Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani coming to house and seeing Priya. She says she would have come to her office itself. Priya asks if Khush troubled her. Suhani asks why is she looking tensed. She says nothing, it is just travel tiredness. Suhani says she knows Ram is her boss and asks if he troubled her. She says no he didn’t. Priya then says about the incident Pihu did Delhi. She says she does not want Ram to chose between her and Pihu, so she resigned. Suhani says it is wrong, she cannot sacrifice everything for Pihu. She will not let tht happen. Pihu got Sammy. Priya asks not to worry. She says she is going to meet Natasha and will speak to her later. Suhani calls her, but she does not listen and goes.

Rajath thinks what will Priya think if he meets her. If she stills

thinks him as a friend. She would have reached Mumbai by now. He calls Suhani and asks her sorry for not calling her. She says it okay. He asks if Khush is taking care of her. She says he is taking very good care of her. He asks if Priya reached home. Suhani says she reached. She says Priya was happy when going but was tensed when she came back. Rajath asks if Priya is around. She says she is not around and to talk to her when she comes. He says her bye and cuts the call.

Rajath is going in a car. He sees Priya buying vegetables. He remembers his time spent with Priya. He then remembers Priya saying that she loved only one person and will love only him. He sees him getting into taxi and follows her. Priya gets out of taxi and goes. Rajath also gets out of his car. Natasha sees him and greets him. She asks if he met Priya. He says he does not want her to think wrong that he is here. Natasha says she will first go and check her mood and then inform him.

Priya meets Natasha. They greet each other and start talking. Natasha asks Priya to forget about Pihu and think of saving her relationship with Ram. Priya says Pihu is her daughter. Natasha says even she was arrogant like her, so she knows how she is. She asks her to think of herself. She asks why did she work under Ram, it is because she still loves him and loves to be around him. She says she has to make a move to unite. Priya says situation will become worse if she makes a move first. Natasha asks what happened to Pihu and Sammy’s relation even after her sacrifice. PRiya remembers Sammy fighting with Pihu. Natasha asks her stop fighting her destiny as destiny is bringing her together. Once they are together, nothing matters. She has to take a stand for herself. Rajath listens to their conversation standing at the door.

Priya gets Ram’s call. She speaks to him, gets emotional and says she will meet him. She informs Natasha that Mr. Kapoor wants to meet her. Natasha gets happy. Rajath goes from there.

Pihu takes Priya’s pic and says she will not let her come to this house. If she comes, she will try to separate Sammy from her, so she will not let her in at any cost.
Rajath comes back home. Kady sees him and says he went to meet Priya what happened. Rajath says magic happened. He tells her the incident happened and the talks between Natasha and Priya. She says he is happy for her. Kady says you did all this for Priya.

Priya and Ram are walking on the road to meet each other. They remember the days spent with each other. Priya remembers Natasha’s words to take a stand for herself and her life partner.

PRecap: Priya says it not only about them, it is about Khush, Suhani, Vikram, etc. Ram says they will be together now till they die.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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