Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya telling Ram that Suhani would have seen him. Ram says, you didn’t tell that I am your new boss. Priya says, I didn’t tell at home. Ram says, I told about you. Priya says, I will call Pihu and asks, if she is okay with our trip. Ram says, I didn’t tell anyone. Priya asks him to focus on driving. Riddima tells Cady that Saurabh is going out of town and thinks to get a cab. Cady offers her car and says I will manage. Vikram comes for breakfast. He offers to drop Cady to her office. Cady says, I will manage. Vikram says, I have important meeting in the morning. Vikram thinks, it is good that the girls didn’t ask him about Ram. He thinks to enquire about the mystery lady. Cady thinks to meet Priya.

Ram and Priya reach the hotel.

Ram asks for the room keys. Receptionalist gives him keys for one room. She says, we got mailed for Rishi about your names and I assumed you are a couple. Ram says I will book the room now. Receptionalist says, no room is available. Ram says, do you know with whom you are talking to and demands a room. Manager asks them to adjust for one night. Ram thinks Rishi should get promotion for this and smiles. Priya looks at him. Ram says, Rishi’s job is gone. Priya says, how did he think that we will stay in one room. She says, we will do imaginary partition in the room. Ram says, I am thinking that how I will tolerate you. Priya says, I have a dirty feeling that it is your work behind this one room. She says, I would have never come with you. Ram asks her to close her eyes and think he is not there. BALH plays……………..

Priya comes to the room and smiles recalling about the old moments spent with Ram. Pihu calls Natasha and says everything is on track. We are going on a honeymoon. She says, I am very happy. Natasha says, I am very happy and asks her to note her words. Pihu does her packing. Sammy says, we are going tomorrow naa. Pihu thanks him and says I love you.

Priya tells Ram that she will be fine on the couch and asks him to sleep on bed as it is according to his size. Ram swears that he will never take her with him. Priya says, I will come with you everywhere and this is a joke. Her phone rings and she asks Ram to keep quiet. Khush worries as Priya didn’t pick his call. Priya calls Khush. Khush asks, did you reach safely. Priya says yes. She asks, where were you when I left? Khush says, I went somewhere. Priya puts the speaker on the loud speaker so that Ram can listen to his voice. Khush says, I will take care of Suhani. Please come back soon. Ram smiles. He coughs. Khush asks, is anyone there. Priya says, no. I will come soon. Suhani asks, who are you? Priya says, I remember everything. Suhani asks about her boss. Priya says, my boss is cool. Suhani says, he will be normal. Priya disconnects the call.

Priya thinks, you might be missing Khush and that’s why I put the call on speaker. Why don’t you call him. She says, shall we order the food? Ram says okay. Pihu comes to Vikram’s house. She says, I thought to come here. Riddhima says, I will drop you all to the airport. Vikram wishes Pihu for the wonderful trip and asks her to enjoy. Cady thinks to call Priya but then thinks to surprise her.

Priya pulls Ram’s leg and asks the waiter to bring Parathas for Ram. Ram asks the waiter to bring Apple for her. They start fighting with each other. Priya thinks to give him aloo ka parathas which she brought for him. She thinks he won’t eat so keeps it in the fridge.

Sammy calls Suhani. Suhani thinks not to pick the call. She picks the call and asks him not to bother her. Sammy tells her that he is going on honeymoon with Pihu. Suhani says, it hardly matters to me. Your good or bad doesn’t bothers me. He tells Pihu that he told his friend not to disturb him. Vikram comes to Ram’s office. He doesn’t tells his name. He says, I came from Kapoor Industries for the auditing report. I came to know about employees. Rishi tells about his name. Vikram asks about the other employees name. One lady tells him about efficient employees and tells about Priya without naming her. Vikram thinks to find out about the mystery lady.

Vikram calls Priya and tells her that Ram is having an affair. Priya sees Ram with a lady and wonders who is she? Vidya balan turns. Ram says I love you to Vidya Balan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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