Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kapoor family crying for Ram and Priya. Next scene shows the scenes before 8 hours. Ram meets his friend Shekhar at the airport and introduces him to his family. Ram enquires about his whereabouts. Shekhar says he returned few days ago. Ram asks him about his girlfriend. Shekhar asks him about his business and Vikram. Ram says vikram married Neha and have three kids. Ram says are you angry that I didn’t attend your marriage. Shekhar informs him that her girlfriend didn’t come to their own wedding, he just waited for her in the mandap and she just disappeared. He says 10 years have passed and she didn’t tried to contact him even once. Pihu feels thirstly and Priya goes to get a water for her. Shekhar says he didn’t think of his life like this.

They remember the old past days in the flashback. Ram jokes that his girlfriend is the best and it was none other than food. Shekhar and Vikram laughs. Shekhar says he will marry only padma. Ram says he will not marry and earn money. Flashback ends. Ram tells him that he got married. Shekhar says you are a lucky man. Ram asks didn’t you get anyone else. Shekhar says but Padma was Padma yaar.

Pihu’s teddy falls on the ground, Pihu asks some lady to give her teddy back. That lady didn’t respond to her. Priya says she will give her teddy. Some other lady comes and asks her to take the coffee. She asks her to take her complete name PadmaLakshmi. It seems she is Shekhar’s girlfriend. Priya looks at this arrogant lady. Pihu asks Priya about the sun signs. Priya says it will be a happy day and things will change and good will happen to them. Pihu asks her whether sunsign is good. Ram tells Priya not to teach Pihu about such things as weak people believe such things and he don’t want her girl to become weak. Ram gives her chocolates. Priya asks him not to give her any more chocolates as unhealthy habits have to be taken care of. Priya says if she eats now then.. she will be like. Ram thinks she is talking about his weight. Priya says she didn’t mean that. Priya says she is her daughter and she will love her unconditionally. Ram and Priya fights over these petty things and they tells to each other that they dont want to talk to each other. Pihu asks them to talk or else she will not talk to them while the music plays in the BG.

Some lady seems distressed and Ram tries to help her. Ram says her name but she says she is Miss Bhalla. Her husband comes and says she suffers from memory loss. She acts as if she is a teenager and asks him to stay away as her father will not like him around. Her husband says we are married now and we are going to Singapore now. Ram looks at the couple happily. Her husband handles her well and says he will always be with her.

Some old lady starts coughing, other lady who is sitting there helps her with the water. But she didn’t want to take her help. Her husband asks her about her name. She says she is their son’s girlfriend whom they have rejected without seeing her. She says you have rejected me by seeing my name. Her husband says your son values you that’s why respected your decision.

The annoucement was made at the airport that the flight to Singapore will be late by 1 hour because of the bad weather. Ram takes a quick nap and starts snoring.. Priya looks at him and remembers the flashback when she didn’t get sleep when he used to snore much. She and Ram had a light moment. Ram says sometimes you kick me while sleeping, they laughs while the BALH song plays in the BG. Flashback ends. Pihu asks Priya whether you are getting sleep. Priya says no. I am not getting sleep. Pihu wakes up Ram, Priya says I didn’t wake you. Ram sleeps again. Now the scene comes back to present, where Neha is crying and asking Vikram to call.

who was equally shocked and says daily 20 flights go to Singapore and it may be not that flight. Neha and Vikram learns from the news that they are trying to find the exact location of the crash. Next scene shows Ram and Priya lying at the crash spot injured and unconscious, but Pihu was nowhere seen. The screen splits into two with injured Ram and Priya.

Vikram, Neha and Kapoor family comes to the airport to get any information about Ram, Priya and Pihu. They were informed that survival chances are very low even if the crash happened in the jungle and they can’t say anything. They all gets tensed. .

Update Credit to: Amena

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