Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kapoor Mansion: Neha says she told them before but they didn’t listen to her. She says Isha is always manipulating. She asks Ram why you didn’t understood her motives. Neha asks Ram not to be upset as Priya left home. She says they are with him. Vikram asks Why you allowed Priya to leave. Why didn’t you told her the truth. Ram is sitting silent. Vikram says I know you never want anything bad happen to you or you will never do anything bad with her. He says point is that you two are not talking to each other. He asks Ram to talk to Ram and says if it is not handled on time then it will be big problem. He asks him to talk to her. Ram says ok. Vikram leaves.

Ram thinks I did a mistake. Priya thinks she did a mistake. Ram thinks I was stupid not

to understand Isha loves me. Priya thinks I should have given Ram chance to explain. Ram says he hurted both Priya and Ram. Priya thinks she is hurt because he isn’t talking to me. Ram thinks I can’t even keep an eye contact with her. Priya wonders why he is mum. Ram thinks whatever Priya was thinking was half truth and how shall I tell her. He thinks of Isha words. He thinks how to tell this to Priya.

Ram thinks may be whatever Isha did was without realising but may be I give her wrong signals. Priya remembers the flashback when Ram discuss some rules of Secret of the success marriage. Priya laughs saying these rules are discuss when one are marrying young. We married late so no need to discuss. She says we will live together and die together. Ram asks her to listen.
Priya tells if we had a fight by chance then.. Ram says then we will talk and solve the matter, no matter how long it takes and the other one will forgive. Priya says bottomline is if we had a fight also, we will not stop talking to each other. Flashback ends.

Priya thinks then why are we not talking to each other? BALH sad song is playing in the BG. Ram is also reminiscing about the past moments.

Sudhir Home:

Shipra comes and wishes Natasha and Karthik a very happy anniversary. They thanks her. Priya too joins her and wishes the couple. Natasha and Karthik hug. Shipra wishes Priya too. Pihu is sitting sadly in the hall and Priya sees her and remembers Sudhir words. She asks her why her mood is upset?

Pihu asks Priya why she didn’t wish papa. Ram also thinks Vikram words. Priya says she will call her papa. But she gets a call from Ram and he wish her Happy Anniversary. Pihu gets happy. Ram talks with Priya and says do you remember rule no 3, he says lets talk Priya. He says he wants to talk to her please just once. Priya says ok. Pihu says you wish him Happy Anniversary. Priya wishes him Happy Anniversary. Ram says he will be coming now. Pihu is happy that papa is coming.

Ram happily leaves home to talk to Priya while the happy song of BALH plays. Priya anxiously waits for his arrival.

Ayesha Home:

Ayesha tells Karthik to give her a gift so that she shall wish him. Karthik gives her money. Ayesha says when she will be getting next gift. Karthik says she will not get money anymore. Ayesha threatrens him that he have to continue to give her money or else you dont know what I can do.

Sudhir home:

Door bell rings and Priya happily goes to open the door and finds Isha. Priya asks you are here? Isha says Ram told her everything whatever happened between them. Priya asks her to stay out of it as whatever happened is between them. Isha says but it happens because of me. Priya says nobody should interfere in husband and wife and they will solve the issue and thanks her for offering to help them but I dont need it. Priya asks her not to come in between them and comes inside. Isha says you are coming in between Ram and me because we are having a affair. Priya shocked.

Ram comes to the building and finds its lifts not working. He decides to go by stairs. He smiles saying this is the best punishment of his life.

Isha says Obviously you dont want to listen this from me and wants to hear this from Ram but you know Ram, he will not tell anything. She says that Ram dont love you, he loves me. She says you are his responsibilty and his kids mother. She says Ram dont want to hurt you. She goes on to say that Ram didnt marry because he loves her only and finally he agreed for the arranged marriage but it was a compromise. She again says Ram doesn’t love you but you love him naa, then why dont you leave him.

She says he just doesn’t love you. Priya listens silently.She says they both love each other and wants to spend the rest of the life together and it would be better if you dont come in between us. Ram is standing behind Isha listening to her nonsense and is shocked.

Ram comes inside and asks Priya what Isha is speaking? Priya asks Isha to get out of my house. Priya says what do you think that I will believe your nonsense. I told you to stay out of it. Priya says you might have thought that I left home for a day, so you can grab the opportunity. Priya says whatever we do, if we fight, not talk to each other, stay away from each other but we can’t stop loving each other. She says when Ram lied to her, she was upset and insecure but her trust on him never faded away. She says she will never ever believe that you had an affair with him. She says she will not believe if Ram comes and says also. She says it is not a marriage for them but a beautiful friendship and you will not understand our marriage, our friendship. The Episode ends on Ram smile.

Ram tells Isha that whatever you told me in the hotel room, I felt bad about you. But whatever you did today I felt that I never know you. This is not the way to get someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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