Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya cries while holding Pihu. She asks Ram to do something. Ram urges her to wake up and open her eyes. Ram sees the ambulance and stops it. He tells them that his daughter is unconscious. Pihu is taken inside the ambulance.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Maa tells Soumya that Dadi slept with difficulty and is remembering Ram. Khush comes with Ayesha and calls Natasha. He asks Natasha, whether papa, Priya angel and Pihu will become the starts and how he will meet them. Everyone gets shocked. Neha says they hided somewhere and we are searching for them, it is like a game hide and seek. Ayesha says why you are lieing to him and there is no chance for them to be safe. She says we shall sort out all the legal issues. She says we will get

busy with their last rites later and what if we forget. Sudhir looks at her annoyed. Ayesha says they have left us, and we have to decide our shares. Sudhir loses her cool and asks her to leave. Natasha says Ayesha is right, we have to take care of the responsibilities. Natasha says she will fulfill all his responsibilities and slaps Ayesha hard. She says bhai’s responsibility was to save this house from the enemies and keep them away and I fulfilled that today. Ayesha gets angry.

Scene shifts to the Rescue camp:

Pihu is getting treated in the camp and the doctor informs them that she went into coma and next hours are important for us. He says kids have the strength to fight the illness. Ram gives strength to Priya and promises her that he will never fight with her. He hugs her while the song BALH plays in the BG. They sit beside Pihu and Priya tells Ram that when she was in her womb, she had heard her heart beats. Their hearts were connected with each other. Ram says she will be fine.

Pihu opens her eyes and sees her parents ( Thank God, She is saved, She is the heart and Soul of the show) She says Papa. Priya and Ram are relieved that she is fine and regains the consciousness. Pihu asks her, where they are? Ram informs her that they had an accident but now everything is fine. Pihu says nothing is fine. Priya asks whether you are feeling pain anywhere. Pihu says no, I am not feeling anywhere. She says why you people are not fighting, Are we are at God place. Priya says no. She asks them to fight. Ram says I wanted to fight but Priya started crying that’s why I could not fight. Priya says your papa cried a lot when you couldn’t find you. Priya says we have a surprise for you and asks her to close her eyes. She gifts her tiger and happy and Pihu feels happy and smiles.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Neha is organising Ram and Priya’s room to welcome them. Vikram comes and asks what is she doing? She says she wants the room to be perfect. Vikram gets a call, Neha asks him to pick the call. Vikram picks the call and it is Ram on the other end. Vikram gets happy and so is Neha, they asks about Priya and Pihu. Ram says we all are ok. Neha says sorry for her failed plan and says she won’t do this again. She asks him to come back soon. Ram says you don’t know, what you have done for me. Infact I should have thanked you. I lived my entire life in those moments. I saw my life in a moment. He says small fights doesn’t worth it. Ram tells them they are returning tomorrow. Neha and Vikram hugs each other.

Scene shifts to the Rescue camp:

Ram comes to Priya and Pihu and says he wants to talk to them. He says he loves them a lot and says you both are my life. I can’t live without you both, that’s why I am promising you both that I will never fight and will discuss the problems if we had, before sleeping while the happy version of BALH plays in the BG. Ram and Priya smiles looking at Pihu.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram and Priya enters Kapoor Mansion along with Pihu and all the family gets happy to see them. Natasha hugs Ram whereas Neha hugs Priya. Priya cries and meets everyone. Dadi hugs Ram and Priya. Ram says we are fine dadi. Pihu tells Mamaji, why are you crying and asks him to make her smile. Neha says I have made aloo parathas and burgers for Pihu and fatty. Vikram says you have to meet someone and takes Rishabh near him. He says Rishabh took care of the family and the business when you was away. Ram says he knows, and hugs him. Rishabh meets Priya, she blesses Rishabh and Soumya. Priya says she is so happy.

While the family is having the meals, Priya says she is feeling pain. Ram says they shall go to the doctor. Vikram says we will take you.

Scene shifts to the hospital:

The doctor informs something to Ram which is muted for us and says you need to talk to Mrs. Kapoor about this. Ram nods sadly. Ram comes to Priya, Priya asks why he is in serious mode and asks about the child. Ram informs her that we will have twins Priya. Ram smiles. Priya is surprised and happy. The episode ends on Ram’s cute smile.

Ram gives something to Priya and says it is for the two. Priya says you are doing the same thing since 3 month. Ram says she will get two gifts in a day. Priya says today is a special day.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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