Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Ram and Priya in the auto and then he asks the driver to leave them at the certain place. He does and Priya pays him money.

Scene shifts to Neha house:

Cady comes to Neha place and Neha asks did u come to meet Priya. She says yes. Neha says Priya went out and will be back. She invites her in and they sat on the sofa. Neha says I want to know did Rahul give you any gift on Valentine’s day. Cady changes the topic and asks Neha, Is she still using Garnier colour naturals. Neha says yes, you only have recommended it, remember during the karvachauth time. Cady says ya. Neha says Actually likes this colour on my hairs. Cady then sees the facewash, and asks are you using the facewash, Neha says it came free with the hair colour.


shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Saudamini says to Ayesha that it is true love that Ram returns to his first wife on Valentine’s day. Ayesha gives a not interested looks. She says Priya might be so happy naa. She did got Ram on V Day. Ayesha says what do u mean. They can make a good story. Mamaji comes there and make fun of saudamini views on Ram and Priya. Ayesha says did u do my work. Mamaji gives her some list, regarding the Property papers.Mamaji says it is in crores. Mamaji says her future is set. Saudamini reads the property papers. Ayesha says excellent Now I am the queen. Saudamini laughs and says queen without the king. Ayesha ask her to shut up.

Scene shifts to Rishabh in the car:

Rishabh gets a call from Ram and Rishabh informs him that Ayesha ia troubling him and make his life hell. She throws him out of the office. Ram says your shares are intact, I give her only my shares. Rishabh says I know you always protect us bhai. but ayesha is troubling us. Ram says I will talk to her.

Part 2:

Scene shifts to Neha’s house:

Priya comes to Neha place and Neha asks how was the interview. Priya says it was same as do happen in normal interviews. Neha says it is just a first interview. you will get a job soon. Neha says why dont you run a book cafe of Rajat. Priya says no I cant do that. I know Rajat sir did left the shop keys with you and he did so many favours on me. but I cant accept this one. Priya says if I take Rajat sir help then Ram will feel bad. I want to do something on my own. Neha says it is a very good thought and I hope you too dont have to struggle much. Door bells rings. Neha opens the door and its Ram. Priya asks what happened. He says I got a call from Rishabh and says everything to Priya.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Khush does his homework and rush to Ram’s room to show him his homework. He misses Ram. Soumya comes there and khush says Papa daily used to help me do my maths homework and now you will help me. I am missing my papa. Soumya says I will help you in homework and Rishabh chacha is there too naa. Then she says him that we will have noodles and they leaves.

Scene shifts to Neha’s house:

Door bells rings and it is Ayesha on the doorstep. Priya opens the door and Ayesha says Ram did call me here. Priya asks her to come in. Ayesha throws her tantrums and says Ram why did u invite me here. and say what you want to tell as I have so many appointments. Ayesha says I thought you call me here to talk about business. but what is Priya di doing here. When Priya was about to get up, Ram holds her and says will talk about business with Priya later, then he says my wife will stay here with me.

Part 3

Ram says to her that first you tell me what you know about business. Ayesha asks what you do you mean about that. Ram says I did give you only my shares. he says what is Rishabh, Soumya and Natasha is still theirs and why she is asking Rishabh to not come to office. Ayesha says as a chairperson, I have vito powers and I can cancel Rishabh’s deal, then it is ok. Ram says you are learning fast. Ram says My brother is capable, I dont worry about him, but take care of Dadi, maa at home. She says I have much to do.
Priya says to Ram that everything will be alright soon, just give some time. Ram says I hope so.
Ram looks tensed.

Scene Shifts to Sid’s house:

Ayesha comes to Sid house and he says my jaan what happened. She says my off is off because of your brother and my sister. She says they dont have anything but they looks happy as if they have everything. Sid says their story did ended. You just you, you and only you. He asks her did you bought Kapoor Industries Papers and she gives him the papers. He points out some clause on the papers and says talk with the lawyer and ask him to use the percentage points in your favour and you will be sole company owner and everybody will be your servant. He says it is called Power. Think about khush future. Ayesha says what is Khush present. and says why dont you come infront of everyone. we can handle the cases against you. He says still some time is there. Ayesha says will you accept me. He says I will accept you and marry you infront of everyone and asks her to trust him. She hugs him and he gives a villianous look.

Part 4:

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Shipra comes to Ayesha’s room and asks for her permission. Shipra confronts her for her actions against Ram and Priya. Shipra says how can you throw Ram and Priya out of their own house. Ayesha says you always wanted me to become rich naa. Shipra says but we never wanted this way. i wanted you to become rich on your own and not on Ram and Priya’s charity. Everything is their charity. Shipra says did we taught you all this. Did Priya taught you this thing. Ayesha lost her cool Priya di Priya di. I dont think that I did a mistake. I got whatever I deserve. I got what you, Papa and Priya di never be able to give me. Shipra says yes we are unable to give you. But remember one thing that love cant be bought with money and you will never get true love. Shipra leaves by saying so…. Ayesha looks on….

Scene Shifts to Neha’s house:

Priya is writing the book and says it looks like a dream that Mr. Kapoor, Pihu and me in this house. My life’s beautiful dream which I never thought to come true and because it came true I am sure that whatever will happen tomorrow will be good, how much difficult it will be, but we will face everything together. She says I know Mr. Kapoor will begin his life and will become successful. he is a winner. We will together did give Pihu the life which she deserve. She says now it is the time to turn the pages with the hope that next page will be happy too….. so long then. Bade Acche lagte Hain song plays in the Background and Priya thinks of happy times spent with Ram. Priya smiles.
The screen freezes on Priya’s happy and determined face……….

Priya asks Ram what secret have you plan for Pihu’s birthday Party. Ram says themed party. I work out eveything, just 50000 Rs. Priya says 50000. 1 min Mr. Kapoor. you will spend 50000 Rs on one birthday party. Ram says my daughter’s first birthday with me, so it must be special naa. Priya says I know that Pihu’s birthday is special for three of us because we will celebrate it together first time, but 50000. She says with great difficulty we did manage to sum up 200000 rs for Pihu, and now you will spend 50000 on one go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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