Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming back to the cabin and asks Ram what he is doing outside the window. Ram says, I am enjoying myself. Priya asks, why you want to commit suicide? She asks, do you have any problem at home? Are you missing me? We will sorted it out. Ram says, you tried to kill me as you closed the window. Ram accuses her for his condition. Priya says, this is the limit. Ram says, I can’t listen to your lecture. Priya says, we will fight later. Try to come back. Ram says, I can’t move as my legs are frozen. Priya asks, what do you mean? I will come there. She asks him to take small baby steps. Ram says I can’t move. Priya says, look at me. Ram says, don’t tell me that this is my last moment. Priya says, this might be your last chance to get me.

She cries and asks him to hold her hand. She says, I really miss you. Hold my hand and come back to me. If you want to fight with me then fight with me but don’t leave me. I need you beside me. Please come back to me.

Priya says, I really love you Ram. Please hold my hand like you held years back. BALH plays………………Priya says, I want to hear your heart beat. Want to hear my name from you. Can’t you give me a gift on the valentine’s day. I really love you. Ram slowly moves towards her. Pihu plays the radio. DJ tells special message is from Khush to Suhani. Pihu and Sammy hear it. Suhani smiles listening to the message. Sammy gets jealous. Suhani gives a flower to Khush and wishes Valentine Day.

Priya asks, you are fine naa? Ram thanks her. He says, I am happy that you admit that you love me and you really missed me. Priya says, shall we go. Ram says, I will do booking. Priya says, I will go to my home. Ram says, I thought you want to go somewhere with me. Priya says, I told it for the sake of moment. Ram says, so you didn’t mean it. Priya says, absolutely not. I didn’t forget that day when you let me go. You doesn’t care about me since six months. Ram says, so you tricked me? Priya says, I wanted to show your real picture of your ego. Ram says, smart very smart. I never ever going to believe you. Priya thinks I meant every word I said. I missed you very much. I want to listen from you. I love you………….

Saurabh and Riddhima are getting with their plan for the valentine party. Door bell rings and a person delivers the gift sent by Vikram. Vikram comes and greets Riddhima. Cady says, it was our plan. Vikram says, I called Cady and asked her to go home. Cady says, she is lying……Vikram says, I will leave for Ram’s office then. Cady asks him to organise the tickets. Riddhima thanks them. She says, we can’t go. Vikram says, we will enjoy tomorrow. Riddhima says, we have made memories trip. Shergill family video is shown to celebrate the Valentine Day.

Priya comes back home and thinks I lost the chance to spend time with Ram. She thinks Ram got angry. She thinks, you was looking cute while standing there. Ram thinks, you confessed that you love and missed me. Priya says, if you keep aside your ego and look at me then you look very good. Ram says, I am very happy that you have admit your feelings. Servant asks Ram to have dinner. Ram says, I will have dinner with everyone. Servant says, nobody is at home. Ram thinks to have dinner alone with Priya’s memories.

Pihu asks Natasha to say whether she used to talk to Priya or not. Natasha says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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