Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th February 2013 Written Update

Scene Starts with Ram home in Jaipur:

Episode Starts with a pooja reciting in the background and the scenes shows the temples in Jaipur. Bade Acche Lagte hain got a six month leap and thus shows us story six month later in Jaipur. Priya sits in the window, writes the diary and says those are not lucky whose dreams come true, lucky are the ones who make their life with the broken dreams and make their life more beautiful than their dreams. life will be like where one cant know how time passes. she says like i never knew. Today suddenly I thought six months have spent here in Jaipur. Then shows us the monuments, temples, etc of Jaipur city.

Then shows the audience the home sweet home of Ram, Priya and Pihu, where Ram, Pihu and Priya’s photo are inbuild

on the walls. Priya says Mr. Kapoor, Pihu and me in one room. we are together like a plant. Mr. Kapoor opened a new factory and he is a boss there too. His new employees like a family to him. But I am new boss to him. Then shows how Ram gave her money. Priya writes in the diary that daily she select Mr. Kapoor clothes, then get Pihu ready for school, I enjoyed well. then I go to teach students in the near by school and in the evening i took tuitions. Whoever said that life is not perfect, that person might not have seen his child’s smile and husband love in his eyes. this is our earring in this six month and some money is kept in the bank for Pihu. She says here Pihu is having room in this house, where it would not possible in Mumbai. Sometimes I see sadness in Ram eyes, I asked him to forget it but somehow that sadness must go. how many times i told him to forget it. It is easy to tell. last 5 years there was a emptyness in life but now it has fulfilled.

Then she goes on to tell about Natasha that she opened a new shop.Choices by nuts. Neha and Vikram as usual quarreling and loving. Neha says all the old news. then she says maa, dadi, soumya, rishabh, mamaji and khush. she says khush must be missing Ram, and I hope Ayesha is giving khush time. Ayesha is now Page 3 celebrity. everyone of us got all our dreams fulfilled. She says Shipra and Sudhir are the same.
She says we miss them all and I know they too miss us. Mr. Kapoor dont tell anything. she says I dont believe the man who at first meeting dont even know me, loved me very much and Pihu gave a life to my love.

Little Pihu will be six years old now. Ram is planning a secret for Pihu’s birthday and I will find out his secret and I will go to his office and like always will not fight but only love each other. My life is just beautiful.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir house:

Shipra asks Natasha is eveything ready to go to Priya house. Is she packed Pihu’s gifts. She will tell nana nani didnt bring anything for me. She asks Sudhir is our tickets are confirmed. Sudhir says yes. Nats says yes everything is ready. Nats gets a call, she says i cant come now, I am going to Jaipur now. I will returning 2 days after and meanwhile everything should be sorted out. Sudhir is happy with nats and says how she transformed all these years and it looks like we brought a daughter home.

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Soumya gives medicines to Dadi. Krishnaji says we have done our packing and once Rishabh comes we will go for Pihu’s birthday party. Rishabh comes there and khush says I will also come. They all are very excited to go to Jaipur for Pihu’s birthday. Ayesha looks at them from a balcony.

Ram’s Factory:

Priya comes to Ram’s factory and comes in his cabin. She says I came nearby so thought of coming here and meeting you. He asks her what is that which she is carrying, Priya says i wont tell you. When you didnt tell me anything about your plans for Pihu’s birhday party. Priya asks Ram what secret have you plan for Pihu’s birthday Party. Ram says themed party.Mickey mouse theme I work out eveything, just 50000 Rs. Priya says 50000. 1 min Mr. Kapoor. you will spend 50000 Rs on one birthday party.Everything is included in that, food, other stuff everything.Ram says my daughter’s first birthday with me, so it must be special naa. Priya says I know that Pihu’s birthday is special for three of us because we will celebrate it together first time, but 50000. she says with great difficulty we did manage to sum up 200000 rs for Pihu in last six months, and now you will spend 50000 on one go. Ram says why you worry about money. It will make Pihu feel happy. Priya says 50000 Rs is much more. Why to spend 50000 Rs. Ram says you gives me your logic. She says we have to do something like a personal touch, like mummy papa, and whatever we had at home we will play with that, cushion cover etc. Ram says what is this plan yaar. Priya says in the normal house it dont works like this. when we were young, mummy papa did something to make us happy without even spending a penny. and you know what menu was fixed, Rajma chawal, dahi, cake. Ram ask her stop and says whenever you speak, you always speak the right thing. Priya says I speak for us.Ram agrees and says what I have to do. Priya says I will make you do so much hardwork. Ram says in this world only two girls are there who I loved. Priya says him bye and leaves. Ram says I have to cancel all my plans.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir home:

Nats asks Shipra to be fast as they have to catch the train. Shipra says did u check everything. Sudhir says yes. Just then door bell rings, Nats opens the door and it is Ayesha. She came in, asks Shipra are you people are going somewhere. Nats says we are getting late. Shipra says we are going for Pihu’s birthday party. Ayesha says you will not be there for khush birthday. Nats says Khush birthday was in last month. Ayesha says khush can celebrate his birthday without you. She says I was not at that time when his birthday was there. so thought of celebrating it now. Ayesha taunts Nats that she doesnt have any children. She emotionally blackmails them. Shipra agrees to stay back. Ayesha asks Nats to inform Soumya that they are not going to Jaipur as she is not having a car so she would be waiting for her.
Sudhir asks Nats to inform Soumya. Nats in a bad mood calls and inform Soumya about it. Soumya says she is doing this knowingly. Nats says no, Suddenly she is loving khush, Jaipur plan is cancelled. Soumya asks Nats to come here and we will do something for khush.

Nats taunts Ayesha that she is here till now. Why dont you go and plan your son’s birthday party.
Nats says you stole your sister’s husband, and my brother’s property and this is my house. you did this to make Priya sad. This is my house, I have not thrown you out till now. I have my own identity. you are blo*dy zero. you are not a celebrity. your life is emptied. you are lonely, I feel sorry for you.
Ayesha gets angry and leaves. Nats says Natasha kapoor sharma.

Scene Shifts to Ram house Jaipur:

Pihu asks Priya to start the Tv. Priya says when Papa comes then we three will watch TV together, cartoon. Pihu says let me watch tv for 5 mins. Priya says let papa come. Ram comes and says papa came. Pihu complains Ram that mama didnt allow me to watch TV. Pihu asks where are we celebrating the birthday party. Ram says we are celebrating your birthday party at home. Papa and mama thought of decorating the house for you, cooks the food, play the music for you. we will do everything. Pihu says this is a rockstar idea. Ram asks who you want to invite? Pihu says can I invite my teachers? Ram replies yes, we shall make a list after sometime. Priya says did I said right? Ram says you are right and I was wrong. He asks Pihu to say mama is always right. Priya ask her to stop. Ram laughs. The screen freezes on Priya, Ram and Pihu smile, and their happy family.

Ram and Priya comes to Pihu’s room and sings A very Happy Birthday to Pihu. Pihu smiles and says let me sleep naa. Then Ram and Priya gives her a bouquet of flowers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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