Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram bringing the saree for Priya. Priya takes it happily as it is a Karwachauth gift. Rajiv calls Naina and asks her to get ready to come to him. Priya wears the saree and looks extremely beautiful while the BALh song plays in the BG. Pari and Mayra looks at her happily. Priya asks him, how she is looking. Ram says she is looking beautiful but one thing is missing. He gives her mangalsutra to wear. Priya wears it. Pihu tells Priya that moon has appear. Priya comes to Ram with the puja thali. Ram breaks his fast first by looking at Priya and moon, while the song Main na bhulunga plays…….in the BG. Then Priya breaks her fast while the song is still playing. They do the puja together of the moon. Ram makes Priya drink water then priya makes him

drink water and sweets.

Ram says he has arranged a candle light dinner for her. Juhi breaks her fast by looking at Ram’s photo and cries. Priya says we should have waited for Soumya and Rishabh. Ram says they will have outside and this special dinner is planned for her. Priya says she will cook food for Mr. Malhotra. She asks, did he looks same now also. Ram says yes.

Pihu and Sammy are talking. Suhani enters and says Ram called her for Priya’s check up. Pihu taunts her. Khush tells Suhani that Priya angel is busy and asks her to wait. Pihu tells Sammy that she is sure that Suhani came to attend the party.

Ram’s friends comes, Priya meets them. Mr. Malhotra comes and greets her. Priya says but he is not Mr. Malhotra. Malhotra says he is meeting her for the first time.

Khush tells Mr. Malhotra to launch him and he is Dad’s partner. Malhotra simply refuses. He praises the dinner prepared by Priya.Mayra says she will not have food afterall whatever had happened with Pari. Priya tells them that she has prepared the food. Mayra is hesitant to eat the food. Priya tells them that she has prepared Biryani. Pari says she don’t want to eat but then says she wants to eat with her hand and not by the spoon. She eats it and praises the biryani. Malhotra praises the biryani and asks priya to pack it for him. Priya obliges and goes to pack it. Ram excuses himself and goes after her. Priya asks him, why he lied to her that Malhotra likes food prepared by her. She says whether we used to lie to each other before. Ram says it is ok. Priya says I know you did this to get my confidence back. Ram smiles while BALh songs plays in the BG. Ram and Priya hugs each other.

Juhi comes and tells Ram that malhotra is waiting. Naina tells juhi that Dad called her and asks her to come to him. She accuses her, why you have stopped the wedding. Naina says you are hounding me… Priya listens this and gets flashback of Pihu saying the same thing. She shouts at Naina.

Priya tells Naina that do she knows that her mom used to take care of her. used to take care of her every wish, she asks is that hounding. She asks, whether this is the right way to talk to mom. Pihu hears this and recalls. Priya gets flashback of the past conversation with pihu. Ram asks Priya to relax and asks, what happened?

Priya says sorry to Naina and Juhi. juhi says its ok. Naina asks Priya not to touch her. Priya is shocked.

Priya tells Pihu that she remembers everything and tells about the prom night, Varun’s arrests, their accident. Pihu is shocked beyond disbelief.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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