Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram scolding Pia that Priya is suffering because of her and then he is suffering. He says he allowed Sammy marry her. He says she is his wife and though they are not living together, they love each other. She is the love of his life and goes from there.

Pia thinks at Priya at last fooled dad. She wants to come back to Kapoor mansion and bring in Suhani. She says she cannot let that happen.

Cady cries thinking about Ram and Priya. Rajath comes and says not to cry, he cannot see her like that. He says being with saas like Neha, she should get Paramveer chakra. She says she heard from childhood from Priya that Pihu is their gift of love and they are separating because of Pihu. Rajath says they love each other and they were staying

together because of Pihu. He promises to bring back Ram and Priya together as he also loves Priya. Cady praises Rajath for his unconditional love for Priya. She says though he loves her, he wants her to unite with her hushband.

Suhani thinks of talk to Khush. She says he wanted to know who is Priya’s boss and says Ram is Priya’s boss. Khush gets upset and says dad hurt her a lot and even there he would he hurting her. If he knew that, she would not have let Priya join Ram. Suhani says Priya was feeling low when she left work for 2 days, the reason was she was missing Ram than her work. Though she cribs a lot, she loves Ram and misses him. She says you would have noticed minor changes of Priya getting ready, etc. It was because of Ram. She says Priya’s true happiness is Ram. Khush says Priya’s happiness is Ram, but Ram’s happiness is something else. Ram went against Priya and hurt her for Pihu’s sake. Sunhai says let Priya take the decision. Khush says let them work, but he will test if she can stay with Ram or not. Suhani says Priya will go back to Ram and test will be positive.

Pihu is crying. Sammy comes. She hugs him and cries vigorously and says she loves him a lot. She says mom left me long ago and now dad is also going. She asks Sammy not to do with her like that. Sammy says he loves Suhani a lot even now and cannot forget her, he has to face this truth and decide to stay with Pihu or Suhani.

Rajath asks Vikram not to blame himself. He says he started this issue, everything was going well. He poured petrol on their issue. Rajath says he came to safeguard Priya. He says there are 2 phases of life, good and bad. Rajath says he is not seeing good. Rajath says he is blaming himself for everything. He says think what god did, he brought together Ram and Priya. Though they were miles apart, they are working together. Though they right, their hearts beat for each other. Ram didn’t tell his family about Priya. Their distance is making them come together. He says he is telling this as he thinks from heart. We should find reasons to get happy than being sad, it is the law of attraction. He says he would not have let Pihu there, it happened becuase of him. Rajath asks him to stop blaming, Ram and Priya will be back together. Vikram says he is supposed to be Ram’s bestfriend and how can he think Ram is having affair and he told this to Priya. Rajath asks him to not think and he will handle it.

Ram comes to Priya and asks her to rest. She says not to worry about her. He insists her to rest. Ram sleeps on chair before Priya could sleep. She also sleeps. Ram gets a call. He picks and says he will come to Mumbai now itself. He sees Priya sleeping and thinks he should not disturb her. He writes her a note stating he is going to Mumbai and asks her not to worry, he will sort out everything, he loves her and always will. He keeps the note near her bed and goes.

Pihu gets a call. She calls Sammy and does not find him. She thinks he would have gone to hotel restaurant and goes to search him.

Priya wakes up and does not find Ram in her room. Door bell rings. Housekeeping comes. Priya does not see Ram’s letter. Housekeeping staff removes the letter with newspaper. She tries to call Ram but he does not pick his call. She asks receptionist about Ram. Receptionist checks and says Ram checked out in the morning. Priya thinks Pihu would have created a problem, so Ram would have left.

Precap: PRiya thinks she cannot think of going back to the house and Ram’s life. Pihu has not changed a bit and would not like her to get back. Priya calls Ram’s office. His staff picks the call and asks Priya if she came back.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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