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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya serving parathas to her family. Khush says he cannot have parathas as he has gained 2 kilos. Pihu starts taunting him. Khush asks her to have her food. Pihu says Khush was decorating baby’s pram whole night as it was baby’s one week birthday. Myra praises him for being such a good father. Priya says Khush there is nothing embarrassing in decorating pram. Ram says Khush is like him. Priya says Khush will become a better father than him. Juhi comes there, mamaji hides his face seeing her. Priya asks what is she doing here. Sid says priya we should kick her out from our house. Juhi asks his house???? and says she is back to stay here. Priya asks if she is thinking we will forgive her and let her stay here. Juhi says I have come here to stay

here and have right on many things of this house and people. Ram asks her to get out else, he will kick out. Juhi says he is her husband and will prove the world soon.

Priya is tensed remembering Juhi’s words. Khush and Pihu come there. Pihu asks if she tensed thinking about Juhi’s words. and says Juhi doesn’t deserve our attenion and says she just wants to tense you. Khush says Pihu is right and dad is there for you. Priya says she is worried now. Khush says you should stop thinking and go on a romantic dinner with dad. Priya says I will not think now and says we all think of each other. Khush says she is most important for them.

Mamaji thinks what is Juhi thinking of doing it. Lawyer comes and says he wants to meet Ram. Mamaji asks if he knows Ram. He says no. Mamaji says I am Ram, but changes his words seeing Ram. Lawyer says Ram that he brought a legal notice for throwing his wife out of house. Ram says my wife is Priya. Lawyer says she is your first wife and is already divorced. Ram says he did not divorce her. Lawyer shows him divorce papers which Ram ashtonishingly sees. He then shows Ram’s and Juhi’s marriage pics. Ram says he just sat in mantap bud did not marry her. Lawyer says court just needs evidence and reason, his client got a reason also that Priya was in coma during marriage. Juhi comes there. Lawyer says Juhi will come and stay with them after 3 days. Ram angrily says he will kick him out. Priya asks him to calm down, else we will have a legal action. Ram says I cannot let Juhi in, else she will conspire again. Priya says we will think about it later. She says lawyer that we will meet you in court. Lawyer says she is more intelligent than her ex-husband. Juhi says I told you I will not let you be in peace. Priya asks lawyer to explain his client that she will speak to her in court. Lawyer says these people got our message and lets go now. They both leave.

Mamaji stops Juhi and says Ram will kill you. Juhi says ram cannot do her anything and says mamaji changed his party and to go and help Priya. Mamaji he is helping truth. She says he is his enemy now and wait for the consequences.

Priya says Pihu that she is tensed about the divorce papers which they did not tear and it looks like Juhi’s planning was going on since a long time, we thought she was behind money, but now it is different. She says we tolerated Juhi all these days thinking she took care of our children, but now things have gone out of control. Pihu says I am afraid Ram will overreact, we should find out what Juhi is up to. Priya says Juhi thinks I am the reason for all her losses, even Rajiv being behind bar. Pihu asks her to think something with to solve this problem at once. Priya says she will think something.

Sid says Ram how dare Juhi to think like this when she is already married to me, she did not let me legalize our marriage when I insisted many times. He says he will do something now.

Mamaji talks to someone and says he is confused whom to help, Priya or Juhi and asks if he is old now. He says if he helps Juhi, Ram will be angry and even Sid who was behind you will be angry. Even Priya will be angry on me and will try to take revenge. Juhi told she will give me share in profit, but she will give it when she gets it. He cannot live his life in this house, but is okay. Mamaji is talking to a doll.

Priya sees Ram tensed and says she knows he is tensed about Juhi and says we both can handle this peacefully. Ram says I am angry on our legal system which believes on a piece of paper, he was quiet all these days thinking Juhi is a lady, but she crossed her barrier, now he will destroy her. Priya asks him to calm down and says he is sweating now, not to take so much tension. Ram says she takes such a good care of her and asks her to promise not to leave him alone. Priya says she promises and they both hug. Bade achhe lagte hain… song plays in the background.

Precap: Ram says nobody can separate us. Priya asks why is he thinking negative. Ram asks then why is this happening. Priya says when we are together, then there is no need to worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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