Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maa telling Priya to pull the kalash and enters while the song BALH plays in the background. Ram, Priya and Pihu enters happily home. Natasha tells Priya to convince Ram. Ram says what is going on. What are you hiding? Priya says she will tell hi, go inside the room first.

Ram asks Priya to stop at the door. She says do you have any rasam to do. He says he have the surprise for her. They open the door and Priya is surprised and happy to see the decorated with their pictures and says it is beautiful while the song is playing bade acche lagte hain…..

She asks Ram whether it is done by him. He tells it is for you and for the new guests. Ram then asks what is the secret which she was discussing with Nats. Priya replies that she planned surprise

for Ram also. She tells she will be taking back the best husband tag. She asks where is her personal gift, face showing one. Ram says what do you want? She says I want you. While Natasha and Soumya watches them. Ram says I am yours naa. Priya says I want to use you. Ram doesn’t understand anything. Priya explains that she want to give Ram to someone else. Ram says what is this nonsense.

Priya says let me make you understand. She says you have to go on a dinner date and for that someone will pay. Ram says are you selling me. Priya says understand my words. Ram says I think there is something wrong with you. Natasha says from behind to tell about the show. Ram says it is your combined idea. Priya explains that they have decided to do anything for girl child after the case gets over. so Natasha is doing the show where celebrities are walking on the ramp and people will buy anyone and that man shall go to dinner with them. She says money will go to the beti foundation. Ram says he is not going to do that. Priya says that their thinking is good. Ram says if no one bets on him then he will gets insulted. Priya blackmails him emotionally. She says it is for the good cause.

Natasha says it was her show. Ram says I am not going to do this, my decision is final. Natasha now emotionally blackmails him. Vikram and Neha comes there and Vikram says he is also being pressurised to walk the ramp. Ram says he will be insulted. Soumya, Nats,and Neha says all men are same. Ram says he will not do. Priya says you are turning me down. Ram says he will not trapped. Pihu comes there and says will you say no to me, it is for the girls. Ram finally agrees. He says your mummy is smart who taught you this. I will walk down the ramp. She tells Maa that they was doing it for a good cause. Natasha says John abraham and Tushar kapoor will be coming to the show. Priya says if Ram comes to know about them, he will feel insecure.

Ram is concerned how he will walk the ramp. Vikram says it is easy to walk. Ram says if no one bet, then they will get insulted. Vikram says if not others then their wive’s will bet on them.

Neha decides to tell Vikram that stars are coming. Priya tells her not to tell anything to Vikram or else he will tell Ram and he will get nervous. Ram thinks he is well maintained and they will manage.

At the Fashion Show:

Ram tells Natasha to start the family now. He says medical science progresses well and a way will come out. Ram then tells her that because he is fat, you made my suit differently. Natasha says obviously you will look good. Priya comes there and Ram ask who is doing the show. Priya ask him to come and meet jhanvi.

At the hospital:

Ram and Priya comes to see Jhanvi. They congratulates Jhanvi. Ram is happy to see the small baby. Ram thanks Jhanvi as she helped them win the case. Ram then asks about labour pains. Jhanvi replies. Priya feels irritated and ask him stop. She tells her sorry about Ram.

She scold Ram and Ram says what is the big deal. Priya says nobody ask this much personal questions from strangers. She ask him to prepare for the ramp.

At the Fashion Show:

Makeup tells Ram and Vikram shall I do your make up. They replied that they dont need any make up and they glow naturally. Vikram says girls are shouting outside and what if his wife dont get the chance to bet on him. Ram says dont increase his pressure.

Shootout of Wadala star come to the show to promote their film. Tushar kapoor says proceedings of this show will go to beti foundation. John Abraham comes.

Vikram informs Ram that film stars will walk the ramp with them. Ram is tensed. Tushar sees Priya and says he met her in dubai and loved her at first sight. He says his friends she is different. Ram is annoyed at him. Tushar praises Priya. Ram goes to tushar and says I am Mr. Kapoor. Tushar recognised him, and says I met him when I met this yummy mummy. Ram says this yummy mummy is my wife. Tushar is heart broken. Ram says Mrs. Priya Kapoor. Tushar tells him bye. Episode ends on Ram’s annoyed face.

It shows Tushar, Ram, John walking the ramp and Priya and Neha cheering them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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