Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Priya feeling restless in the night. After a long wait, Ram comes and says he was in busy. He says you didn’t responded to my call. Ram looks at the luggage bag and says are we going somewhere? Priya says he planned a surprise for her and not letting her. Ram thinks did Priya knew everything. Ram says we will go near and not far. Priya says she planned to go far alone. She says she can take her decisions and wants to be independent. She says she has decided not to be dependent on him so she is going far. She says you can stay with whoever you want. she says I am going to my mummy papa’s home. Ram doesn’t understand. Priya asks Ram to invite Isha here. Ram says he dont like this joke. Priya says you likes to spend time with her. she says she is mad

and all this is disgusting. Ram says why are you saying all this. Ram says you really think I and Isha? I cant think of this, it is very cheap thinking. Priya says you are doing this. She scolds him that he is spending time with Isha. She fights with him. Ram tries to make her understand but she is in no mood to listen.

Ram says without talking to me, you have decided that I am lying. She says you lied to me today. You spend a day with Isha. He says yes but it is something other. Priya says for her his lie matter.She says since her arrival you are lieing to me Mr. Kapoor. Priya says he is making her fool. Ram tries to reason her but she doesn’t listen and says you like Isha because she is independent.

She says you want me to become like her so it is better if I go to become independent and ask her to come here at my place. Ram asks her to stop it and it is not good to be hyper for baby. Priya says do you really care Mr. Kapoor. You think of this baby as a mistake. you dont need this child. you told this to Vikram. She says dont tell that I am wrong. Ram says she is thinking wrong. She says how could you say that. you could not say that. Our child is not a mistake. she says whatever makes you happy do that but dont ever say that the kid is a mistakes. She begins crying. She says your life’s mistake is not this kid but marrying me and my mistake is marrying you. Ram says enough is enough. I would not tolerate that. He says he can bear anything but how could you think our marriage is a mistake, our kid is a mistake. He says if you want, just get out. I dont want to stop you.

Pihu comes there and asks mumma are you going somewhere. Pihu asks Ram to tell where is mumma going with the luggage. Pihu continuously asks where is mumma going.

Vikram Home:

Rahul asks for the laptop. Neha says she send it for servicing because of Virus. Rahul says ok, I will use papa’s laptop. Neha says it is also send for servicing. Rahul says his friends are coming and they need a laptop for playing music. Neha asks him to go outdoor and enjoy. She says you are looking pale beta. She asks how many friends are coming and says she will prepare anything. Rahul says please mom next time asks me before touching my things.

Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu says She will also go with mumma. Ram says mumma is not going anywhere, she is going to give the clothes for washing in laundry. Priya says yes. But Pihu says you are lieing, mumma is going because of papa. Priya and Ram promise her that they will not fight with each other. Pihu asks them to befriends each other. She says like she and Khush make up. She closes the door and asks them to befriends again. Ram says Pihu what is this joke. They asks her to open the door but Pihu says she will not open it. Priya says we are friends now, open the door, but Pihu says she wont open the door. Maa comes there and Priya says Pihu locked us. Maa asks Pihu to open the door. Priya says they will not fight now. Maa also supports Pihu. Ram says it is not like that. Maa says this door will be open when they stop their differences.

Vikram home:

Rahul and his friends are enjoying the cricket match at home. Neha says she will serves them Pasta. Cady asks Rahul to come with her. Rahul goes with her inside the room. She shows something on her back. Neha watches this and thinks how to stop them. Rahul asks her from where she has done the tattos and he appreciates its design. Rahul says he will also do the tattoo and Cady says it is a good idea. Rahul says but where? Neha is watching them surprisingly. Cady was about to kiss Rahul on his cheek but is interrupted by Neha shouts. Neha shouts pasta is ready. Cady asks what happens to your mom. Rahul says because of age. Neha serves them pasta.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is thinking about their conversation and on the other side Ram is also in thoughts.

Vikram home:

Neha tells Cady that she wants to talk something with her. She says Priya and her are close friends and she knew about her and Priya’s friendship. she asks whether Rahul treat her well? She says. Neha says she knows that they are close and good friends. Cady says it is not like that between us. Neha says there is a line which you should not cross or Rahul should not cross his limits. Neha says may be this would happen so that’s why she is telling this. If they were at a point to cross the limits then she could remember her words and stops herself. She says to concentrate on studies at this age. She says she is going to Rahul also. she says I hope you dont mind. Cady is standing silently sadly. Neha asks her not to cross the limits.

Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu asks Priya and Ram to have food from one plate. She asks Gopal kaka to keep the food in the room. Pihu closes the door and leaves.Ram thinks since two hour she didn’t have food, I knew that hormonal changes happen in pregnancy but it seems hormonal changes got in in her mind.If she is angry then what is the point in not having food, she is not taking care of the baby. Ram gives her sad looks. Priya also remembers the flashback when he fed her food and thinks I dont believe this, he is the same Mr. Kapoor who concnetrate on dinner when gone on a dinner date and not asking me to have food and he is not having any worry about the baby. She says she will not eat food. BALH song plays in the background and the episode ends on Priya sad face.

Ram asks her to have food. Priya says she is not hungry. Ram says he is not talking to her and rather talking to the small baby inside. He says chota baby tell your mummy that you are hungry and if you cant say then kick from your leg.

Update Credit to: Amena

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