Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th January 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Sudhir telling everyone that it was Ram’s plan that first he will buy the house and then got that man arrested and he named the house in my name. Priya teary eyed looked at Ram with loss of words. Sudhir says I dont know how to thank you Ram. It was a big task. I am a self made and want to return the money. Ram says pls do return it. You are a father figure for me. Priya came to my home, and she took care of me very well, because of her my mom is in my life now and she takes care of my daughter well too. Priya did so much for me then cant I do this much for her. And you are forgetting for the last five years when Priya was not here, I was dependent on me. I share everything with you. Cant I do this much for you. He tells Sudhir. Priya cries. Rajat says Ram bought the house. you didnt allow him to pay the loan. but he paid the big saying so Rajat leaves and so does sudhir. Priya silently cries and looks at Ram lovingly. both of them are at loss of words and Bade Acche Lagte Hain song Playing in the Background.

Rajat in the car ask some Suraj to book a ticket for his return to Dubai for tomorrow. he says I will return after finishing some work here.

Scene Shifts to the Party venue:
I think Rishabh is receiving the guest. then Mamaji tries to flirt with some ladies.He self thought why ladies look upto him and leaves. Neha says Natasha made me mumtaj, Priya tells Neha that you are looking beautiful just like a bride. Neha compliments Priya that she is looking as Waheeda Rahman. Priya feels sad and says I talked with Ram very badly, feeling miserable.. I should have say sorry. Neha says he will come soon and make sure say sorry.

Shipra says to Sudhir that drink is not allowed to you. Sudhir says this is a cocktail party and its allowed.She says you cant take drink as parents cant drink as so many functions have to be performed.
Shipra says this is a punjabi marriage and it happens. and they talk about someone marriage. Neha and Priya looks at them. Neha says you are talking about which daughter and Sudhir says I am talking about you because I am doing a kanyadaan. you have to call me Papa now. Priya says We are sisters now.
Neha hugs both Sudhir and Shipra. They share a laugh. Sudhir says this time your relation with Vikram will be very strong and it cant be broken by anybody. Priya excuses herself and says I will go and say sorry to Ram. Neha wishes her goodluck. Shipra too leaves. Neha says to Sudhir that you dont have to worry for Priya too, you have to do kanyadaan for Priya too soon. Sudhir says I dont know how to react, Ayesha will feel bad.but she is my daughter.I too will feel bad. Neha says family will be happy when two people who loved each other will be together just like Ram and Priya.
Neha looks at her kids and they share a good talk. Rahul says he wanted to take Pictures, and says we are creating history. Neha feels shy. Rahul says on one side of the wall we will keep your old wedding Pics and on the other we will keep new wedding Pics. Neha says this is really embarassing. just then Vikram gets down the stairs throwing flying kisses on Neha. Neha feels shy and throw the return kiss. In the Background Music is playing Baharon phool barsawo mera mehboob aaya hain. Vikram asks where are you going getting ready.

Neha says to Vikram it is really embarassing and kids are making fun. She says getting married again is like a joke. Vikram says I am in a good mood. I am getting married today and feeling on top of the world. he says party is looking boring. They go towards Rahul and Rahul ask the DJ to play some retro music as it is my mom and dad wedding. Priya searches for Ram with her eyes.Then Ram walks down the stairs looking at Priya. Bade Acche Lagte Hain song playing in the Background. Ram greets the guests. Priya stares at Ram lovingly, Ram too looks at her smilingly. Priya goes near Ram.Some ladies says music will be playing, 60′s and 80′s songs.

Vikram and Neha dance to the tune of Pyaar hua Ikraar hua hain. everybody enjoying with a smile.Priya standing beside Ram is smiling hearing the song. Neha kids smiling. Rahul comes and dance with his parents.

Ram’s hand incidently touches Priya’s hand and they eyelock. Song ends and Priya leaves. Ram follows her.Just then Ayesha hold Ram and sing tere dil me 50 something song. Ayesha asks Ram how am i looking and says my make up was done by saudamini. Ram excuses himself. Natasha, Soumya and Rishabh takes her to the dance floor, while the song is playing bhooli surat dil ke chote naam bade aur darshan chote. Everybody enjoys. Ayesha says top it. Natasha says why are you getting angry. you looks like a … then Ayesha says Naagin. Natasha says you look like your friend saudamini. Some one says to Ayesha that your calling you to the washroom. Ayesha leaves. Then someone says to Ram that your wife is calling you upstairs. Ram reaches there. it was a dark room and it seems Priya was standing near the window and bade acche lagte hain music playing in the background. The screen freezes on Ram smile.

Ram holds Priya from back sideand Priya takes his hand and put on her waist.

Update Credit to: Amena

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