Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mona seeing Suhani on the road and asking her how is she. Suhani asks why is she here. Mona says she is happy about her pregnancy and says asks her to take care, else Priya will be angry on her. Suhani informs that Priya’s boss is Ram and hopes Priya does not come for 2-3 days more. Mona thinks she should ask about Sam and Pihu, but does not. She asks her to take care of herself and goes.

Priaya is traveling in a car. She remembers how Pihu misbehaved with her and is angry on her. She even remembers her time spent with Ram. She thinks she does not want to trouble Mr. Kapoor more by going back to his house. She calls her Ram’s office. His office staff picks the call asks if she came back from Mumbai and if Ram didn’t troube her much. Priya

asks if Ram came back to office. Staff says yes.

Pihu is walking on the road. Sam stops her and says she is making him made. He informs he could not love Pihu because of her. He sees her everywhere, why can’t he forget her. Suhani asks him go to doctor. Sam holds Suhani’s hands and asks why can’t he forget her. Suhani asks her to leave her hands. Khush gets down from an auto and comes to Suhani’s rescue. Khush and Sam starts fighting on the road. Public come and stop them. Suhani slaps Sam and says she is safe as she got out of his life on time. She says she would have suffered as Pihu is suffering. She says her child’s father is Khush’s, not him. She says she is ashamed of herself that she let him come near her. She says she hates him and loves Khush, he is the love her life and father of her child. She asks Sam to stay away from them. She holds Khush’s hand and goes from there. Sam watches them going astonishingly.
Kady sees Sammy coming home. She thinks Sammy and Pihu should be in Kashmir for their honeymoon. She calls Pihu who says Kashmir’s weather is not good. Kady says Sammy is here in mumbai. Pihu cuts the calls. She the calls travel agent and asks to book Mumbai’s ticket.

Khush and Suhani reach their home. Khush is angry that Sammy is doing wrong, though he is from very good upbringing. Suhani tries to console him and asks him to apply medicine to his wounds. She applies medicine on Khush’s wounds. Her tears fall on his hand. She asks if she is crying for Sammy and says Sammy does not care for her. She says she sacrificed for her kid’s sake and though Priya and Ram would be happy. Sammy cannot decide what he wants, he is confused. He runs behind things which he cannot have. She does not know what he needs. Khush asks her if she wants to reunite with Sammy, he will help her. Suhani says she is hurt listening his words. People for whom she sacrificed for are not happy. What will Priya think if she gets to know that she is not happy. Khush says he will not let Priya hurt from today.

Rajath is thinking about meeting Priya instead of calling her. Daijaa brings coffee for him and asks him to call her. He says he wants to meet her personally than calling her and surprise her. He says last time things were awkward between them. Priya called her once, but he didn’t pick the call. Daijaa says he is is betting all his money to keep Priya happy, he should call her at least. He calls her but she does not pick the call. Daijaa asks him to meet her personally. He agrees and goes.

Priya comes to office. Staff gets happy and say they are happy seeing her. They ask if boss troubled her. She says he didn’t and asks where is the boss. They say he is in cabin. She leaves from there. Staff think boss must have troubled her, so she is looking tensed. Priya comes to her cabin and she has to take a decision for Pihu’s sake. She knows Mr. Kapoor will try to stop her, but she should not change her decision.

Priya comes to Ram’s cabin and does not see him. She keeps her resignation letter on his table and goes from there. Ram sees her resignation letter and gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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