Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with juhi shouting at Naina for speaking badly with Priya. Priya says sorry and says she didn’t know what has happened to her. Pari tells Ram that she didn’t want to be with mom as she got allergy because of her. Pihu says she feels mom is not alright and says it is very embarassing. Ram says is tensed. Priya tells him that Pihu is right, as she is not remembering anything and doing mistakes. Priya cries and says I have gone mad, I shall leave from here. Ram comforts her and says you are not mad, you won’t go anywhere. Ram tells them that he is disgusted by his kids. He tells Pihu that Priya used to search for you when you couldn’t be found. He says you are disgusted. He tells Pari and Mayra that she took care of them and used to do their things

with her own hands. Priya is crying throughout. Ram says you cares for the guests and didn’t care for your mom. Ram says he got changed to take care of them after Priya’s accident because he wanted to take care of them as Priya would have do. He says he has failed and he can’t think that his kids feels about his mother like this. Ram says I don’t want you all. I just want Priya. Ram teary eyed says that he will go with Priya. Priya feels weak and gets unconscious, Ram conforts her. Ram tells the doctor that Priya had collapsed. juhi comes and asks about Priya.

Pihu comes to Priya and asks are you fine? She asks her to rest. Priya asks her, that Varun committed suicide and died naa. Pihu is shocked beyond disbelief. Priya gets up from the bed and tells her that she recalled everything. She tells about the prom night, her lies, their fights, and getting the call from the police about Varun’s suicide. Pihu says he tried to rape me. Priya asks, did Ram know what has happened then. Priya is shocked to know that Ram didn’t know anything. Priya makes her realise that the boy died because of her and everybody didn’t know about it. Pihu says she was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Pihu says she is changed. She asks her to asks Ram. Priya says what I should ask him, when he didn’t know anything. Priya says I have to tell Ram about this truth. Pihu urges her to trust her and not to tell anyone. Priya says I trusted you and that boy Varun died. Pihu cries. Priya says it is necessary for me to speak the truth. Pihu falls on her feet. Priya asks her to leave. Priya cries after Pihu leaves.

Neha tells Vikram that Saurav didn’t come. She thinks to message Saurav from Riddhima’s mobile. She messages him. She gets the reply that wanna have dinner after the fight. Vikram reads the message and is little tensed. Riddh
ima asks for her phone.

Pihu calls Sammy and tells him that Priya recalled everything. She asks what will happen if everybody knows about the truth. She asks what to do? Everybody will hate me. Priya comes to Ram, who is sleeping on the couch in the hall. She looks at him and cries. She wipes the tears and calls Ram. Ram asks her to rest as she is unwell. Priya says she is absolutely fine. Ram says it is my fault that kids spoke like that. Priya asks him to listen to her. Ram says he wants her and nothing else. Ram says he will leave with her. Priya says where we will go, again jaipur. Ram is surprised to know that she recalled everything. Priya says she recalled everything. Their love, kids and everything. Ram is happy to know that.

Priya tells Ram that she was not with him for 7 years. Ram says she was there for him, while BALH song plays in the BG. Priya hugs him. Ram smiles as they hug each other.

Priya tells him that she wants to say something. Ram calls Pihu. Pihu tells Sammy that Dad is calling her. She go to Ram. Ram asks Pihu, why she lied to him. Pihu says papa. Ram says what do you mean? Pihu is speechless.

Priya tells juhi that she didn’t get marks sheets of Pari and Mayra. juhi says she didn’t know where it is.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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