Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shipra giving tea to Natasha. Karthik comes and asks his parents to explain Natasha. They say they are with Natasha. Shipra says you go from here, along with jhanvi and chotu. Karthik apologizes and says I love Natasha. Shipra says you have a relation with jhanvi also. Karthik says I will always love Natasha, no matter she forgives me or not. Natasha says I have forgiven you but I cannot stay with you. I will leave this house, so that you can live with your parents. Shipra says stop it, dont tell this again else I will slap you. We wont let you go from here. Natasha says I cannot make your son go far from you. Shipra says I told you that I will choose you always. Karthik says Natasha you have more right than me, you have won their hearts, you have more

right on them. I have loved you, now I respect you even more. I value your decision, I will go with jhanvi and chotu, you please take care.

Karthik leaves. Shipra hugs Natasha. Ram is talking to Vikram and Neha. Ram asks is Priya right and is Natasha taking the right decision. Neha says why are you and Priya fighting. Priya would have supported Natasha in every way. Vikram says Karthik is Priya’s brother, why will she break their marriage, she is just supporting Natasha, she loves her. Vikram asks Ram to understand Priya. Why is Ram blaming Priya for everything. Neha says even Ram feels she is right, she is pregnant and we cannot make her worry. Ram says yes, its my mistake, I will not talk with her, no stress and no tension. Ram leaves.

Pihu is with Mama ji. Mama ji does some timepass. Mama ji tries some perfumes. Pihu buys a doll. Mama ji asks for Pihu, he is stopped to pay for Pihu’s doll. Mama ji laughs and he is not having his wallet. He is tensed. He says I will go home and send you the money, I m not a thief, I’m Ram Kapoor’s Mama. He says I m not having money. The shopkeepers says we will ask you to do modelling in special clothes. They give him kid’s disney clothes.

Natasha comes to meet Dadi and Rishabh. Dadi says don’t cry now. Natasha says I missed you all. Soumya asks Natasha to have something. Soumya makes her eat. Natasha feels happy and eats. Natasha is disheartened. Soumya asks her to think again. Rishabh taunts Soumya. Dadi scolds Rishabh. Rishabh says whatever Natasha did was right. He indirectly tells it to Soumya. Natasha asks about Priya. Dadi says I have sent her to rest, she is unwell. Soumya leaves.

Priya comes downstairs and asks for Pihu. She gets Mama ji’s call and he tells her everything that happened in the shop because of Pihu. Priya says Pihu did this, how come. Mama ji says I m stuck here. Priya says wait there, I will send money by the driver. Priya tells it to Soumya. Pihu comes home. Priya asks them from there did they get the doll. Pihu says you were sleeping, so I did not wake you up. Priya says what you did was not right, this is not good. Pihu goes to meet Natasha. Pihu meets her and gives her the doll as Natasha is missing Chotu. Natasha and Priya gets happy. Pihu asks Natasha to keep the doll and smile. Natasha cries and thanks Pihu.

Pihu says she will always be with Natasha. Pihu says mumma now you can scold me. I took my piggy bank to the shop, Priya says this is not theft, I was not scolding you, I was just explaining you. I know you cannot do anything wrong. Pihu says sorry for everything. Priya says you made Natasha smile. Pihu hugs Natasha and goes to play. Natasha keeps the doll. Priya asks Natasha how she is. Natasha says how can I be, its tough after I took that decision. I did not know that I would do this. Natasha thanks Priya for understanding her. Natasha says Bhai did not understand me, but you are with me, so I m have courage. Priya wishes her that I m always there for you. Natasha says its because of me that Karthik’s parents are far from Karthik. Priya says don’t blame yourself, its Karthik’s mistake. Priya says my parents got you as a daughter and that house is yours. Natasha says I have cried a lot, I will not make anyone cry for me, its my promise. Priya asks Soumya not to cry as she will apologize to Rishabh. Soumya says you don’t worry about Rishabh.

Vikram and Neha come home. Neha praises Pihu for understanding Natasha’s pain. Neha and Vikram say its because of Priya. Dadi praises Ram and Priya. Rishabh comes and speaks against Ram and Priya. Ram’s mum asks Rishabh why he has changed. Rishabh says its not my mistake, everyone thinks I m wrong. Priya and Ram does not favor me. Are they right, Ram asks who tried to kill you. Rishabh says you gave the orders and Vikram tried to kill me. Ram asks Vikram about the accident.

Ram asks Priya about her plan. Priya says its Neha’s plan. Ram gets angry on Priya. Pihu asks them not to fight else they will miss the flight.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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