Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Karthik leaving from Jhanvi’s home. Ayesha bumps into him and asks him to show her to his son and bhabhi. Karthik asks her to stop and asks her why is she doing it. Ayesha asks him to get money from Ram or else she will tell any of his wives. She gives him 24 hours or he knows how is she. She leaves.
Karthik is shocked.

In the Car:

Neha and Priya on a shopping spree.Wow. Neha says it will be good. Priya says no. Neha asks him to do window shopping instead. Priya is sad and Neha asks her what happened. Neha gives her choices but Priya keeps on saying nahi nahi. Priya says even Ram is not wrong. Neha laughs saying she didnt took his name. Priya says because of the magazine and in the prenatal class, ladies keep on talking about husband

wandering ways and premarital affairs. Neha says our fatty is not like that. Ram says he is behaving strangely. Priya says yesterday she was looking good but Ram didn’t notice her and when in the morning she was normally serving breakfast, he told I am looking good. Neha says like Isha organising everything. Neha says she notice everything as she is a girl.

Neha says it is all because of Isha. She is a attention seeker. Priya is tensed. Neha says we shall go to some maternity store. They come to some store and Neha says fatty doesn’t cheat you and this thought will not come in his mind. Priya nods. She thinks pregnant lady feels like that and gets mad thinking their husbands will cheat.
Neha asks her did fatty saw your drooping face? Priya says she dont know what he sees or not so she cant say. Neha shows her Ram seeing hand bags in the mall. Priya is surprised to see him. Priya says but why is he buying the bag from this shop. she says last time he bought the bag for 50000 rupees. They laugh and leaves.

Sharma house:

Karthik thinks from where shall he will get the money? Natasha comes there and ask him what happened. She insists. Karthik says he loss 10- 20 lakhs in business and he will manage. He leaves but Natasha is in thoughts.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya comes and greets Ram. She says in the morning she didnt serve breakfast to him, so to make up she prepares so much dishes for him. Ram thinks what to select. Pihu comes there and says what you have brought for me? Priya says papa is tired and if he brought something, he will give you afterwards. Ram smiles seeing Priya speaking sweetly. Ram gives her the gift and Pihu thanks him.

Ram gets a call from Isha and she says she selected a bungalow and wants Ram to see it once as she dont know the price here. Ram informs Priya and says he will go and come.

Isha and Vikram come home. Priya welcomes them.She asks them to sit. Isha asks her where is he? Vikram says he went somewhere else and asks me to go instead. Isha informs her that deal was finalised and she have a home now. Priya congratulates her. Priya was about to call him, but Isha says she will call him and starts searching for her phone in her hand bag. When Priya asks from where did she brought the bag. Isha replies that it is given by Ram, because she did organise the photo shoot. Priya says how thoughtful. Isha says Ram knows about her liking for bags.

Priya gets an sms from Ram and she reads out that he will join for dinner late and asking me to organise the dinner. Vikram says he will leave as Neha would be waiting. Isha says she will also leave.

In the night, Priya opens the almirah and looks at the hand bag and hugs it and remembers the flashback scene where Ram gifts her the bag which he bought from America. When she asks him about its price, he said Rs. 50000. Priya says she will hesitate even to touch this expensive bag thinking it will get damage. she closes the almirah.

Ram gets a call from Natasha and she says she needs some money for Karthik as he had loss of Rs 10-20 lakhs in business. She says he will not accept money from her and he will not let you know. Ram says is there any difference in your or my money. I am sending the money in 30 mins. She thanks Ram.

Ram calls his employee Mr. Jaitley and asks him to tell the accountant to transfer 20 lakhs to my sister’s natasha account. Jaitley informs Ram that accountant died today because of heart ache. Ram says he didnt knew and the accountant was really old. Ram says if anything happens like this, then he should be informed. He asks Jaitley to transfer money to Natasha’s account.

Priya is dreaming that Ram is going away from her with Isha. She tells dont go Mr. Kapoor leaving me alone. Ram gets wake up and asks her what happened. Ram asks did you saw a bad dream? she nods. Ram asks what she saw in the dream. Priya says nothing.

Ram calls Vikram and informs him that Priya saw some bad dream. He tells may be Priya saw me dead in dreams. Ram is stressed that Priya didnt tell him anything. Ram says Priya might be concerned about her upcoming baby. Vikram says dont worry, they will take care of them. Ram says he loves Priya and he cant see her in this condition. Honestly she was in tension and I am really feeling we should not have planned this child and this child is a mistake. Priya listens to this and thinks why you said our baby was a mistake. Ram says I can go at any time. Vikram says dont worry much and says nothing will happen. Vikram keeps the phone down.

Ram comes back to bed and sees Priya sad. When he enquires, she says she is not fine and was stressed. She says she dont want to talk to him. Ram says what happened. She says she wants to say something but keeps mum and closes her eyes in sadness. Ram looks on.

Sharma house:

Shipra serves the parathas to Karthik. Someone rang the bell. Karthik gets up and open the door to find Ayesha there. She smiles leaving Karthik even more tensed.

She greets Karthik and asks Khush to do namaste to mamaji. khush greets Karthik. Khush greets all. Natasha asks Ayesha what she needs? She says she wants to talk to her something. she says she want a favour, can she take care of Khush for sometime as she have to go somewhere. She taunts her saying she is a childless. Shipra scolds her. Ayesha asks will you take care of Khush. Natasha says ofcourse. Ayesha taunts saying you will get motherly feeling from other’s kids. Sudhir asks Shipra not to talk to her and they gets inside the room. Ayesha turns and tells Karthik, if she wanted she can tell everything to everyone but this was just a trailor. So dont test my patience and get the money fast. She leaves. Karthik is angry and scared.

Natasha tells Khush whether she shall get Icecream for him. Khush says he is having stomach pain since yesterday. Natasha asks him whether her mumma didnt give him medicine. Khush says no. Natasha says she will show him to the doctor. She informs karthik and leaves.

Natasha and Khush sitting in the clinic and Jhanvi also comes there with her baby and sits beside khush.
Natasha and khush looks at her baby. They tell him cute. Baby starts crying and Jhanvi ask the receptionalist whether she can get inside immediately. Receptionalist declines but Natasha asks her to give Jhanvi her number. Natasha gets Karthik call and she smiles. Jhanvi sees the wallpaper of Karthik and Natasha in Natasha’s phone and is quite amazed and shocked. The Episode ends on her shocked face.

Priya tells Mamaji why you are troubling Isha. She says Isha is happily married. But Mamaji says he got all the info and she is recently divorced. Priya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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