Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu’s mehendi- sangeet ceremony. Everyone is very much happy. Neha asks Pari and Mayra to dance as it is Pihu’s mehendi. Everyone is dancing, Ram looks at Pihu while the sad music plays in the BG. Ram brings Pihu and says if Priya would have been fine then she would be very happy. She would have apply the mehendi and asks someone to write his name Ram on Priya hand, While the BALH song plays in the BG. Ram smiles looking at his name on Priya hand.

Mamaji dons the wig and starts flirting with the girls. Khush tells neha that mamaji got the role in the film. He says mamaji is taking everything from him. Neha tells him that something big will come in his way. Riddhima is seen applying mehendi on Pihu’s hands and Riddhima’s says that

Mandeep looks cute. Pihu agrees. Pari and mayra thinks they will write Sammy’s name on their hands. They looks for Naina. Ram comes and asks her, what is her problem. Naina tells him that you are like my father but not my Dad. Ram asks juhi, what happened to Naina. Juhi says she is feeling bad as Pihu is leaving after marriage. Ram is not convinced yet.

Pihu and Mandeep dances on some punjabi song, while some family members joins them. Mandeep’s dad gets a call and he tells something to Vikram. Pihu goes after him. Vikram and Mandeep’s father comes out and tells Rajiv to go. Rajiv shows them the visitation rights of the court and says he came to take his daughter. Naina comes and says she is ready to go with him as she don’t want Ram Dad to go through the troubles. Juhi comes and says you aren’t going anywhere. She tells him to meet him in court. Juhi asks Pihu to go inside. Pihu says she won’t go and will be with them. Vikram says this is not done and asks Rajiv to leave. Rajiv says previously his case was weak but now he is claiming her full legal custody. He starts badmouthing about Ram and Juhi’s relation and says she has sent his daughter to the boarding school. Rajiv says he is getting marry soon. Pihu tells Rajiv that her Dad will marry Juhi maa. And he will not get Naina’s custody and visitation rights.

Pihu says she isn’t saying wrong. Dad has promised her that he will marry Juhi maa. Juhi is shocked. Ram comes and says he will marry Juhi and adopt Naina legally. He tells Naina, not to worry. Rajiv says he will see if he really married Juhi or not. Naina and Pihu gets happy. Sudhir is shocked to hear Ram saying this. He comes to him and says now I can die peacefully. Pihu comes to him and says nanu, Sudhir says Ram was right that you have grown up. I am so proud of you.

Sudhir asks everyone to come inside. Sudhir tells Ram to get marry for his daughters. He says it is not easy to do something. While Ram wants to meet Priya, Sudhir asks him to meet Priya after Pihu’s mehendi and says Priya’s time will come after the mehendi ceremony.

Priya is seen in her room. Shipra and Natasha comes there. Shipra says she isn’t feeling like going inside. Natasha says you can take rest inside. She asks what is the matter. She takes her inside. Karthik and his wife jhanvi comes. Karthik tells her that this is the good chance for them to enter Kapoor mansion. Pihu greets Karthik, Jhanvi and their son. Karthik asks about Priya. Pihu informs him that doctor said that mom’s organ is failing. Shipra says to Natasha that because of Karthik, she didn’t want her to come. Sudhir tells Ram that Karthik entered the kapoor Mansion as he knows that we will not tell him anything infront of Pihu’s inlaws.

Ram calls the nurse and asks her to check on Priya. Nurse informs him that her pulse is getting low. Ram urges Priya to wake up and says he can’t do anything with her. Pihu comes and cries. Juhi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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