Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the lawyers suggesting Ram to adopt Naina. Ram says he will adopt her, What is the problem. Pari comes to Priya and says she is missing her. Lawyer says legal adoption is possible only if the girl’s mother marries someone and he can adopt her daughter. Ram is speechless. Priya starts sinking. Pari calls and says something is happening to her. She says she came to check on mom. Suddenly the machine starts beeping. Ram calls the doctor and asks him to come fast. Doctor comes and informs him that Priya is sinking and there is not much time left for her. Ram is shocked. While the Pihu and Pari hugs Juhi and cries. Ram feels like crying.

Ram calls Mandeep’s parents and says they have to preponed the wedding as doctor said that Priya is

sinking. He says he wants Priya to see Pihu’s marriage before going. Pihu says she won’t marry until he marries Juhi. She says if you want me to be happy then marry Juhi mom. She says she wants to see him settled. Ram says are you out of your mind. Pihu says she is marrying that guy whom she don’t know. Ram says he didn’t force her. Pihu says Priya mom is in pain since 7 years. Can she see you in pain. She says I want you to get settled. She says I am sure that Juhi mom will make you happy. She says destiny wants you to marry Juhi. She gave us motherly love, then why can’t you give her rights. Ram says enough. Do whatever you want. But I won’t get marry.

While the marriage preparation is going on in full spree. Ram asks Pihu, what you have decided. Pihu says she is marrying but if you don’t want to marry then don’t marry. she will keep her promise. Mandeep’s parents says their relatives are coming and Ram have to manage their relatives stay at 5 star hotel. Natasha says no, we can’t stay your guests at 5 star hotel. Ram takes Natasha and Natasha says they are demanding illegal. We will not accept their demands. We will not bend infront of them. She says she can’t accept their attitude. She says she was about to marry Bhanu, a wrong guy, and Priya saved her. She had promised Priya that she will take care of Pihu’s marriage. Ram says ok. Tell whatever she wants. Natasha tells Mandeep’s parents that they are booking guest house for their guests and they will take good care of them. Mandeep parents tells Vikram and Neha that they will arrange rooms for their guests in their hotel and leaves.

Pihu says she don’t know what to do. Sammy asks Pihu to starts wearing saree as canadian people likes television bahus. Riddhima says he is talking nonsense and praises her inlaws and her husband. She says arranged marriage is the best one. She asks Sammy, will he do arranged marriage or love marriage. Sammy says he can’t love anyone and can’t get into arrange marriage. Mandeep comes to Pihu and says are you in pressure to marry. Pihu says no. Mandeep asks are you interested in me? Pihu says she is not interested in him or anyone else. She says she is marrying for her mom with her wish. She is in pain and she wants her to get marry. She says it is not like that Dad is forcing her. She says she is getting marry for her parents. She says she could have marry after 7-8 years. She says she will choose her father’s dreams over her dreams. Mandeep is in thoughts.

Shipra tells Sudhir to talk to Natasha. Sudhir says do you want her to meet that guy. Shipra says she thinks that guy is good and asks him to take natasha over dinner. Sudhir comes to Natasha and asks her to take him to dinner. Natasha says tomorrow is Pihu’s marriage naa. Sudhir says he wants to eat at Apna tadka, Natasha agrees.

Khush comes to Priya’s room and starts speaking with Priya. he says he always saw her as angel. He says you never made me cry, never allow any tears to come in my eyes. He says you are my Priya angel. He says he got rejected in audition and mamaji was seleted. He promised her that he won’t go to any audition until he takes her blessings. He asks her to get well soon.

Juhi says it looks odd that they came here and what if Pihu comes to know that they are following them. Ram says it is nothing odd as they have come to have dinner and looks for Pihu and Mandeep. Pihu and Mandeep sees them and Pihu says Dad is following them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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