Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the Car: Priya and Neha panics seeing Jhanvi’s in sudden labour pains. Neha says you are six months pregnant naa how can it be labour pains. Priya says may be because of stress. she asks her to relax and breath high. Ram calls Priya and she informs him that jhanvi got labour pains and we are taking her to the hospital. We will be late. Neha calls the hospital and ask for the ambulance. Priya says we will take her to the hospital. Neha drives fast. Priya says she will call her aunty but Jhanvi says dont call her as she is a heart patient. Jhanvi ask her to call her husband.

Scene shifts to court room:

Ram informs the lawyer that Jhanvi’s labour pain started and Priya rush her to hospital. Lawyer says so she cant come to testimony in court.

Vikram ask the lawyer to suggest something as they cant keep their hands like that. Lawyer says he will request the court to give them another date for hearing. Soumya says Jhanvi cant come here immediately. Ram says lets take whatever time we get. Mamaji hears them taking some other date and ask Ayesha. Ayesha says nobody will come and save them.

Scene shifts to hospital:

Doctor tells priya that they have to opt for caesarean section as there are some complications. Priya ask to try for normal delivery. Priya introduces herself. Doctor ask Priya to be with jhanvi as she needs her friends. They come inside and give jhansi some courage and Neha says her sammy also got delivered through caesarean. Jhanvi says her husband will come. Jhanvi says sorry to Priya that she cant help them. Priya says this was more important and everything will be alright. Neha says truth also wins. Priya says here new life will be born and there also truth will win over. Jhanvi smiles. Priya ask her to relax and her baby will be fine.

Ram calls Priya and asks what doctor said. she says jhanvi was in delivery room and anytime delivery would be done. Ram says so she cant come. Ram says i meant she will deliver prematurely. Ram says he lost hope and when they get another date till then Ayesha will bribe all. Priya says everyone is not gets sold. She ask Ram to go inside. Nurse comes and tells Priya Jhanvi husband came.

Scene shifts to Court room:

Lawyer request the court to give them some more time or another date for hearing as their witness is in the hospital for delivery. Ayesha interrupts and says they dont have proof nor witness. She says they are just fooling the court. Lawyer says they have the witness. Ayesha asks who is the witness and how she is connected with this case.
judge says it doesn’t matter to the court if the witness is in the hospital. Ayesha plays bechari and says ram is my ex husband and they want to trouble me. he tried to married me off to the criminal, when he didn’t succeed, he is trying to get my property. Ram says she is married, but ayesha says she is not married. Ram says she married to my brother and he is in jail but we have his written statement. Ayesha tells the judge will you accept that criminal statement. she says they are all criminals. Ram says she is lieing.

Judge ask ram to submit the proof and court proceeding will resume after 10 mins. Lawyer tells Ram that they need a proof, marriage certificate or photos. Ram says if Jhanvi could come then it would have helped the case. Ayesha comes there and tells Ram not to be sad. your case was weak and you definitely would lose badly. mamaji smiles. She says better accept it. Ram is tensed. She says you cant prove that I and sid married and if god tries to help you then also it is of no use. She says she will win. she smiles evily.

Judge comes back on court room and ask ram do you have any other witness or proof. ayesha acts innocently. ayesha’s lawyer asks the judge to dismiss the case. Priya comes there and says not this much fast. Everyone is happy now except Ayesha and mamaji. Priya tells the judge that she have the proof that proves that ayesha and sid are married. She seek judge approval to handover the proof to her lawyer. Lawyer gives the photos to the judge and tells him that it is genuine. Ram tells judge that he was speaking the truth. Judge then sees Jhanvi’s statement in mobile and she says she sign as the witness and also captured the photos of marriage.

Judge tells the pandit to submit all the papers or else he will cancel mandir papers something. Pandit gets up and says he wants to say something. Mamaji ask him not to speak anything. Pandit says Ayesha bribe them and said that ram is troubling him and now he realise the truth. He says i will submit the papers.

Judge declares that ayesha and sid are married and because they have a kid together, their marriage cannot be annulled but they can file for the divoorce. He then ram that because ayesha is married, he gets all his property and home back. Judge tells Ayesha that she tried to tarnish the image of a good man and also wasted time of court. Ayesha shocked. everyone happy.

Mamaji tells Ayesha what happened, you was confident enough and we lost. Ram is still not believing that he won the case, priya comes to him and he says he cant believe. she congratulates him. Ram says it means my family will be happy. ram asks how you done this. Priya says 1 hour was much.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha comes back home and calls shankar to get the water. Soumya and Rishabh takes her luggage out and ask her to keep the keys here and go out of the house. Ayesha says how dare you. rishabh says we learnt this from you. dadi and maa says what you sow, so you reap. dadi says there is no place for you. Ayesha fumes and leaves.

khush talks with Pihu that he is going with his mumma. cute brother sister talk. She tells khush to come and meet the new baby when he comes. she ask him to be happy and not be sad. Mamaji says shall i come with you. Ayesha says no. i cant take you along. you say them sorry and keep me informed about everything.

Ram asks ayesha is it neccessary to take khush along with you. she says she dont want any charity. She says he is her son and he will be with her. Ram is sad. everyone is sad too. Ayesha and khush leaves kapoor mansion.

Vikram says sometimes one has to pay, dont worry. Ram says khush is his responsibility and he wants khush to be happy all his life. Mamaji sings the song babul ki duayein leti jaa for ayesha. Rishabh says if you are sad then you also go naa. Mamaji wipes his tears and says no, he is sad because he is unable to change her. He starts acting and says he failed. Rishabh again says to go and be with ayesha and try to change her. soumya says we cant see you like this, go. Dadi says let him stay here atleast we laugh at his acts. Rishabh asks mamaji to return. Mamaji falls on dadi’s feet and cries.

Ram, Priya come along with Pihu and Dadi is overwhelmed with emotions. Natasha and Soumya brings aarti and maa does the aarti saying that elder bahut came in this house. Dadi prays this time when you enter, your footsteps dont go back and it will happen with your shubh footsteps. Pihu, Ram and Priya smiles while BALH music plays in the BG. Pihu asks what is for me? Soumya takes her in her lap and says you are the princess. rishabh says your mummy is the queen and you are princess. maa asks Priya to do the grah pravesh. Ram smiles. Episode ends on Priya sweet smile.

Ram walks the ramp and Priya and neha in the crowd. then it shows John abraham walking down the ramp. It seems promotional event is going on for Shootout at Wadala in BALH

Update Credit to: Amena

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