Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram talking with Priya and says what do you want to prove that Pihu is your daughter. Priya says she knows Pihu participated in the contest for her happiness but it is wrong to do such a thing for winning. Ram says he knows well.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

Natasha tells Ayesha that she takes care of the baby well. She says her destiny is bad. Ayesha asks her to get what she wants. She says don’t forget you are Kapoor’s family daughter. Ram can solve the issue in minutes. Natasha says I am ok. Ayesha says I thought he said sorry. Natasha says bhai tried to say sorry but I didn’t forgive him. Ayesha says Ram shall give money to Karthik’s second wife jhanvi and solve the issue. Natasha says you are supporting her, she says she isn’t.

Ayesha tries to manipulate her and asks her to provoke Rishabh against Ram. Natasha says she already told this to Rishabh. She says she can do anything to get Chotu baby.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu comes back with Priya and Ram. Pihu goes inside sadly. Ram sees hanvi. Priya yells at her for leaving the small kid alone. jhanvi says she wants to asks for forgiveness. Ram says he didn’t see any irresponsible woman like her. jhanvi says she didn’t know what to do, that day she was very upset as her kid became illegitimate. She says she cared for the baby, but somehow control her emotions. Ram says how could you do that. jhanvi says he needed sometime to think and maasi was n’t well. She was relieved that you are there with the baby. Ram asks her to tell the truth. jhanvi says she will go away after taking the baby with her. Ram says what? jhanvi says she will go and get the baby. She pleads with Priya to get her the baby. Ram says she is trying to blackmail you. Priya says the point is she is chotu’s mother and we can’t take that right back. Priya says we have to take her to the baby. Ram is shocked.

Ram and Priya argue over Priya supporting jhanvi. Rishabh comes and bashes jhanvi for wanting to take the child back. He says my sister suffered a lot because of you. Rishabh asks Ram to tell Priya not to support jhanvi. Ram says Priya loves Natasha a lot and she isn’t supporting her. Rishabh says he will go with them to support Natasha.

Scene shifts to Cady:

Cady calls Rahul but he didn’t pick her call and switch it off. Cady thinks to meet him at his home.

Scene shifts to Khush and Pihu:

Khush calls Pihu and asks what song you sang in the competition. Pihu tells him that Priya didn’t allow her to participate. Khush asks why? Pihu says I didn’t ask her. She feels sad. Khush tells Ayesha that Priya didn’t allow Pihu to participate in the contest. Ayesha talks with Pihu and tells her not to listen to Priya.

Rahul tries to cheer up Pihu but Pihu is still sad. Cady comes there and Pihu gets happy seeing her. Cady asks Rahul why he is ignoring her calls and sms’s. Rahul says you was busy in hugging Sameer. Cady says I hug him because your mom and dad was there. Pihu brings icecream and they decide to have icecream.

Shipra and Sudhir are watching the television. Sudhir says it is time for Natasha to come and she will shout at you for making noise. Shipra says she feels good to see Natasha’s care towards the baby. Sudhir says he believes he lives with some 16 year old girl until now. The door bell rings and they find Priya and followed by jhanvi.

jhanvi was sitting at Karthik’s bedside and talks with unconscious Karthik to get well. Natasha comes with the baby and sees her. jhanvi asks her to give her the baby. Natasha refuses to give her the baby and says this baby is mine.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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