason for his uneasiness. He says nothing. Natasha tells they are married for seven years now and it feels like they married just yesterday. She snuggles up to Karthik and wishes him Happy Anniversary. Jhanvi is shocked.

Ram asks Vikram why you came late for Party. Vikram says Neha forgets car keys somewhere so he got late. Neha joins them. Ram jokes that he will remember him as he is his best friend. Neha bashes Vikram for lieing, you didnt give me keys. Vikram and Ram remember past moments. Ram thinks he shall leave. Neha shows him her purse and says keys are not with her. Vikram is surprised to find the keys in his pocket and thinks to keep the keys in Neha purse to escape her taunts.

Shipra tells Neha that she had practised for Batameez dil. Natasha says they have planned for the couple dance as it is a anniversary party. Shipra feels bad that her hubby is not with her now as he left for Bharadwaj uncle death. Natasha says you are missing papa naa. Neha asks Shipra to show her dance moves to Sudhir in private. Vikram comes and Shipra says you are looking good. Vikram tries to engage them in talks and takes the purse to keep the keys, but Neha takes her purse back and leaves.

Jhanvi sees Priya and Natasha talking to each other and feels bad. Karthik looks at Jhanvi. Jhanvi turns around but is stopped by Natasha. Natasha says what you did is not right and asks why you did it. She says I know you are Priya’s friend then why you didn’t meet me. She says it is my mistake I didn’t met you when you come home. Karthik sees them together. Jhanvi says circumstances changes. Natasha says sorry and says Priya told her everything. She says if karthik would have done like that, then she would kill him or herself. She says you have lot of courage, hats off to you. Natasha asks her to stay at the party. Jhanvi oblidges. Natasha takes the baby in her arms. Natasha tells Priya that Jhanvi wants to go. Priya asks her to stay back. Natasha introduces Jhanvi to Karthik and says today is their 7th Wedding Anniversary. Jhanvi wishes them and shakes hand with Karthik. The Episode ends on Natasha, Karthik and Jhanvi.

Ram sings Bade Achhe Lagte Hain in a rough tone. Everyone smiles. Priya joins him and sings further.

Update Credit to: Amena

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