Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th February 2013 Written Update

Kapoor Mansion:

Episode Starts with Sowmya talking to Natasha about Ayesha doing all these things purposely so that they could not attend Pihu’s Birthday Party. She says She is no.1 bad person( she gave a bad word to Ayesha). She says There is no other word than this. Natasha says If I could use then I should have used more bad words against her. Soumya says now she have to talked with Bhappa and Pihu. Khush comes there and asks Chachi where is Pihu? Soumya says Pihu is not here but will be your birthday party. Khush says but my birthday was long before and that day there was no party. Nats and Soumya looks on. Khush says Mama forget my birthday naa. Soumya says we didnt forget naa, that time we did not celebrate thats why celebrating it now. Nats says I will

inform bhai that we are not coming.

Ram home in Jaipur:

Ram gets a call from Natasha. Natasha informs him that Ayesha is celebrating Khush’s birthday party. Ram says but Khush birthday? then He says I understood. Natasha says Just when we were about to go, Ayesha came and informed us about Khush birthday party. Then Khush talks with Pihu. Priya listens to all this conversation. Ram says nobody is coming over here. Priya says I knew from Pihu conversation with Khush.

Kapoor Mansion:

Soumya asks Khush to call his friends. Nats asks Khush to enjoy his birthday party in full swing.
Mamaji comes to Ayesha and says are we celebrating Khush’s Birthday Party. Ayesha replies back that no, we are keeping every body away from Pihu’s birthday Party. She says Ram and Priya did choose this poverty life self and let the live in poverty and Priya di atleast have Ram but I have sid, then she says I have or not dont know. She says but I have power and I cant let anybody take away my power. Priya di thinks she will win but she cant. I have my trump card, Khush. Because of Khush I kept Priya di away from Ram, and now you watch how I use Khush to Keep the family away from Ram and Priya. She laughs evilly. Mamaji looks on confused.

Ram home in Jaipur:

Priya comes to Ram who is on bed resting. Priya says I want you give you something. Pihu’s 5 years. Ram says I didn’t understood. Priya says after Pihu birth till she became 5 years. I want to tell you every moment. When I took her in my lap, When first time she opened her eyes, when she first hold my fingers,when she first say me mamma, when she smile, when she wet my clothes, those talks I wrote in this diary. Those nights when she didnt allowed me to sleep, and those nights when I just look at her whole night just like that. when she started walking, those moments are written in this diary. I want you to read this and know this. yes Mr. Kapoor. First time when I left her at school, she cried badly.First time she asks me who is my Papa, Those first five years was only mine. I want to share those 5 years with you. When you wake up tomorrow, you could not feel that it is Pihu’s first birthday with you, you should feel that tomorrow is Pihu’s 6th birthday. For me you are with me always, but I kept you away from Pihu, I dont want you to feel that you didn’t know anything happened with Pihu for those 5 years. She says him congrats for Pihu’s birthday for 5 times for 5 birthdays. Ram smiles and asks do you know what is your best quality? After so many years also, you can still surprise me.

Priya cries, Ram says I thought you and Pihu have come in my life that was the biggest happiness to me. But you did came me those 5 years. I cant thank you for this. He ask her to sleep and he will read her diary till morning. Priya says I will live those 5 years with you. Ram asks Priya to read the diary so that he can live those moments with her. She begins to read the diary while the Bade Acche Lagte Hain music playing in the BG………

Ram and Priya comes to Pihu’s room and wishes her Happy Birthday and sings Happy birthday song. Pihu keep on saying sone do na mamma. Ram gives him bouquet of flowers. Priya wakes her up and Pihu says this is the best birthday of my life. Priya says really. This is your 6th birthday. Priya asks Pihu to get ready for school quickly. Ram smiles.

Priya gifts Pihu chocolates so that she can shares with her friends and even teachers, and if she do that then she will get her one big chocolate in the evening. Pihu says Promise. Priya Promise her. Priya tells Ram that in your pocket there is one chit, you go there and you will know. She says I will meet you there itself after school.Ram leaves with Pihu.

Sudhir home:

Shipra asks Natasha to come and wish Pihu on Phone. Sudhir calls Priya, Ask her how is she? Shipra says We will talk with Pihu first. Priya says just now Pihu left for school. She gets annoyed at Sudhir that he should have called her before. Priya asks them to call in the evening. Shipra says ok. And asks her is everything fine there. Shipra gives Phone to Sudhir. Sudhir asks how are you? Priya says we are fine. Sudhir says you left six month before, but it looks that you are away from so long Priya says but we talked on phone na Papa, it looks like we are together. We are missing you much, I could not tell you from so many months, But I miss you Papa. Sudhir gets emotional and says We too miss you beta. Shipra takes the call from Sudhir and say her sorry that she could not come there for Pihu’s party as ther have to attend Khush birthday Party. Priya ask Shipra to wish khush on her behalf. Shipra asks when are you coming back to Mumbai? Priya says Ram is busy in factory work. I am also busy in school and Pihu. But whenever we will be free, we will come first to you. Then she ask Shipra to give her call to Nats. Priya talked with Nats. Nats says we are missing you guys. Priya ask her about her boutique. Priya says you have to design clothes for me, your brother as well as Pihu. Nats says ok, I will do that.

Khush’s School:

Khush invites his friends to his birthday party. They say that your birthday was long back naa. Khush says that we can celebrate it anytime naa. Then he says that he want to invite Pihu, but could not and he misses her very much.He says his sister Pihu’s birthday is on the same day.

Pihu’s School:

Meanwhile Pihu is distributing chocolates in her school. Her classmates sing a Happy birthday song and wishes her. They ask her why is she not eating the chocolates. She says I promise my mom and I never break promise made to mamma.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha is ask Saudamini to make sure this party have no goof ups. I want this party to be the best Party. Dadi and Krishnaji are having dinner at the dining table and Ayesha comes there and ask them to go and eat in the kitchen. They says that they will finish dinner soon and leaves. Ayesha says it will be better if you go and have dinner in the kitchen and he asks the servant to take away the plates. The old ladies are forced to get up from the dinning table. Ayesha instructs Saudamini that she want no fishy.

Scene starts with Priya at ST joseph’s holy home orphanage and distributing the goodies and clothes to the orphanage children and Ram comes there and sees that. He came near Priya and says I came to know why you invite me here. Priya says this is an orphanage and I knew how will be the life without our loved ones. When I was away in Dubai, I know how I lived. Then Pihu came in my life. I got a reason to live because somebody was in my life. When Pihu was born, I decided that on her every birthday I will distributes sweets and clothes to these orphaned kids. I thanks God.I am trully blessed. But these kids have nobody. If we could share our happiness with them, then what could be better than that. Ram says yes, you heart is full of love. Priya says yes, And it has love for you too. The screen freezes on Priya smiles.

The Scene begins with Ram and Priya cooking in the kitchen meanwhile the song is playing itni si hasi, itni si khushi…………… in the Background

Update Credit to: Amena

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