Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Ayesha coming in some bedroom and calling out saudamini, then she goes in the bathroom to check on her.Just then someone locked her inside the bathroom.

Otht theerside Ram enters the dark room and comes near the person standing at the window and he is about his hand on her shoulder then he suddenly he turns away.The other person holds ram hands and put on her waist.Then she turns around and says who are you.The woman in question was some other lady and not Priya,She calls out her husband’s name.Ram says it was a misunderstanding, and I thought she was my wife. that man I saw ur wife and she was wearing an evening gown, Ram says she was wearing a saree. just then Priya,Shipra, Ram’s mother,Natasha,Vikram, Neha and Sudhir enters,Ram says to Sudhir,it was a misunderstanding and I was trying to clear it. They argue on this issue that how can anybody not identify his wife and what she was wearing. read full update only at They say we are Vikram and Neha friends. Ram says I have not touched the woman who I was married for last five years,then how could I touched you,because I still love only one girl.Then Priya interferes and says you are thinking wrong.I will explain you what happened.She says Ram must have thought its me, She introduces herself as Priya Ram Kapoor. She continues Ram never looks at woman in a Wrong way.He is as Pure as his name, Ram.he is not a God but a human being.She says mistakes do happen with every human,he does some mistakes but he cant disrespect of the woman.If you think I am wrong then go and file the police complaint. I am with my husband.I am not saying this because I am his helpless wife,but because he is not wrong but you. Everybody smiles. Mamaji thinks where might be Ayesha. Then they all go to the party hall. Ram thanks Priya, Priya says forget whatever had happened and think bad moment come and went. We know that you cant do like this. everybody is in celebration mood and we should forget all worries and go down and must be with Neha and Vikram. They both smiles and gets downstairs and shipra and sudhir looked at them happily. Ram sits for a drink. Ayesha knocks on the door and saudamini hear her voice and opens the door. Ayesha says why u locked me in, Saudamini says I didnt do. Saudamini says to Ayesha whatever happened with Ram. and how Priya supported him.she loves him and so nice.

Ayesha thinks it must be Sid ‘s plan, he didnt inform me. She calls sid and tells him about everything happened. Sid was in waiters attire.He says I didnt make any plan.Sid in deep thought. The woman and her husband comes near the car and says we have done exactly as per your plan and it was none other than Rajat who did this. they ask did u want to create problem in between them. but they say that Ram and Priya are very closer and how Priya supported him proved their true love. Vikram and Neha enters the scene and says them that it was our plan and we wanted this to come out. Rajat says Ram love have to come out in the open. and they have become close even more now. Neha says when Vikram says me about the plan I was so scared. Rajat says their love is different, unique. They trust each other,when one is in pain then other lend his hand. Rajat asks them to go inside and enjoy their wedding. They invite Rajat,he says my work was done, I will not come. Then he calls suraj and tells him that he will be coming to the airport. Neha asks where are you going. Rajat says I am going to Dubai.Vikram asks when you will come back. They says atleast you say bye to Priya. What we shall tell to Priya. Rajat says you need to tell anything. He goes on to tell his love story.He gives shop keys to Neha.He bids adeiu while the song is playing koi hum dum na raha……… and thinks about the moments he spent with Priya. He takes the cab and goes to the airport.

Priya comes to Ram and ask him to forget all. She says the lady and her husband cant do anything.Vikram ask him to cheer up. Priya says I am feeling something is mischievous. Ram says someone did this intentionally.Vikram says how Priya supported you. Priya says I have to do that,I know he cant be wrong.Then the song is playing bade acche lagte hain….They eye lock and the Screen freezes on Ram silent smiling face.

Precap: Ram and Priya dancing to the tunes of badan pe sitare lapete hue

Update Credit to: Amena

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