Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Party Venue:
Episode starts with Lori sequence. everybody enjoying. Vikram asks Neha shall we go for a second honeymoon. Dadi comes and says them that true love will be like this and you should respect it. She says ours was like that, me and golu’s dadaji’s love.They take the blessings from her.
Ayesha getting ready in her bedroom and looking in the mirror.

Rahul comes upto Rahul and asks if u r angry on your parents now also. He says no Dada. Vikram says everybody does mistakes and so parents are. How much parents angry but the love in their hearts overcome their anger. Neha says how much u act stupid we have to love you. Rahul says love u Mom. Neha asks him to wear sherwani on their marriage. Rahul takes Pictures of Priya, Neha and family. Priya looks at Ram and Bade Acche lagte hain music playing in the background. Neha says Adult dont forgive easily.

Rahul says to everyone, Elders enjoyed the lori party, now we youngsters have to enjoy ourself. They decide on dumb charades. Soumya explains about how to play. Everybody sits down to play the game. Natasha got the first chit and she finger points towards Ayesha. Ayesha says what is the film which is inspired by me.

Natasha Enacts the film name, but nobody tries to tell the film name. then soumya says Nagin and Natasha says got it. Ayesha says do i look like Nagin. Natasha says yes you look like anaconda.
Next is Rishabh to enact and Vikram got it right immediately and says Neha yes boss. Neha says did i rule over you at home. he says yes. They all laugh.

Dadi asks Priya to do next, but Ayesha insists she will do it and starts enacting the film name and poinst towards Priya. Ram says khoobsurat. Ayesha nods no. Then Ram says ziddi.Ram keep on guessing and says maa, priya. Priya says I know. Film name is Main tulsi teri aangan ki. Everybody laughs.
Now it is Ram turn, he enacts. everybody guess but nobody can tell the correct film name. Ayesha guesses and says her name. Ram turns towards Priya and try to enacts, just then Priya phone bell rings. Priya moves from there. Ram was a bit disappointed. Priya answers the call and its Rajat. Rajat says How are you and she says I am fine yes. Then they talk about Neha-Vikram marriage preparation. Rajat asks about Pihu and Priya says She is trying to be nornal again. Rajat says I am very happy to hear that everything is going on fine in your life.

Mehta Office:
Priya says I need your help and its muted for us. Rajat says go to your papa and get the Papers, we will get it solved tomorrow itself. Priya says you already have so many favours on me. She says thankyou.
Next morning Rajat and Priya comes to that person with whom Priya’s father mortgaged his house. He says I cant do anything. Priya says we are returning you total money with interest. Mehta says then all you cant get your home but i sold your home to someone else. Priya says who. Mehta says Mr. Kapoor. He have done a payment too. Priya shocked while Rajat looks on.
Siddhant home:
Ayesha comes to Siddhant. Siddhant says why you came here, you have to keep eye on Ram and Priya, Ayesha says Kapoor Mansion is all of Mad people. They all talk about Ram, Priya, Neha and Vikram . I cant take it anymore.

Siddhant says oh my poor baby, but for our plan to work. you have to be there. Then light goes off. Ayesha says here light goes too. Sid says yes, I am siddhant kapoor, but I have to live here in this bad place. I am not made for this. this is not my destiny. I have to do something fast.
Then he says what is priya’s weakness.what is the thing with which she lost her temper. Ayesha says I came here to run from Priya and you are asking me about her. Then she says Priya weakness. He smiles.

Ram Office

Ram speaking to Vikram about the red row Party something. Just then Priya and Rajat comes in. Priya asks him when you said no to give me loan for my house, then why you bought that house? Ram says I want your father should live there always. Priya says no, you dont think like that. She continues you want to be great. your want to show the world how great, wealthy, power you have. If u wanted you can give me loan, but u didnt. I should have return you in 2-3 months, but if u do then u cant be great and I cant be depended on you. Ram says its not like that. Priya says did u think u did this for me or my family. You think good that me and my family will be depended on you.I might have failed as a wife and mother but i cant failed as a daughter, and I will not stay at your home. we will stay at some other place. She says you are only a businessman. You cant be a good son, good husband etc and only be a good business. Every relation comes after business for you.

Just then Sudhir enters and says No Priya, Ram is not a businessman and if he is then he is not a good businessman because for 800 sq ft flat he paid 5 times double the amount. this work cant be done by a son, father or husband. Priya says what you are saying. Priya teary eyed. Sudhir says when u came and told me that Ram said no to give you loan. I was shattered. then i meet that person who gave me loan. That person asks me to go from there. I told him that pls request and take some time from Mr. Mehta. He says your house is mortgaged, if u bought the money then also you cant get your home. Then he shows him the mortgaged papers. In this papers four clauses are very dangerous and if one of the installments are delayed, he can sell the house.
Sudhir says after knowing all this I went to Ram. and Ram says when he read the papers he understood something is wrong and thats why he didnt give you money. He bought the house and returned it back to me and got that Man arrested too. Screen freezes on Priya looking at Ram with tear in her eyes.

Precap: Ram bought the house and you didnt allow him to return the loan.but he return the big loan. Rajat leaves and so does Sudhir, While Priya looks at Ram lovingly and teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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