Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram is about to go Priya’s room. Suhani stops him and says she wants to say something. She says Priya ma’m recovery is a miracle. She says she needs to discuss very important thing. She says it is unpredictable how a coma patient reacts after getting up. Sometimes they are normal and sometimes they behave strangely. She asks Ram to give time to Priya. Ram agrees.

Some lady comes and asks the receptionalist to call the doctor as her daughter is having fever. Pihu recalls Priya taking her to the hospital when she was five years old. She tells Sammy that mom took her to the hospital when she got unconscious. She had spend all her savings on her. Pihu says she is feeling shame on herself. She wants mom to come back. She says she is scared

too. If mom remember everything and what if she tells Dad. She tells Sammy that she is scared to face them. She cries.

Then it shows 1 week later. Ram is waiting in Priya’s ward. Suhani asks him to freshen up. Ram says he wants Priya to see him first. Suhani says she understands. She asks him to freshen up to look good.

Ram says ok, I will go and wash my face. Just then Priya gets consciousness and the stethoscope falls on the floor. Ram hears this and is about to rush to her. Suhani holds his hand to stop him. Priya opens her eyes and sees Ram. Ram comes to her. Priya tells him that she is having pain in her back. Ram tells Suhani to do something. He tells Priya that she will be fine. Suhani uplifts her bed. Priya says I am in the hospital. I had an accident naa. Ram says yes, but you are fine. Priya asks she is in the hospital since when? Priya thinks Ram is her doctor. Ram gets shocked. Suhani says that he is her husband and I am intern here. She says you was in coma since 7 years and your husband kept you on a life support system with the believe that you will be fine some day. Suhani says you will be alright soon. Suhani says you will remember everything. As Ram is about to go, Priya calls him. Ram wipes his tears and comes to her. Priya asks, you are my husband? Ram says yes. She asks about his name? Ram says Ram Kapoor. Priya takes his name and thanks him. She asks, do you love me? Ram asks how do you know this? Priya says it looks in your eyes. Priya says but I am sorry, I can’t remember. Ram says its ok.

Ram says it doesn’t matter if she don’t remember him. He says we have time. I will do everything to make you remember as I know everything. Don’t worry. Ram smiles.

Suhani informs the family that Priya got consciousness but she is not remember Ram and anyone of you. Neha asks,whether it is amnesia. Suhani says you have to be little patient and asks them to see her one by one. Sudhir comes and says you will remember slowly. He blesses her. Shipra comes and does her act of Miss Bhubaneshwar. She makes Priya smile. Priya says you are very sweet. All the family members meet her one by one. Ram is about to say sorry. Juhi says it was never meant to happen and they will think something about Naina. Ram thanks her.

Pari and mayra comes to Priya and argues with each other saying they are mom’s favourite. Priya recalls about Pihu and asks them about Pihu. Pari and Mayra says she is outside. We will call her.

Pihu enters hesitantly and scared. Priya signs if she is Pihu. Pihu nods. Priya gets tears in her eyes. Pihu too gets some tears. Priya asks, are you fine? She asks did you got hurt because of me. She says she was scared as she didn’t come to meet her. Pihu asks, do you remember that incident. Priya says she lost control over call and you fallen down from the car. She cries asking you are fine naa Pihu. Pihu asks her to rest. Priya says she is very tired.

Ram tells Suhani that he is blaming himself as Priya couldn’t remember him. He tells Suhani that before her accident he couldn’t spend time with her. He says if she is remembering Pihu that means she remembers our love as Pihu is the symbol of our love. Ram says I hope she remember our love.

After many years of marriage, which husband gets a chance to hold his wife’s hands for the first time. He laughs. Priya smiles. Ram asks her to relax and says it is going to be very exciting. Priya says I hope so. Ram says don’t take any tension. Priya thanks him.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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