Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy consoling Pihu and says you love your mom and that’s why you were crying. He asks her to stop crying. Priya tells Ram that she met many people but didn’t recognise anyone except pihu. She says sorry to Ram. Ram takes it in the right spirit and says you are not remembering my bad habits. He says we are getting a second chance. I will take you on a date for a dinner so that she can know him. Priya looks at him. Priya says one thing is sure, I was happily married to you. Ram asks her to give her hand and says after many years of marriage, which husband gets a chance to hold his wife’s hands for the first time. He laughs. Priya smiles. Ram asks her to relax and says it is going to be very exciting. Priya says I hope so. Ram says don’t

take any tension. Priya thanks him.

Maa asks the kids not to bother Priya much. Suhani gifts Ganapati Bappa to Priya. She tells Priya that when you came here, you was a patient. But I talked with you all these years. I know you as Ram sir told me about you. She asks her to take care. Neha gets emotional to see Priya. Shipra tells Priya that she is Neha. Priya greets her hi. Neha cries. Cady consoles her.

Priya steps out of the hospital with her family and recalls the accident. She says she will not sit in the car. Pihu says we are with you, nothing will happen. Ram comes and asks her to hold his hand. He helps her sits in the car while the happy version of BALH plays in the BG.

Ram and Priya are in the car. Ram asks her to relax and says when we sat in the car after our marriage, we gave tissue papers to each other as you was crying and I was sweating. Ram tells her about their honeymoon outing and ferrari experience. Ram asks her to trust him. Priya gets scared because of the sudden break. Ram asks her to open the eyes while the BALH song plays.

Ram and Priya are on the road outside their home, Priya asks about the children’s there. Ram says it used to be park then but it is building there. Ram says it is strange you remember the park but not our home.

Meanwhile Juhi is packing her bags to leave Kapoor Mansion. Naina says she don’t want to go as this is her home. She says I am not going anywhere. Juhi gets Rajiv’s car and he teases her saying that he heard that Ram’s wife came out of coma. He says what if I tell Priya that you and Ram were in live in relation since 7 years. She is weak, what will happen. Rajiv says what will happen if Priya came to know that my daughter calls Dad to Ram. He cancels the call.

Soumya informs maa that Bappa and Bhabhi came home. Priya is welcomed in the house and she looks at the house. She sees their photos on the wall. Pihu too is happy with Priya’s arrival at home.

Priya enters her room and sees the childrens pictures with her on the wall. Ram recalls the past memories. Ram says those days I used to be busy and you used to take care of kids. Priya says that she is not there in the recent pics. Ram says he wants her to come downstairs to make new memories. Priya and Ram comes to the hall to click some pictures. Khush tells Sid to keep away from Priya angel as he is her bad memory. He asks her not to be in the pictures.

While everyone are sitting for the family photos. Sid says he have to go citing urgent work but Priya asks him to sit as they are taking the family pics. Maa asks Naina to sit for the pictures. Priya asks about her. Maa says she is Juhi’s daughter. Priya asks who is Juhi. Maa says she is your friend.

Ram is eating apple at the night. Priya wakes up and asks, who did changed her clothes?Ram says he did change. Priya gets shy. Ram says he closed his eyes while changing her clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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