Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th February 2013 Written Update

Jaipur Street:

Episode Starts with Ram, who comes for shopping for Priya. He asks the shopkeeper about the things he would like to buy. He asks the shopkeeper to pack the earrings and the necklace. The shopkeeper says the amount to be paid is 450. Ram says it is too much and tries to bargain. Shopkeeper says shall i remove one earrings. Ram says I am buying this for my wife after so many days. Shopkeeper says ok take it as I am also married and ask Ram to take this for 400 Rs. Ram smiles and thanks him and Pay him 400 Rs. Ram says one day I will take my wife here and leaves.

Shopping Mall:

Soumya and Natasha takes Khush to some shop to buy something for his birthday bash. Khush says why did you take me here, teacher will scold me. Natasha says teacher

will not scold you. We got a permission from your teacher.Soumya says lets go and buy some clothes for your birthday. They asks the shopkeeper to show some party dresses. K hush looks happy. Other salesgirl takes khush away. Soumya ask Natasha why we are doing all this? Natasha answers back, because this is not a birthday party for Khush but it is just a page 3 party for Ayesha. May be she got ready all the guest list. It is just for her to socialise. I am happy that Khush and Pihu are my brother’s children. I can do anything for them. I loves them. When I was having children, I didnt allow. Now I really miss them. Soumya says You will become a mother soon. And it is a big responsibility. Natasha says I can take up this responsibilty, I thought about it a lot and I love to do it.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha is on the phone and invites some minister, to come for Khush birthday Party. She insists him to come. He finally agrees. Khush comes there and tries to show her his clothes. She ignores him and talk with the minister. Soumya says like the way you are talking, it appears you were talking to Bappa but you were talking to minister. Ayesha asks her to do her own business, and if she loses her temper then she might throw Soumya out of Kapoor Mansion with her luggage.


Ram walking on the road while the song is playing itni si khushi, itni sa tukda chand ka…….. Then he sits in the car.

Ram home in Jaipur:

Meanwhile Priya is shown cooking food. Ram picks Pihu from the school and they head towards home. Ram brings the cake and keep it in a refridgerator and Priya who is busy in cooking looks at it. Then he decorate the house with balloons and Party stuff. Priya compliments him on his work.
Ram then comes to help Priya in the cooking and Priya asks him to let it be. But Ram still tries to help her in cooking and the song still plays itni si khushi, itni si hasi. He gets close to Priya, romantic scene as well.
Door bell rings and all the guests Neha, her family, Cady, Daijaa have arrived. She welcomes them smilingly. She asks where is Vikram. Neha asks he is parking the car and will come.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha comes to khush and asks Khush what are you doing. He replies I am doing painting mumma. She says mumma kept a surprise for you in the evening and I promise that it will be good. Khush thanks her. and she leaves…

Ram home:

Ram asks how come you people are here? Yesterday itself you told me that you are in Mumbai.
Vikram says I got an important meeting in delhi and Neha ask me to go to Jaipur as well. Cady tells him that it is Pihu’s birthday and we came for her celebration. Vikram says how can it be possible that it is Pihu’s birthday and we cant come. They smiles.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha calls Sid and ask him whether he coming for Khush birthday Party. Sid replies that he is coming and how can he forget about it. Sid is confused.

Khush’s Birthday Celebration starts at Kapoor Mansion. Mamaji takes the drinks. Guests came in. Natasha meet Krishnaji, Sudhir and Shipra greets Khush. Ayesha walks down the stairs and pose for the photographs. She comes near Shipra and Sudhir and greets them. Then he goes near the minister who just arrived and greets him as well. Saudamini, Ayesha and Minister pose for the photo. Mamaji looks on. Soumya and Rishabh too looks at her. Khush comes and asks Mumma when we will cut my Birthday Cake.
She says not now. Khush says but my friends want to eat the cake. She says Still Some guests have to arrived and we shall cut the cake after some time. Saudamini feels bad for Khush. He insists that his friends want to eat cake now itself. Ayesha shows her true colours and yells silently at Khush to stop it. Rishabh, Soumya, Shipra and Natasha are disgusted to hear that. Khush says Party is for me naa. She says if you dont go away now. I will send you with Mamaji to your room. Mamaji says Why you are troubling him. Send Saudamini instead. Saudamini says why me. Khush says to his friends Pata nahin cake kab katega (Dont know when will cake be cut).

Ram home:
Pihu’s Birthday Celebration have started and Ram, Priya and Pihu is alighting the candles. Priya says you have a surprise and ask her to close her eyes. She alights the candles and says Happy Birthday Dear Pihu and all the guests claps and says Happy Birthday to Pihu as well. read full updates with pics only at Rahul says time for the game and lets play musical chairs. Neha blinds Vikram eyes and ask him to play the music. All the kids run across the chairs and tries to sit on the chairs when the music stops. Priya and Neha watches them from the kitchen and smiles. Pihu had great fun with other kids. At the end of the game, Pihu wins. Priya congratulates her. Ram smiles. Priya hugs Pihu, Ram sends her a flying kiss, Priya wishes Pihu A Happy Birthday. Priya served the soft drinks to the guests and Pihu had a blast with her friends. Ram smiles seeing Neha and Vikram happy together.

Rahul takes the Photos of all and then cady’s. Priya comes to Daija and says how Cady became an important part of her family. And how Rahul and Cady look good together. Daija ask Rahul to take her photo as well. Priya says Rahul is busy now. They pulls his leg. Priya offers the soft to Ram and Rahul clicks their Picture.

Shipra, Natasha, Khush and Rishabh comes on a Video chat and congratulates Pihu. Shipra says I cant come to your birthday but I send a gift for you through Vikram. Then Khush says It looks that you party is good. Pihu replies yes and ask Khush whether his party is rocking. Khush says no, I am getting bored. Pihu asks him to come over here. Khush talks to Ram then, say him Happy Birthday. Khush says I am missing you. Ram says I am missing you too. Whenever you miss me, call me. Then Soumya ask Ram to wish Pihu on her behalf. Ram asks Soumya to take care of Khush. Then they had dinner anc ompliments Priya on her cooking. Vikram and Daija compliments. Neha ask him to give her chole recipe. Vikram says it is made of love. Rahul ask Cady to take tips from Priya aunty. Rahul takes Priya, Ram and Pihu’s photos. Pihu thanks Ram for her birthday.

The episode ends on their happy family picture.

Ram says to Priya that he will work hard day and night and after this they will not need anything. We can go for holidays. We can give Pihu Parties. She says it means Pihu gifts you this. Ram says I cant get better gift than this from Pihu. Priya says daughter’s are very lucky for their father’s. Ram replies back that some wife’s too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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