Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya recalling the accident as she faces the camera lights. She says she is feeling like fainting. Khush takes Priya to her home and asks her to rest. Suhani tells Pihu that Priya was stressed as you all have overstressed her. Sammy says she is with her family and friends. Pihu says we were just taking pics with her. Suhani says she is a patient and she needs time to recover. Khush says she will take some time to recover. Pihu leaves angrily. Sammy follows her. Pihu tells him that why she is deciding everything about her mom. Sammy says she is doing for your mom and asks her to calm down.

Ram eats the apple in the night. Priya wakes up. Ram says he eats apple. Priya asks, who changed her clothes? Ram says I changed it while closing my eyes.

Ram tells her that he changed her clothes before also and she was very shy then. Ram says he will sit on the sofa to make her uncomfortable. Priya says you might be thinking something. Ram swears that he is not thinking anything and says he is ok as she is with him. Ram is about to put the nosal strip but Priya says please don’t put it and says she will like his snoring. She says she don’t want to sleep anymore while the song BALH plays in the BG. Priya hears his snoring and smiles.

Shipra calls Ram and invites them for the lunch. Sudhir says it looks like their life started again. Shipra says it is their turn to take care of Priya.

Khush tells Mayra that they shall take Mom to some farm house instead of nana and nani’s house. Raunaq comes and asks Shipra to make some other recipe. He shows the recipe. Shipra praises her punjabi dishes and compares the recipe with her dishes. She forcibly makes Raunaq taste the dish.

Pihu asks Ram to take Priya in the car while they will come in another car. Pari and Mayra tells that their parents are the best.

Ram and Priya comes to the sharma house. One of the neighbour identifies her and tells her that her grand daughter had a baby. Priya asks Ram to carry the old lady’s bags. They get in the lift. Priya looks at Ram while the lift stops midway. She blames Ram as whenever he came to the building, this lift stops. Ram is surprised to hears that she remember this.Old lady leaves saying Priya should get a param veer Chakar for living with Ram.

Ram and Priya comes to the Sharma house. Sudhir asks Ram, why Priya is smiling. While Priya is looking at the house. Priya picks Ram’s number and the other person asks for money. Ram asks Mayra to call him here. Priya says sorry for picking his call. Ram says you can pick any of my calls. Naina is talking to Pihu. Pihu invites Juhi to the Sharma house. Juhi says she can’t have as she has some work. Priya comes and asks Pihu, she is talking to whom. Pihu says she is taking to naina. Priya takes the call and invites her. She says that she was told that she took care of her home and children. She wants to thanks her and invites her to the sharma home. Juhi says she will try.

Shipra tells Juhi that one has to fight to get back to life. She says as Priya came back. She don’t want her to face any trouble. She says Ram was about to marry you for your daughter but the situations are not same either.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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