Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Priya telling Ram that she wants to change for the wedding. Ram tells her to go with her. He takes her somewhere.

Back in Party, Rahul tells DJ to put song “Lag Jaa Gale”. DJ says, someone else requested this song as well and now it will definitely play.

Ram is taking Priya upstairs.

Vikram and Neha come down in wedding clothes and to get married once again. Their kids take their photographs. Priest starts the rituals. Rahul asks priest to explain all the rituals to them. Priest explains what is a marriage.

Ram brings Priya to her room. Priya sees her & Ram’s photos all around the walls. This reminds her all the sweet moments between her and Ram years ago. Ram takes her inside and Priya sits down there. Ram says, I will turn the lights on. Priya says, leave it.. I feel like sitting in the dark. If you turn on the lights, then I will start seeing everything that’s in this room and all memories will come in front of me. I would like to stay in the dark. Ram says, okay. You rest.. there’s no need to rush to come downstairs. Please feel better first. He asks her if she’s fine. Priya says, yes I am fine. Ram says, okay.. then I am leaving. He starts walking, but as soon as he reaches the door.. he hears Priya crying. He goes back to her and asks her, why are you crying? Priya asks, why this happens to us? We got everything late in our lives.. our love.. our marriage.. and Peehu as well. We got all happiness late, and when we got them.. we couldn’t share them. Before we could share.. that happiness separated us. Why it happens to us only? Priya is crying. Ram says, there are no answers to some questions. There’s a saying.. people who don’t get love in their lives.. they get another life. Priya says, I don’t believe that there is another life.. but if there is a new life.. then I wish that I get that life right now. If I get that life, then.. Ram asks, then? What will you do with it? Priya says, then I will want to live my entire life with you.. for you. Both are getting emotional now. Ram says, I believe that some people meet only to get separated. Priya says, yes I know.. some people are together, but can never come close to each other. They go in one direction, but their paths are different to reach their target. Maybe we are from that group of people. Ram says to her, don’t you think that we should get another chance to walk on same path? Priya says, no I don’t think .. because from tomorrow our paths will be totally different. Ram asks, tomorrow? Priya says, yes.. I am going back to Dubai for forever. Ram asks her, don’t you even think for a second that we should get another chance? Priya nods her head and says,.. no I don’t think like that at all. Ram says, okay.. okay.. if it’s like that, then is it possible that for tonight.. at this moment.. can we forget that we will be going on different paths from tomorrow? Priya says, today.. today I just want to cry because I don’t know whether there will be any night again when you’ll be with me and I will be able to cry like this.. with you.. I just want to cry tonight.

Ram says, if you want to cry, then can you hug me and cry? Both with emotional faces look at each other, and then Ram spreads his hands, inviting Priya to hug him.

Break 1..

DJ puts the song “Lag Jaa Gale…Ke phir hasin raat ho na ho..” and Priya gets up and hugs Ram tightly. In reply, Ram also hugs her tightly. He then wipes her tears. Priya also wipes his tears. Ram then moves Priya’s hair and tries to kiss her on cheek, but her hair come in between. They both laugh. Priya once again starts crying and tries to turn away. Ram stops her and this times succeeds in kissing her cheek. With tears in their eyes, They hug tightly again.

Break 2..

Downstairs, Vikram asks Neha where are Ram and Priya? Neha says, don’t worry.. wherever they are.. they are together.

Here priest tells Vikram and Neha that they are getting another chance to live together, and on the other hand, Priya and Ram are shown hugging tightly each other. Priest says, you two are very lucky because not many people get this opportunity. After all these rituals & kasams (promises), you two will be tied in a husband-wife relationship once again. you two will take swear that you two will stay with each other all the time.

Ram-Priya still hugging each other. Priya finally realizes what’s been happening and asks Ram to leave now. Ram asks, why? Priya says, beacuse.. because.. and she starts crying. Ram asks her to listen to him. He says, you just said after today our paths will be different, then I can stay with you tonight. Priya requests him to go as everyone would be waiting for him. Ram says, all that don’t matter to me. Today I want to re-live all the good moments that we had. I am not going to leave you today. Priya keeps telling him to leave, and hugs him as well.

“Lag Ja gale..” song starts again. Ram takes Priya’s hands in his hands and kisses them. They both keep looking at each other, and downstairs, Vikram-Neha take 7 pheres. Ram and Priya come closer. Vikram puts sindhoor on Neha’s forehead. Priest says, this wedding is completed now.. you two are once again husband and wife.

Episode ends.

Precap: Priya is in the bed in a blanket with her saaree on the floor. She opens her eyes and looks around.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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