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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu telling Kady and Khush that all these gifts were gifted by Ram. She asks Kady to be careful as when baby smiles in sleep, she will poop. Khush asks baby to poop. Kady gets Vikram’s call and informs him that baby just slept now and says it would have been better if he would ahve come there. Vikram says he is busy at office and asks if they can video chat instead. Khush says it is a good idea and he will switch on his laptop. Vikram sees baby holding Kady’s finger and gets emotional saying Sammy used to hold his finger like that.

Ram sees Mamaji talking to someone and asks him why did he make a fraud at office. Mamaji says he came under Juhi’s sweet talks when she requested him to rescue her, else he knows how much he loves him. Ram

says he will take legal action if he repeats his mistake.

Juhi meets Prya and shouts at her that Ram put her husband behind bars. Priya asks her to lower her voice as she does not want anybody shouting at her house. She says her husband got punishment for his deeds and says she is very happy they are being punished and if they continue their bad deeds and don’t realize their mistake, she don’t know what will happen to them. Juhi asks Prya to think of herself as she will ruin her and Ram. Priya says she knows what she can do, if she wanted to do something, she would not have come and shouting here, would have done already. She further says everything happens according to fate and until god decides, nothing can happen to them. Juhi says what she and Ram did to her and Rajeeve, they will pay for it. Priya says we were friends once and because of that, she can forgive her and ask Ram to bail Rajeev so that they can live in peace and let her and her family live in peace. Juhi says there is no need of that, she will handle it in her way and warns that she will destroy her and Ram’s life. Pihu sees Juhi going out and asks her to stop. Priya stops Pihu and asks her not to think about Juhi. Pihu says she cannot see someone talking rudely to her and that too Juhi who ruined their family’s happiness, she will ask Ram to destroy Juhi. Priya says Juhi was with us for so many years and your dad will not do wrong to Pihu as he is good guy. Pihu says how can they tolerate people like these. Priya says to do that, we have to change our values and asks Pihu to stop giving importance to Juhi and to give importance to baby as she is most important in our lives now.

Mamaji takes baby from Pihu and says Pihu that she is looking bawaal, says in punjabi bawaal means beautiful. Pihu asks him to hold baby nicely and goes from there. Mamaji sees cockroach and step on sofa. Khush, Myra and Pihu come there and ask mamaji why is he on sofa. Mamaji says baby asked him. They ask him to go and have his medicine. Khush says it is a dummy cockroach.

Priya remembers Juhi’s words that she will destroy her and Ram. Ram sees her tense and asks what is she thinking. Priya says sometime we can’t handle people harming us and we try to explain them, but they end up harming us. Ram asks her to speak clearly. Priya says Juhi warned to take revenge, but I tried to explain her to stay calm, she will ask Ram to bail out Rajeev, but she did not hear her and wants to snatch our happiness. Ram asks her to relax and it does not matter to them. Priya says he is right and is a right person for her.

Juhi reminisces Ram’s words that she cannot think of being equal to Priya and Priya’s words ot live and let them live peacefully, ram’s words that she cannot do anything to him. She thinks Ram cannot insult her like that every time, she sacrificied a lot for his family and gave her 8 years to him. She thinks Ram is not intelligent as he thinks, she challenges him to destroy him and has made a foolproof plan.

Khush sees Pihu sleeping and brings a toy for baby. Pihu wakes up and sees Khush standing near baby’s cradle. She asks what is he doing and what is he hiding. She sees balloons and asks why did he bring them. Khush says it is baby’s first month birthday. They both wish baby happy birthday.

Mamaji meets Juhi and asks her why is she so tensed. Juhi says she is thinking how to bail out Rajeev. Mamaji says she was in love with kapoor men and now she is in love with someone else. Juhi says she wants to destroy kapoor men, so she believed him and took his help. Mamaji says he is a nice man and why would he help. Juhi says she took him in her plan to destroy Ram. Mamaji says Ram will cut your feathers if he knows your plan and asks what is your plan. Juhi says a big blast will happen and asks mamaji to reach kapoor mansion and she will come behind him.

Precap: Ram says Priya she takes care of him well and asks her to promise she will not let him alone. Priya promises and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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