Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Sudhir feels bad that he couldnt pay the loan. Priya explains sudhir not to worry about home and they can live in a small house also. Sudhir feels bad that if this house was with him then it would be like a security for her & pihu. Priya says she is fine now. And again tells that she will sell the Dubai’s shop which rajat has gifted. But it takes some time to get. But she would ask ram to give the money now and later once they receive money from the shop they would return to ram. Later in sharma’s house, all decoration will be going on for neha’s marriage and everyone will be busy in those works. Shipra, neha and nats will be discussing about the works. Pihu comes to them and asks for priya. Shipra says she had gone out but not to worry she will be back in few minutes. Ayesha and soumya comes there with mehendi. Ayesha insults sudhir saying its so dusty in the house and should renovate their home now. Shipra gets hyper but sudhir stops her.

Ram in his office will be tasting all the foods and decides the menu. Ram gets a call from secretary that priya has come. Ram feels happy and sends the caters away. Priya comes there. Ram offers a coffee though priya denies. Priya thinks she cant take ram’s help but she should ask him for her father. Vikram comes there about some work and finds priya there. Vikram says he would leave but priya stops him. Priya slowly tells, I came here for help. I have some financial crisis. read full updates with pics only at So papa has taken a loan. He was paying well till now but now he couldnt. The owner has warned that if sudhir doesnt pays now he would own it. I shall pay u back once I sell the Dubai shop. Ram replies that he cant help her. Vikram shouts what are u saying ram. Ram says again, I am in some problem and I cannot give any money. Priya in tears says, its ok. I dint thought of coming here but I remembered only u. I am sorry. I shall leave now. Ram looks on upset. Priya leaves.

In kapoor mansion, soumya will be busy in the arrangements. Ayesha comes there. Soumya asks ayesha from where is she coming. Ayesha tells he went to pick up khush. But soumya clears ayesha that driver has brought khush and she herself has fed him just now. Ayesha yells at soumya why she is so doubtful about her. Soumya asks why a men’s perfume is smelling from her? Ayesha gets angry and scolds soumya for talking rubbish about her. Ayesha leaves angrily. Soumya doubts ayesha. Vikram asks why ram hasnt helped priya when she herself has come for help. Ram replies that he cant say the reason behind it.

Vikram & ram in sangeet, ram will be confident that priya will doesnt feel bad on morning’s issue. Sharma’s arrive there. Everyone will be enjoying except ram & priya. Priya recalls few incidents before and after their marriage. Ram comes to priya and thanks her for coming. Ram says, I am sorry for not giving money. Priya replies, I can understand. You have earned money then its your wish to give it to some one or not. Dont feel bad I dint bother it. Anyways I too was thinking to talk to u. Ram says to go ahead. Priya says, till now everything wasnt fine about pihu. She got stressed. I want to give pihu the same happy life when she was in Dubai. So I was thinking to go back to Dubai again. Sudhir over hears this. Ram gets shocked.

Priya’s lawyer tells someone has bought sharma’s house. Priya asks who is that. He relies its ram kapoor.

Update Credit to: Soujanya

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