Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Nutz is talking on phone ..about some designs..! Theres a doorbell ring and its Pihu..! She asks her whats up? Pihu rues that everytime she thinks all is well gets messed.. all is coz of Suhani! She swears .. that wont spare Suhani..! Nutz says.. Priya said that Suhani is very happy with Kush. .then why is she in touch with Sam? Pihu rues that ur in touch with Priya? She left me for Suhani .. great.. go support her.. i will handle it all on my own..! Mom left me.. now u leave me too .. u all are the same.. all of u care only for Suhani! Nutz screams on her n says..calm down.. sometimes listen to elders..! Nutz says.. talking to Priya doesnt mean i side with her..! Tell me what did Suhani do? Pihu says.. about Valentine Party and how Sammy went to the

bar and was drinking..! He ended up imagining Suhani .. n followed some stranger..! Pihu rues that its so embarassing..! Nutz says that when a boy gets out of a relationship ..they over react! Pihu says.. boys not hubbies! Nutz says.. u were Sammys bestie.. before marriage.. now.. he needs one.. so ! Nutz says.. love u ..n wont give u wrong advice.. just be supportive..!

Sammy is driving a bike and notices.. Suhani feed Kush golgappas..! He fumes that.. after ruining my Valentines.. u are having fun. .wont spare u ..! Sammy almost rams down Suhani-Kush .. ! Kush feeds her water..! Sammy rues that Kush’s baby saved ur life Suhani .else cheaters like u .. dun deserve to live.! He drives off..!

Pihu comes home n finds Sammy on bed.. he asks where did u go suddenly? Pihu says.. why would u care.. u found ur Suhani..! Sammy says.. she wasnt Suhani ..! Pihu says .. good.. or she wont be alive! Sammy asks u hate her? Have surprise for u ..! Pihu says.. ur drunk so talking of surprises.. or wont remember it next day morning! Sammy says.. will prove u..that i love u..! Wont break ur trust..! Pihu hugs Sammy!

Priya is setting her clothes. .n Suhani asks back so early? Priya says.. boss gave off .. coz of valentines day! Suhani says..guess ur boss understands value of love..! Suhani asks if her boss wished her? Priya says no..! She says.. din get chance..and bosses dun wish employees! Suhani says.. u do crib about ur boss but defend him a lot! Priya asks how was ur Valentines day? Suhani says great.. he has gone to get ice cream ..! Priya says.. thats called caring! Priya asks Suhani if she misses Sammy? Suhani falls quiet..! There is doorbell ring and Suhani goes to check..!

Next day morning… Suhani gives her the file n Priya rues that becoming more forgetful by the day..! Suhani says its ok! Nutz comes…and Priya asks why she din tell ..she was gonna come? Nutz asks.. why cant come unannounced..? Priya asks whats up? Suhani leaves from there! Nutz asks why dun u return home? Priya asks whats the matter? Nutz says.. Pihu is out of control ..! Priya asks whats the matter? Nutz talks about Sammy – Pihu – Suhani ..! Suhani over hears..! Priya says.. she knew it.. she had predicted it all ..! Priya rues that ..she is the one in pain .seeing her daughter in pain..! Suhani comes.. n offers tea. but Nutz leaves in a hurry..!

Part 2

Caddy calls Nutz n asks Nutz if all is well? Nutz says all is well..! Caddy asks why she went there? Nutz says all is well ..! Caddy says.. wanted to meet u . .n Nutz says come to office..! She wonders if she should tell Caddy about Sammy-Pihu! Caddy wonders how she will tell Nutz about Ram and the mystery woman! Ram is on the phone and says.. u know her.. i cant convince her..! Priya thinks of telling Ram .. but thinks it wuld spoils things more.. so keeps mum! Ram says there is a problem.. WE have to go to delhi! Priya asks who we? Ram says u and me! Priya says.. we were WE . now u separated u and me..! Ram says.. told the person ..but he wont agree.. now tell him …n gives phone to Priya..! Priya is talking on phone.. n says.. uncle ji .. what is the issue? The uncle says based on ur assurance .. told my son . .but he is not agreeing.. now come.. with ur boss! Priya resists but he insists. n Priya relents! Ram asks what happened? Priya says.. will come! Ram says so have to tolerate u..! He asks her to go pack n will send driver! Priya says will manage n gives file to check n leaves..! Ram says now its gonna be fun..!

Part 3

Priya rues that she doesnt like to go to sudden trips! Suhani suggests to make excuse..! Priya says not going alone.. there are others..! Suhani asks if she is sure? Priya says yes..! She thanks Suhani..! Vikram tells Ram that there is something fishy .. u r not telling me anything..! Vikram asks.. is there someone with u? Ram says there is someone! Vikram says.. u r making me suspect u .. whats going no? Ram says.. leave.. will talk to u on phone.. have a flight to catch! Vikram walks off..!

Ram decides to make the trip .. more special than Aus trip! Priya rues that was going to airport on my own ..but boss trapped me with driver offer..! Suhani tells her ..about her food. .clothes.. n Priya asks her to go.. n assures to take care! The car comes n its Ram in driver seat n Priya covers the window n stammers.. n asks Suhani to go inside..! She says.. wanna see u reach home first.. n then will enter car..! Suhani is confused.. n Priya says all is good u leave..! Suhani turns to leave. .n Priya gets in the car..! Suhani turns to tell Priya about meds and finds Priya n Ram in the car! Priya asks.. u told me driver will come. .why r u here? Ram says his car broke down so! Suhani is surprised to see Ram but prays for RaYa union …!!

Precap — Ram asks Priya if she has not told everyone that he is her new boss? Priya asks as if he has told everyone ..she is his employee? Ram says yes..have! Priya says.. then lemme call Pihu n ask if she is ok with us going to Delhi together? Ram asks to cut the call n says.. yes havent told anyone! Priya says.. see u cant win against me! Ram says .. my time will come! Priya says.. well till the look forward..on the road!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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