Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya thinking to get ready before Ram wakes up. She recalls about the last night. Flashback: She thinks to wear the earring of Ram’s choice. She thinks Ram wasted 2 hours in the bathroom. Ram purposely teases her. Priya locks the bathroom and asks him to sleep in the bath tub. Ram asks her to open the door. FB ends. Priya orders green tea and double strong coffee. She goes to bathroom.

Door bell rings, Khush opens the door and see Cady. He feels awkward. Cady says, I am Priya’s friend first. She teases him. Khush asks her to come inside. Suhani comes and greets her. Cady asks about Priya. Khush says, she went on a official trip with her boss. Suhani says, he is new. Cady asks, is Priya fine? Khush says, she pretends to be happy but

feels lonely. We can figure it out. Cady says, Pihu is Priya’s lifeline. Suhani says, I will leave for clinic. Khush asks her to see the clinic.

At Ram’s office. Vikram tries hard to know about the mystery woman ie, Priya but fails. Rishi says, if you need any good employee for the head office then think about me. Vikram asks about the audit reports. Vikram hears the employees gossipying about Ram and the mystery woman. Vikram thinks, what Ram is doing? Vikram sees Cady with Khush. Cady gets tensed. Vikram asks, what are you doing here? Cady says, I have to take a cab. She sits in his car.

Receptionalist informs Ram that a room is vacant. Ram says, I will shift if the room is good. Vikram and Cady get worry. They think how to tell about Ram and Priya. Cady lies with Vikram. Priya comes out of the bathroom and asks about the coffee. She tries to order on phone but finds phone is dead. She says, we will go and have breakfast. Priya asks receptionalist about the room. Receptionalist says, I informed sir but he didn’t take it so I gave that room to someone. Priya gets angry. Ram vanishes.

Cady and Riddhima ask Vikram about seeing the women’s profile. Vikram says, I am trying to find out about Ram’s mystery employee. He says, people are gossipying about him. Riddhima says, you know naa Ram uncle loves Priya aunty very much and asks him not to think much. Cady says, Riddhima is right. Your way is wrong. Why don’t you talk to Priya. Vikram agrees. Riddhima tears the papers. Priya comes to the room and asks Ram, why you refused to the room. Ram asks, who is the boss? Priya says obviously you. Ram says, that room was bad and that’s why he didn’t take it. Priya says, I would have shift it. Ram says, I will go. I can sleep anywhere. Priya says, he is not ready to accept that he wants to stay with me.

Ram books the room. He enters the room and sees Vidya Balan there. She calls him jiju……He says, I am Ram Kapoor. Did you remember that we met in Australia. She asks about Priya. She tells about her new film Shaadi Ke Side Effects….She asks him to see the film. She asks him to come with her. Vikram calls Priya and asks how are you? Priya says, you remember that I do exist. Vikram says, I want to tell you something. Priya asks about Pihu. He says, she is fine and everyone are fine. Vikram says, I want to talk about Ram. She asks, what happened? Vikram says, Ram is having an affair at office. I think he has moved on. He is behaving strangely and it is rumoured that the lady is with him in Delhi. Priya thanks him and disconnects the call. She suspects Ram and says his mood is bad may be because he couldn’t meet that girl.

Ram says lovely very lovely. Vidya thanks him. Priya hides and listens to him. She thinks he has never been romantic with me. I will never forgive you if Vikram sayings come true.

Priya and Vidya Balan dancing on the song Oh Pappe Pyaar Karke Pachtaaya…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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