Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th February 2013 Written Update

Ram Home in Jaipur:

The Episode Starts with Vikram telling Ram that some people spend six months in thinking about starting the new business, but you have established your business well. I am so Proud of you. Ram thanks him and says it is just a beginning. I have still a long way to go. Vikram says who will stop you? you are Ram Kapoor, yaar. you dont have to run after business, business will run after you. Ram says, to tell you one thing, I was about to break. I was ready to give up. but Priya stop me from breaking. She had so much faith on me. She never made me feel like a loser.

On the other hand, Priya says to Neha that Ram was never like a loser and who have a confidence on themselves that person only can start afresh. We are together so hold each

other. Neha says you holds Ram. They laughs.

Ram says my strength is only Priya. Vikram says dont forget that Priya’s strength is you. Ram says I want to secure her. He tells when Priya started work, I felt let down. why she needs to work.

Priya says why there is only Ram’s responsibilty. After my marriage, I dont need to work. but I worked naa. So now if there is a need then why cant I work. Ram says I did give her pocket money. Priya says why pocket money yaar. She says I cant earn in lakhs, but somehow i manage to contribute. Tt is somewhat difficult for Mr. Kapoor. We dont have AC, car, but we have so much happiness. Ram says I am experiencing the natural air for the first time. Priya says sometimes mosquitos bites him and he never complains. Ram says to Vikram that she did gave me mosquito bite cream yaar. Ram says it is amazing. She reads my mind. She is actually a magician.
Vikram says you are swimming in the air yaar. Vikram jokes that he saw his small Car. Priya and Neha comes there and says everyone should buy the small Car.
Priya says we are swimming not I.

Vikram tells that he had a meeting in the morning and he have to go. So lets sleep. Priya tells that she will make some breakfast in the morning. They tell her that they will do that in a Dhaba.
Priya says I will make tea, Neha says I will say you bye.

Kapoor Mansion:

Khush friends leave after saying him bye as it is too late. Khush slept. Soumya decides to talk to Ayesha, Natasha stops her. and says we will deal with Ayesha later.

Ayesha calls Sid and asks his whereabouts. He says I cant come. Ayesha says what does it mean. He cuts the call. Ayesha comes to her room and khush comes there and says mumma you told me that we will cut the cake. Ayesha ask him to go to his room. Khush says mumma you said I have a surprise. Ayesha replies yes told that so what will you do, will you murder me and commands him to go to his room. She fumes…….

Ayesha ask khush to leave. Mamaji comes there and says this is your kid not Priya’s. Be polite to him. Ayesha cries and says what shall i do. I expect Sid to be here on Khush”s Birthday. I wanted to celebrate khush birthday with him. Was that too much to expect from him. I did everything for him, and what I got in return just lies. Just look at Ram and Priya, they dont have everything but how happy they are. I am a loser. I dont have anything. She cries.

Ram house in Jaipur:

Ram gets a call from someone. He says that the contract is confirmed and he will be mailing the details and contract is for 20 lakhs and will you be able to do that. Ram says yes, I will do it personally.
They says quality of the product should be good and we want our consignment on our delivery date. Ram assures that they will get the order delivered before the delivery date. He says lets start the work.

Ram tells to Priya that you and Pihu are very lucky for me. Priya says you are lucky for me and Pihu too. I am getting gifts today.

First you gift me that diary and now I got a big order. This order is so big, it can turn our lives. Priya says its good, but I am worried about your health. You have to do extra work. Ram says i will do yaar. Ram says Priya this is second chance and life doesnt give second chance very less. If I do the hardwork day and night, then we will not
need anything. we can give parties to Pihu. we can go on a holidays.
Priya says it means Pihu did gift you this. Ram says I cant get a better gift than this. Priya says daughters are lucky for their father’s and Ram romantically
replies that some wife’s too.

Sid house:

Mamaji comes to Sid house and sees one lady going out of his house and sid at the door step. When Mamaji confront him, he says I am not stupid to come to the party and get caught. Mamaji says you should atleast thought of khush, he is your son. Sid says he is Ayesha’s son not mine. Ayesha wanted me to go jail. I am not a sadhu. So many girls
came in my life and went. I will not change for Ayesha nor Khush.

Priya wakes up Pihu and tells her to get ready for school. She says today I will drop you to school. Pihu asks today papa will not drop me. Priya says Papa is busy today.


Mamaji is sitting in a cafe with someone discussing about Kapoor Industries neary sale. Then Mamaji overhears some people conversation who believes in joint family and thinks that they are into business. and tells them about his company and gives the visiting card of Kapoor Industries. Mamaji invites them to Kapoor Mansion.

Ram home:

Ram talking to someone on the phone about financial issue. He ask him loan and he says no. Ram says in understand. Priya comes there and says we have some savings, we have manage to spend 15000 on Pihu’s birthday and still we have 1 lakh and 85000. Ram says those are saving, it is for rainy day. Priya ask him to use it for this business. Ram says i will think something else as I need more money.
Priya comes there with her earrings. and Ram shyly says this is the earring which I did give you when I fallen in love with you. Priya says to use this and what is wrong in that. Ram says no. I cant take this.

Priya ask him to take this and after this whatever profit you will get, then you can get me a new one, a complete set, why just a earrings. Ram says that you will not wear you entire life. Priya says your wife choices are very costly. Ram says that is ok but you are not understanding that I dont want to sell this because in this earrings
our sentiments and memories are attached. Priya says memories are those which are past and the moments which we already shared. it make our personality the way we are and the dreams are one which dont allow us to sleep. I know in this earrings we have our memories, but I want to keep my memories and want to fulfill my dreams. I think today in dreams and memories, dreams will win over. Ram says your papa is very intelligent.

Then she plans her day’s work about dropping Pihu at school and then go to her school for teaching. Then I have decided after picking pick from school, then we both will come to your factory and have lunch and Pihu will do her homework and come back home. we will try to spend time with each other as much as possible.
Ram says how can you take things easy. Priya says it is easy to make the things and difficult to complicate the things. And she says I made this plan to spend time with you and to make you spend time with Pihu. She says I will take Pihu with me to the factory. Ram says I thought our problem are big and you at one go make it easy. Priya jokes about his weight that aapke saamne mujhe badi si badi problem na choti lagti hain, she laughs. Ram says again you are telling me fat.

The episode ends on their smiling face.

Ram gets a call from someone called shailesh and he tells him that you might have got call from Mr. Patel, and he informs Ram about the delivery time wrong, delivery should be not done in a month but in a week time. Ram shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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