Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts at the plane crash site, Ram regains consciousness and ponder about the past happenings.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Neha and Vikram comes there and Soumya tries to take care of Dadi who gets unconscious after hearing about the plane crash. Vikram thinks to call the doctor. Neha calls the airport and enquires about Ram and Priya. She cries miserably. Vikram tries to consoles her. Rishabh comes there with Mamaji, Soumya asks him to leave the house as he didn’t care for Bappa and Priya. Rishabh is about to leave but Vikram says you are the son of this house, who have to take care of this house in Ram’s absence. Neha decides to go to the airport with Vikram. Rishabh says he will also accompany and they leaves.

Scene shifts to the

Crash site:

Ram comes across the couple, his wife was alright who suffers from memory loss and her husband died at the spot. She says this man was good and helped me in the flight. Ram checks his nerves and says her sorry. She didn’t` remember her husband and opens the diary. She recognises him and cries. Ram looks around at the dead bodies and the fire.

Scene shifts to the Airport:

All the passenger’s relatives comes to get any information about their loved ones. Vikram request them to be in line. She says crash happened in the jungle. Neha asks as the crash happened in Jungle there may be survival chances, but she was informed that the survival chances are very low and they are trying to locate the exact location and rescue team will reach soon.

Scene shifts to the Crash site:

Ram looks around for Priya and Pihu. Ram sees Shekhar who was struck under the plane remains. Ram hears Padma taking Shekhar’s name and gets surprised. He asks her to help him. Padma turns away, Ram says why are you taking revenge from Shekhar. Padma asks her assistant to help Ram and save Shekhar. Padma’s assistant says her sorry that she is unable to find a wheel chair for her. Ram and Shekhar looks shocked. Shekhar goes to her and asks her about her condition. Her assistant informs him that after the accident, her lower portion is paralysed. Shekhar asks when did this happened? Padma informs him that the accident happened one day before their marriage date. Shekhar says he waited for her on the marriage day and tried to contact her and her family. She says, her leg was cut in the accident. Shekhar says why didn’t you tell me. Padma says I didn’t want you to be part of my pain. Shekhar speaks about the true love.

Shekhar says he tried to forget her but when he was at the edge of death, he thought he will get her back anyhow. Padma says she loves him but dont want to take his life. Shekhar says you took my life but in these 10 years and now I won’t leave you. Ram looks at them. Shekhar holds her hands and says he reminiscences the happy moments they shared together. He says she was the one whom he loved the most, hated her. Shekhar says he wanted to live with her now. Shekhar and Padma hug each other and Shekhar says I love you. Padma cries.

Ram thinks about Ram and remembers the moments spent with Priya and wonders where is she? Ram searches for Priya while the song Mera yaar yaar mujhme…… Ram shouts for Priya and Pihu. Priya regains consciousness and someone saves her from falling down in the valley. Priya cries and asks who are you? he says he was in the same flight as her, and was searching for his family.

Priya cries vehemently for Pihu and Ram. He informs her that everyone had died. Priya says it can’t be true and nothing will happen to her husband and daughter. Priya says she has full faith that nothing will happen to her husband and daughter. He says they will search for their family.

Ram looks at the dead body of the guy who he saw at the airport. Priya shouts for Ram and Pihu while Ram is shouting for Priya and Pihu at the other end. The screen splits into Ram and Priya at the different places.

Priya shouts for Pihu while searching her and falls down the valley but holds its cliff. She shouts is someone there, please save me. Ram hears her voice and looks around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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