Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Karthik saying his mum that Natasha can never become a mother.Jhanvi enters. He says Natasha is desperate for a child, and if you all behave like this, it will be a torture for her. He says even is she is childless, he will love her. Priya listens. He says he wants to see Natasha happy and he can’t see her in pain. He says Shilpa not to talk about this to Natasha. Just then, Jhanvi enters, Karthik is shocked. Priya introduces Jhanvi to her brother Karthik. She says Jhanvi’s bhai also lives in Singapore. Jhanvi says she will leave. Priya asks her to sit for sometime, but Jhanvi says I have to go. Jhanvi takes her baby and leaves. Karthik says I will go and see Natasha, and he leaves.

Scene shifts to Vikram:

Vikram calls for Neha, and she

comes in a cowboyish costume, and behaves like one. The scene is hilarious. Lol..
Vikram says what happened to you. She says don;t go far from me, you like such cowgirls. He says this is your imagination, and he says I don’t have any cowgirl Rosy. She says I have seen that film in your laptop. He says I did not see it. She says who is the other man in the house, they say Rahul!! Vikram says your son has grown up. LOL!!!! Congratulations.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya says Ram that you came early today, she shows her few files, and he says I want you to read it and go through it, and you should know what I know. She says why? Whats the need, she says why do you want me to do all this. He says, who has seen tomorrow, if I don’t be with you tomorrow. She says, why today. He says you have to go through it. She thinks why is he saying all this to me, maybe its his plan inspired by Isha, she thinks is Mr. Kapoor going to leave me, and thats why he is showing me business work. OMG..

Scene shifts to Karthik:

Karthik comes to Jhanvi and he says he did not want her to know all this. Jhanvi says she already know that Natasha is his wife. She says his family is so good, and you just don’t deserve them. He says sorry to her, she says I did not blame you for my brother’s death, why did you do this with me. She says she will never forgive him, and will not listen to him anymore. She says you are a murderer. He says stop it Jhanvi, I did not do it with a bad intention and did not do any planning. I genuinely wanted to help you, and wanted happened between us was real. And then, you called me India, remember.. I suggested you not to abort the child, have patience as I m coming there. He says he did not want any bad thing to happen with them. He says he did not have any other option. He says he loves Natasha a lot, but can never give her that space. He further adds that he don’t want to lose his child. Jhanvi slaps him, saying get out, and don’t come back in our lives. Jhanvi cries.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya asks the servant to clean up the house, else Mr. Kapoor will be annoyed. Ram’s mother asks whay are you worried, Priya says she is having some pain. His mum says not to work more, Priya says I get bored, and I get tired without working. His mum says since your classes are not there, thats why you are getting bored. She gives water to Priya. She asks is there any fight going on between you and Ram. She says don’t overthink, it will affect the child, and if you want to think, think good things. She asks her to call Ram and talk. She says she will call the doctor, Priya says I m fine, I don’t need the doctor.
Priya calls Ram, and he is so much busy that he does not see her call. Priya says I should have not called him, he does not care about me. He thinks he might be busy in some work. Priya gets irritated.

Ram sees his phone and realizes that he missed her call. He calls her back, Priya says I will also not receive your call. Even I m busy, she says stop calling. She says today I will not talk to you. Priya is feeling uneasy and thinks of calling Neha. She calls Neha.

Scene shifts to Ram:

Isha comes and meets Ram at the reception of a hospital. She says will you lose weight if you stand here. She jokes on him. She says I know its difficult to know all this, but I m with you, so you relax. The doctor explains what he will do, Ram gets tensed.
He says you will not even feel. Ram gets nervous. Isha says there is one more option. You go and do gym daily for two hours. The choice is yours. Ram says he is ready for the operation.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Doctor comes to check up Priya, and gives her few medicines. Neha goes to leave the doctor, and thanks her. Priya says I just called you, why did you call the doctor. It is not so serious. Neha asks why did you not tell everyone, Priya says Mum knows about it.
Neha asks did you call Ram. She says I called him, but he did not receive my call. Neha says are you both still fighting. Neha says Ram has given the bag to Isha. Priya says he gave it as a thankful gesture as Isha helped Ram with the family photo. Pihu comes and greets Neha.

Pihu calls Ram, and Isha picks up the call. Pihu says she wants to talk to Ram. Isha says he is somewhat busy, and he cannot talk. She says she will tell him to call Pihu. Pihu cuts the call.
Ram is tensed seeing the medicines and injections, the doctor asks him to rest, as he is giving him anesthesia. Ram is worried.

Pihu comes back and asks Priya how she is. Pihu says I called papa, but Isha aunty received the call as papa was busy. Priya is shocked.

Pihu says papa you have fought with Mum, and Mum is going because she is angry on Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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