Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming to her cabin and thinking she cannot become weak because of the old memories. She should help Pihu. She knows Mr. Kapoor will try to stop him, but she should not change her decision. She writes her resignation letter. She remembers her happy days with Ram and gets emotional. Bade achhe lagte hain…. plays in the background. She then remembers Pihu’s word addressing her as witch.

Sid asks Juhi if she can arrange the money. She asks her to calm down. He says what will Ram think if he gets to know about it. She says we will see when he knows about it. Juhi sees Pihu coming with her bags, angrily. Juhi asks she had gone for the honeymoon, then why did she come back alone. Pihu says Ram and Priya are together and just pretended to

be separated. She says they were together in Delhi. She then says Juhi that she would be responsible if Priya comes back to the house. She says she would not have married Sid, else she would have let marry Ram. She says Priya does black magic, if she comes home this time, she won’t go back and bring in Suhani.

Mamaji stops Pihu and starts provoking her against Priya. Pihu says this time she cannot do anything as she is already married to Sammy. Mamaji says she will break her marriage with Sammy. She will also provoke Ram against her. She asks her to be together with him and fight against Priya, else power and everything will go to Priya and she will be left bare handed.

Priya comes to Ram’s cabin and knocks the door. She does not find him in and hears his sound from the washroom. She thinks it is good he is in washroom, else it would have been difficult for her to go. She keeps the resignation letter on the table and goes.

Kady comes to Khush and Suhani’s house. She sees Suhani having pinapple and asks her not to eat it. Kady searches for Priya. Suhani asks if she has come to meet Priya and says her flight has landed, but she went to office directly. Kady says also she came to meet Suhani. She then asks them not to inform that Rajath has come. Kady then sees Khush’s injuries and asks if he fell again. Khush says he fought with someone. He says that guy is confused and has lost his humanity. Kady says it looks like they are talking about Sammy and asks if Sammy has come. Sammy is about to say it is Sammy, but Suhani stops him and says he did not come. Kady says who could provoke Khush so much. Khush says he can fight with anybody for Suhani. Kady says she is happy that they can fight with anybody for each other. Kady gets a call and says she has to go now. She asks Khush to take care of Suhani and goes. Suhani asks if he really wanted to take Sammy’s name. He says he wanted to. She says it would have hurt a lot of people, especially Priya and Pihu.

Pihu is walking angrily in her room. She thinks of calling Sammy, but then thinks let him come. Sammy calls him and asks where is she. He says he is in Gurgaon. She asks him to come soon. He asks her sorry for hurting her yesterday and says he will come back soon. He hears Pihu’s voice and turns back. He asks how come she is here. She starts fighting with him. She says Suhani is a cheapster and characterless. Sammy slaps her and says he will slap her again if she bad mouthes about Suhani and goes from there.

Ram sees Priya’s resignation letter. He remembers Priya’s words of being with hm for some time and then remembers Pihu’s misbehaviour. Priya in the other room also remembers her time spent with Ram and Pihu’s misbehavior. She

Natasha asks Priya to save her marrige with Ram as she knows they both love each other. She asks why did she continue in the office when she came to know he was his boss.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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