Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya looking at each other in the locked room. Ram comes to her and asks her to have food. Priya declines and says she is not hungry. Ram says he is not talking to her and talking to the small baby inside. He says small baby tell you mummy that you are hungry since 2 hours and if she didnt have food then it would not be good for you. Ram asks the baby to tell aloud. He says if you cant say then kick from your leg. Priya says to small baby to tell his ignorant papa that he cant kick now. Ram asks him calmly to atleast have food for the baby. Priya eats the food while BALH song plays in the song. Ram looks on.

In the morning, Priya wakes up and finds Ram is not in the bedroom. She calls Gopal kaka and he informs her that Ram left early

morning. Priya wonders where he left so early.

Isha’s House:

Ram comes to Isha’s house. Isha is surprised and asks him why he came here early in the morning. Ram replies that he needs to talk something important with her. They gets inside the house.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is waiting anxiously for Ram and calls on his office number but is told by the receptionalist that he didn’t arrive yet.

Isha’s House:

Ram informs her whatever happened between him and Priya. Ram says I know you are shocked and it is none of your business but I thought of telling you. he says Priya is really effected and hurt. He says he loved Priya. He needs to do something by which she can understand him. Ram requests Isha to make Priya understand that it is nothing between them. Isha says time has changed, in the college so many guys was after me and you always look at me from a distance. you never share your feelings with me and time came when I went with someone else. Isha gets emotional and asks Ram did he want her to smile when he is going away with Priya. Ram asks what does she mean? Isha says when someone’s heart gets broken, she knew what does it feel. She tells Ram about her failed marriage and horrible divorce. Ram says you never told me. She says she lied to him.

She says she came here to know whether she has a choice here or not. Ram doesnt understand her words and says he is not understanding why is she crying? Isha says if he wants she will tell Priya that there is nothing between her and Ram but it will be a lie. She says you also know that we are more than friends. Ram asks her to stop it and says we are just friends and I am a married man. She says love is the real thing and marriage is nothing. Ram says he loves Priya. Isha says he is lieing and he still loves her. Ram is shocked. Isha says Priya is just his responsibilty. She asks Ram to give her a chance. Ram says what is wrong with you and says he loves only and only Priya and there cant be anything between Isha and him. Isha cries. Ram leaves.

Sudhir Home:

Sudhir’s neighbours asks him whether he is getting his home renovated. Sudhir says no, and he will see. He comes and sees Shipra dancing to the tune of Batameez dil. Shipra says she is practising for the dance for the anniversary party for Ram-Priya and Natasha-Karthik. Sudhir jokes with her to dance alone as she is dancing badly.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram comes back home. Pihu nods Priya that Ram came. Priya stops him and says she wants to know from where he is coming and with whom. He says they both knows but she wants to hear this from him. Priya asks him why you are not keeping eye contact with me. She says whatever you will say I will believe you. Ram looks down and leaves. Priya looks on. Priya asks Pihu to come and they goes inside.

In The Car:

Natasha says to Karthik that she will come soon after giving the file and then they will go to anniversary shopping. she asks him what he is giving her as a gift. He says take whatever you want. As natasha leaves, Karthik sees Jhanvi maasi standing there with the baby. He rushes to see the baby, but maasi asks him to be away from the baby as Jhanvi dont want him to be around them. Karthik says he is his son and please let him touch the baby once, but maasi refuses and says how he dare telling him as his baby. Natasha approaches near the car and sees Karthik talking to the lady. Natasha is coming towards them. Maasi tells Karthik not to trouble them anymore. When Natasha enquires how come he is here. He says he came to see the cute baby. Maasi looks on and leaves.

Natasha thinks that Karthik is fond of baby and she unable to give him one.

Sudhir home:

Priya and Pihu are sitting sadly. Shipra asks Pihu the reason for her sadness.Why is she so upset. Shipra jokes to Priya that did she had a fight with Ram and if she had then it means still there is love in them. Natasha comes and asks her how she is here now. Natasha asks her. Priya says nothing happened to them and says she came here for some peace.

Priya is sitting in the room. Sudhir comes. Priya says can I come without any reason and after marriage also is it not my room? Sudhir says it is your house. He says he can figure out something happened between her and Ram. He says he will not asks her and also she will not let him. He says you will not speak ill about Ram infront of anybody not even me. He says but you are forgetting you are a mother too. Pihu was upset after seeing your tears. He tells thats why he came to speak with her. He says he dont want Pihu to suffer. Priya is crying all the while. Sudhir says he have faith on her and Ram and she will handle everything. He says childrens suffers because of parents fight. sudhir says if you want you can talk to me. Priya smiles and wipes her tears. Sudhir says he will be waiting for her outside. The Episode ends on Priya teary eyed face.

Vikram tells Ram that he knows that he will never let anything bad happen to Priya or he will never do anything bad himself to Priya. Vikram asks him to talk to Priya and says if something is not handle on time then it will a big problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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