Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2013 Written Update

Ram comes to Priya’s home. Vikram and Neha poured water on him. Then ask him to go and meet priya. Then he enter Priya’s home and tells her he wants to meet her father. Priya asks why is he sweating, he tells he got drenched. then she gives sudhir clothes for Ram to change. Meanwhile She iron his clothes and give him back to change. Ram feels shy, Priya says I am not interested in seeing you and thinks herself I think he thinks he is handsome and all gals look at him. Then she says to herself where must be papa. Then Ram comes out of the bathroom and while toweling his hairs, he smashed water on priya face.Then he holds priya’s hand, She asked him to leave it. He romantically wipe with the towel. while Bade Acche lagte Hain song on the background.

Ram talked with Sudhir that if u can see in any angle I will hurt any of your daughter but dont worry I will take Ayesha and Khush Responsibilty. I will give whatever she wants. He says I want priya back. Sudhir says he knows and I also know that you will take Ayesha’s responsibilty, but on every instance any of my daughter home gets shattered. Sudhir says what permission I shall give. Shipra says I am giving you permission as you both loved each other. you and Priya shall become one. you two have true loved. Give her whatever she deserves. Priya self thought what might be Ram talking to Sudhir. Priya comes and asks Shipra whether you made shagun list etc. Then Ram says I shall leave. Priya asks for a towel. Ram says I want to keep this. Bade Acche lagte hain song in the Background playing.

Rahul comes to Rajat office and asks if he can give him a job in his company. Rajat says I know you are studying now. I think it is early. Enjoy life and work will go now. Rahul says I want this job pls. Rajat ask him to relax. Rajat says I bailed you against your father wish. I cant go against Ram who is your father’s friend. Rahul says I will Forward my certificates and depend on that, you give me a job. I want to build my identity. Rajat agrees and hired him as an intern in his company.Rjat says you have to work hard and dont disappoint me.

Scene Shifts to Priya’s home:
Neha is searching her bangles and says I need traditional things.Natasha says I am designing your clothes naa so I will designing with head to toe, your jewellery, shoes, etc. Neha says but i will mine also naa. Soumya says Natasha why u r pulling her leg.
Neha’s kids says why are you taking these extra clothes. you are coming back. Soumya says your mummy will come back only after getting married and will come as a bride now. Neha explains that traditionally guy and girl cant stay at same place. I will come back after marriage.

Sudhir House:

Shipra asks where you went when Ram comes, you said you went to meet flower decorator but when I meet him he didnt say anything. Why u lied to Priya. Sudhir gives tensed look and leaves. then in the night he takes some files out and sees it with tensed face.

Kapoor Mansion:
Ayesha is sitting on the bed and thinking something while khush is sleeping. Ram comes and says i want to talk to u about us. Ayesha says pls talk light and can we talk in the morning as khush is sleeping.Ram leaves.

Sudhir house:

In the night Priya comes to the kitchen to drink water and sees papers on the table and reads it. Then Sudhir comes Priya asks you mortgaged this home and didnt tell me. Papa says last year because of my limitation, there was a no way out. how can I tell you. you was always in trouble sometimes about pihu’s, Ram or Pihu’s kidnapping. Priya asks what was the need that you took such a big step. Episode ends on Priya’s tensed face.

Priya comes to Ram Office and ask for a loan.She says she will sell her Dubai shop and repay his loan. it is just a matter of time. Ram says I am not able to give u money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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