Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ram looks around the wreckage and sees a man standing in front of him..! Ram says.. Bapuji. .u? Bapuji asks what did he do? He says.. knee ache.. backache .. cholestrol problem …he has all problems like him! Bapuji says.. he did not utilise his life.. he got chance to live his life.. fully but he repeated mistakes.. twice..! He rues ..he got a daughter.. but din get to spend 5 years with her.. n when he got her back.. he spoiled her.. not for her good but to hide his guilt..! Bapuji says.. people fight.. to get what they want..but Ram got chance 4 times. .but today.. where is Priya.. Pihu? Ram says.. will find them for sure..! Bapuji says.. din get chance to live with him or his mom ..! He says. .find the last chance…in this fire..! Ram assures he will

find Priya-Pihu ..surely n they will be fine..! He asks if he will find them? Bapuji says.. dunno .. when he had chance.he did nothing.. n now what to do? Ram recollects .. his tiff with Priya…before leaving..! Bapuji says.. moments that pass.. never return! Ram recollects his fights with Priya..! Bapuji asks how many chances.. he lost to tell Priya to forget small tiffs.. ! He says love is too big.. but what did he do? Why? 3 times.. fame.. 5 times name? Is this his heritage? What about cholestrol ..etc? What will he take when he leaves? Bapuji says.. how many lives are led in a moment matter.. not how many moments in a life! He says.. if he doesnt have a hand to hold him .. his life will be hell .. ! He tells Ram that if he gets a chance to tell Priya.. that he is sorry n needs her back..! Ram says.. he will tell Priya everything! A fellow passenger asks ..who is he talking to? Ram says his father.! She says no one here.. n asks if he was with him? Ram says.. .he passed away. .thot he was here..! Passenger says.. happens..afer such big incident..! They both look for Priya-Pihu ..!

Nutz is asleep on couch n Rishabh comes! She says thot was Ram..! Rishabh says.. he has to come. .he has to come n shout on him .. scold him ..slap him ..n tell him what he thinks of himself.. he is still small before him n he has to do ..what he is told to! Rishabh rues..that Ram always supported him n he din respect him! Rishabh says.. wont let his trust break n says. .will stay with family n show that he is grown up till Ram returns..! Nutz says.. they thot Priya to be wrong too! Rishabh says.. they can bear losing their mom but .. RaYa-Pihu ..! He asks ..they will return right? Nutz says. he has to.. he had promised ..he wont leave her alone ever..!

Priya is looking around for Pihu n Ram..with another fellow passenger..! Ram sees a woman crying over her partner.. n calls out to Priya n Pihu ..! Priya is in tears as well ..! She sees bodies lying around n breaksdown..! She asks other survivors if they have seen a small kid? They say no..! Priya keeps calling out for Pihu .!

Part 2

Priya screams seeing dead bodies..! She keeps screaming out for Ram n Pihu ..! She notices Pihus doll …n asks Tiger..where is Pihu? She holds Tiger n cries.. n asks where is ur best friend..! The passenger stops her n says.. there are animals out there..! Priya says. .dun care.. if Tiger is here. Pihu must be here too..! He says.. lion is roaring..! Priya says Pihu mite be there..! She hears a kids cry and rushes that way..! Its a small kid..! Priya hugs the kid..!

Vikram says..its their fault…! He says.. none of his plans work.. why din she stop him … n now what they did…! Neha says. .he dinno this would happen..! She asks Vikram to cry if he wants to ..! She says. .but why? RaYa-Pihu are safe… so many people love them .. n they are praying for their return! Vikram says..they will come back..! Neha prays to God n begs for a hint to their destination! Vikram-Neha cry..! Priya is holding tiger n walking in the jungle further..! She prays to God for one more chance.! She slips n falls in a pit..! She screams for help ..! Priya tries to get out of the pit with the help of a twig.. n right then she sees Ram.. extending his hand to her…! BG – Ishq ki sazishein..! Priya cries out of relief..n then works hard to reach out of the pit.. to hold Rams hand n he pulls her out..! The duo hug each other..! Priya breaksdown ..n so does Ram..! BG- Bade Aache Lagte Hain ..!

Both of them realise .. and worry for Pihu ..! Priya is in panic and Ram assures her they will find her.. n they cant lose her..!

Part 3

Its morning and RaYa are still looking for Pihu ..! Ram finds another toy of Pihu (Happy).. n rushes to it..! There he spots.. Pihu .. lying on the ground unconscious ..! Both rush to Pihu ..! As they shake her… she does not move..! Priya.. asks her to open her eyes..! But she does not move..! Priya is hysterical. .she says. .RaYa wont fight ever.. n asks her to speak something! Ram too begs her to say something!

Precap — Ram stops an Army jeep and says his daughter is unconscious help! Army helps to take Pihu to medical camp ..! RaYa come with her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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