Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram asking Vikram about his hand in Rishabh’s accident. Neha tries to interfere but Ram says it is between him and Vikram and says I had enough of this. He yells at him for his interference in everything. He says why you interfered in this. Rishabh asks did you finish your drama and says he understands everything. Ram says, didn’t you understand why Vikram planned your accident. Ram says he loves Vikram and he will do anything for him. He will support him whether he like it or not. Rishabh says he is the outsider here, so he will leave this house. He dont need anyone. Maa tries to stop him and Soumya too. He asks Soumya to stay with Bappa and Priya bhabhi as he is leaving alone. Ram feels bad. Priya tries to talk to him but he leaves. Priya tells

Neha that Ram always think her wrong and don’t want to talk to her. She says when she got married, she thought him as a matured guy but now she feels he is immature guy of 16 years. Neha asks her to leave this issue and says at this moment Ram doesn’t want to listen to anyone. She asks her to relax or else she will make plan with Pihu to calm them down.

Dadi asks Vikram to go, Maa tells him that Ram and Priya’s relationship is effecting because of their respective sister and brother. She tells him to do something to save their relation. Vikram says he don’t know what to do. Vikram says they will keep fighting if these issues pop again. He gets an idea and tells Dadi and Mama to help him in his plan. Neha comes there, Vikram asks her to sit as he have to go to book the tickets for Singapore.

Scene shifts to Priya and Pihu:

Pihu asks the driver to drives slowly. Priya asks Pihu where she is taking her. Pihu says she can’t tell her. Priya says then she will ask her Neha aunty. Priya calls her, and Neha says she is already there. Priya tells her that Ram didn’t even say bye to her before leaving and she didn’t told him about her trip. Priya says can’t we plan this girl’s trip some other time. Neha says think about me naa, I want to spend sometime with you. Neha says she talked with everyone and everyone is fine with their trip. Neha asks her to collect the ticket from some Richard. Neha pretends to be inside the airport but actually she is at her home. After cancelling the call, Neha tells that her plan is successful. Vikram says it is his plan. Ram calls Vikram, Vikram says he is at the airport and is waiting for him. Neha tells him to inform Dadi and Maa and switch off their phone. Vikram says Ram and Priya will be angry on him, Neha says everything will be fine after their Singapore trip.

Scene shifts to the Airport:

After reaching the airport, Priya calls Neha but she didn’t pick her call. Priya tells Pihu that they will check in and instructs her to be focussed while walking. Priya bumps into Ram, who is shocked to see them. Pihu informs him that they are going for a holiday. Ram says you didn’t tell me anything, Priya says it was Neha’s plan. Ram says why you are blaming Neha for everything. Pihu asks them to stop fighting or else they will miss the flight. Ram says ok, and asks them where they are going. Priya says she will manage. Priya comes to the counter and gets the ticket of Singapore. Pihu says she needs to go to the bathroom. Ram asks for the window seat, Priya exchange her seat with Ram. Priya asks the receptionalist to check about Neha and Ram asks to check about Vikram. Receptionalist says that they haven’t checked in. Ram and Priya gets to know about Vikram and Neha’s plan. Pihu asks for phone from Ram and calls bua. She informs her about her singapore trip.

Ram says Pihu is very excited about the trip so he will take Pihu to the singapore alone if Priya didn’t want to go. Priya says what you want to proof that I am a bad mother and you are a best father. Priya says Pihu will be bored with you. Priya takes her to the bathroom.

Scene shifts to Mamaji:

Mamaji gets a call and asks Rishabh to attend the call. Rishabh says nobody cares for him. Soumya tells Maa that Rishabh isn’t picking her calls since 6 hours. Dadi says since Shiny is there with him, he will take care of him.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Sudhir sees Natasha sitting alone sadly. She tells him that she is missing chotu.

Scene shifts to Vikram house:

Neha and Vikram switch on the Tv too. Neha says we shall go on a holiday like Ram and Priya.

Scene shifts to everyone:

Mamaji hears the news about the plane crashing before reaching the destination i.e, Singapore, (in which Ram and Priya was travelling along with Pihu). Sudhir and Natasha too are shocked. Maa, Dadi, Soumya, Rishabh, Vikram and Neha are shocked too. The episode ends on their shocked faces.

Neha cries and says what did we do Vikram. Vikram says it can’t be true as 20 flights go to Singapore daily. He is shocked too. Neha asks him to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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