Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Vikram house:

Episode starts with Priya standing in the balcony staring at the clouds. Then she thinks of the flashback scenes where Ram is saying to count the stars. Ram comes there now and asks are you counting the stars. Priya asks did u remember that day on the beach. Ram says yes. it is not going to be easy. Priya says yes i know. Ram says dont know whether we will able to see the good days or the bad ones. Priya says I dont fear because we are together. Ram agrees. Priya says if we were married when we were 20 years old then now we could look back and look at our journey. They smiles. Priya says Can u imagine I came in your life when you was already The Mr. Ram Kapoor. Ram says now see your Ram Kapoor is in this condition. Priya says so what

you will again become The Mr. Ram Kapoor. Ram says If you was not with me then. Priya says why you are thinking like this. She says relationship’s beauty is not with standing on the destination together but with being together in reaching the destination. Ram says I am happy that you are with me in reaching the destination. I dont know how it will be but I promise you it will be lots of challenges and adventures. Priya says I am looking forward to it, because I knew however will be our journey but we will be with each other and we can hold each other. While they are saying all this cute music of BALH is playing in the Background. Ram says very rarely some people gets second chance and we are very very lucky to have got second chance. Priya says I know. whenever we will reach the destination we will be one. Again BG Song of BALH is playing….. They both stares at the stars smilingly. Priya says last time you cheated, yours that side mine this side. they laughs….

Meanwhile Pihu is arranging her toys on the bed and says I am happy that we will all sleep together. Priya says did u decide where you will sleep. Pihu asks Priya about the bedtime story. Priya ask her to ask Papa. he will tell you bedtime story today. They all sit on the bed.
Kapoor Mansion:

Soumya is worried that Ayesha is troubling them to shift their room. Rishabh says how can she is confidently saying about business. she dont know anything about it.

Part 2:

Rishabh says someone is there who is teaching her all this. Soumya says I will ask her what she is upto. Rishabh asks her to be quiet and alert and watch out her moves.

Vikram house:

Priya wakes up Ram in the morning. Ram says it seems good that our three had a good morning together. Neha is doing her household chores and Priya feels bad that she is doing this all alone. Neha pack her children’s tiffins and stuff. Ram comes there and she offers him aloo parathas. Rahul comes there and he ask for coffee. Priya says I will wake up Pihu and gets her ready for school. Neha comes there and gives her Pihu tiffin as well. They sit for the breakfast.

Pihu tells her friend that Papa, Pihu and Mumma will stay together. She tells them that Papa doesnt lie and he will be with me and mumma. Khush comes there and says Pihu you are looking happy today. He tells her that he is missing Papa and ask her to convey this to Papa. Meanwhile teacher comes there and Pihu says my Papa is staying with us from today. I am happy. We have become family no. 1. Teacher smiles. Then Pihu opens her lunch box.

Part 3:

Vikram house:

Someone comes to the Neha’s house to meet Ram. she asks them to come in. They asks you did give your everything to someone. they says we will do some business together. Ram says thankyou, but I will do on my own. Whatever business I want to do I will do on my own. Then he asks them to have tea prepared by his wife Priya. Neha offers to make pakodas. Neha and Priya head towards the kitchen and preparing the pakodas and tea. Rahul comes there and asks for his tshirt. Neha ask him to wear something else. Then Neha’s daughter comes there with some other issue. Priya thinks because we are living here Neha is burdened. I have to talk to Mr. Kapoor.

Part 4:
Cady house:

Rahul and Cady at Cady place. They hears some radio channel and discuss about the forthcoming sony serial khoobsurat and about some man ehsaas and Rahul gets jealous. Cady pulls his leg.

Kapoor Industries:

Rishabh comes to the office and tries to open his cabin door. When he fails to do so. Receptionalist sees this and asks Sir you are here. Rishabh asks is there is a problem in the system, my card is not swiping properly.She says system is alright, but today new cards are issued and your card is cancelled. She says Ayesha maa’m told that you went on a holiday and will not come to office that’s why. Ayesha comes there with some office staff behind her. Rishabh goes upto her and asks her listen. She ignores him and goes starightaway to her cabin. Some employee ask him to come someother time. Rishabh is disgusted and shocked.

On the Road:

Priya and Ram on the road standing and waiting for an auto. Priya says you ride in the car many times, now you ride on Priya ride. She says Priya ki ferrari. She says on the day of our marriage, I was not getting any vehicle so I literally in a lehenga took an auto so that I shall come on time and comes to the wedding venue. Ram laughs. She enacts how she stop the auto. And she sits down on the auto with Ram.
Auto driver ask Ram to sit in the middle as the balance of the auto is not balancing. he points out on Ram weight. He says ok. Priya then says I am seeing Neha since morning. She is getting busy with us. She have many responsibilities of her kids. she is discomfort. Ram says it is just a matter of time. I know. We will shift soon. Priya self thought, Our new journey is difficult for you, but after seeing your smile I knew that it will be good for us. The screen freezes on their smile.

Ayesha says to Ram that I thought you invited me to talk about business but what is Priya di doing here.
Priya about to get up. Ram holds her and says no need to go anywhere and tells her that my wife will be with me, I will talk about business with Priya later and questions Ayesha first you tell me what you know about business? Ayesha gives an arrogant expressions……

Update Credit to: Amena

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