Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mama ji is rueing what is the trouble! Pihu asks if there was any call? He says nope! Right then there is a ring and Pihu receives it..! She says she cant understand and he takes the call..! Its a Doc ..who asks about the knee pain of Dadiji and he says.. she has gone for a jog in the park.. n cuts the call..!

Mama ji says once their band is ready..they need to make a CD and a cover with her pic with guitar! Pihu says that if she gets thru she wont have to attend school and Mama ji plays along and says she will have leave always and they will be guests to all events..n lauf along!

Priya comes to Ram and he thanks her for Rishabh ..! Priya tells him that she is upset with him so talk! Ram says..that.. he is ..and how did she find out about Rishabh?

Priya says since he din share so she found out on her own… n asks what was he doing in the car? Ram diverts and Priya says that he was talking to Pihus event director.. and its badly affecting Pihu as she is obsessing over it..! Ram says..she will win and Priya says she is just of 6 years.. and this sort of obsession to win is not good ! She says ..even if Pihu loses..want her to learn to deal with will she make it thru in life? Ram says Priya looks cute when angry! Pihu comes running saying there is call from event directors and gives call to Ram and he puts on speaker and they say Pihu made it thru to next round and Ram celebrates and Pihu too and she goes running off after telling message for Chota Baby! She runs off! Ram tells Chota Baby same thing and goes to celebrate but Priya is sad!

All congratulate Pihu ..! Saumya says sorry for not attending.. and tells Rishabh they ought to have gone! He says Ram wont feel bad if they dun tail him always..! She asks him to congratulate Pihu! Mamaji says.. its great she won but she should not forget him..who was her guru! Pihu assures she wont and says to clap for her in the competition! Saumya says Pihu is like Rams daughter.. she shines like him…! Saumya says.. everyone has their own destiny .. no one talks about what Rishabh has achieved till date..! He fumes but goes to congratulate Pihu ..! He gives her money as gift ..! All ask her to take it..! Saumya smiles from afar..!

Later in the night.. Shipra asks Sudhir to give her the moby ..n he says what about her? She says.. his moby camera is better..! He asks what she wants to do? She clicks.. pic of Nutz sleeping by the kids side and she says.. someone is right.. Bachcha Maa ko janam deta hai. .n says..cant believe its same Nutz..! She says kids change all ..! She says that if chotu wasnt there she would have been crying about Kartik but now she has hope seeing Chotu. .that Kartik will be ok soon ..! Sudhir agrees with her..! Shipra watches the duo an then taps lightly at Nutz shoulder and wakes her up ..and asks her to go rest! She refuses ..and says..she had put 10 o clock alarm to feed the kid! Shipra says..she knows how to make powder milk she rather rest! Nutz asks her to make coffee for her..n she goes to make..! Nutz pats the baby..! Sudhir watches the duo skeptically ..!

Saumya says.. Priya hasnt eaten a single laddo.. n if she should tell Shipra? Priya says not to …n rues how come she gets so much time? Saumya says.. nurse cares for Kartik and Nutz is caring for baby so she is focusing on Priya Baby! She says .that things are wrong with Rishabh ..and he is thinking twisted! Priya says ..she has to keep doing this acting.. to let all wrong things come out of Rishabhs mind and that he has started taking responsibility ..! She says..good to see him like this.. coz of Nutz too! Saumya feels awkward and Priya says..she feels bad too but doing it all for Rishabhs good! Saumya assures her support..! Priya says..she knows..! Saumya asks her to eat the laddo and right then Pihu comes..! She says that all congratulated her and gave her gift..! She shows money and Priya is shocked..! Pihu asks what she should do with the money? Priya says. .do good thing.. make someone happy with the money..! Pihu shares that Rishabh told her that when she will grow up she will shine like star as she is Rams daughter! Priya is taken aback..! She asks Pihu to change and sleep and she hugs Priya kisses her and goes off!

Part 2

Nutz tells that case is complicated but he has to help! Nutz says that she wants to adopt the kid and that she has deliberately called him as her in laws are not there! Lawyer asks if her in laws are not ready? Nutz says she is adopting its not their decision! She says that she is raising the kid ever since the kids mom deserted it..! She says its a formality! Lawyer says that usually people dun do such things ..adopting her hubbys second wifes kid! Nutz says ..she is not a wife. she is a mistake and she has no right! Lawyer says that if there is a case.. the woman will retain rights on the kid ..! She asks if she can adopt the kid? He says not at any cost! Nutz tells him to get he cant do the work she called him for! He walks off..!

Nutz looks at the kid and dare he say..she is not his mom she no one of his? She says.. he belongs to her.. only her.. n she is only his mom..! Nutz kisses the baby ..!

Pihu Priya Ram arrive and she asks no one came? Ram says..its a tv event ! Pihu says..when she will win all will clap? Ram says.. yes and will take autographs too and her posters will be up too! Priya notices that the event is sponsored by Kapoor Industries..! She is angry..!

Part 3

The event co-ordinator asks all the kids to get ready quickly as they have to rehearse..! Priya comes and sees Pihu smiling and about to drink water..! She introes her new friend to Priya..! She asks her if she is prepared? Pihu says..yes. .n that not to worry as she has practised a lot! Priya calls her close and says that she is gonna tell her something that Pihu might not like and she mite get angry on her too! She tells Pihu that Priya doesnt want her to take part in the competition! Pihu asks why? Coz she will lose? She says not to worry as she will win! Priya says..she doesnt want Pihu to win..! She says that the judges of this competition are Rams friends and if she wins.. all will say that Pihu won coz she is her dads daughter! Pihu says..she has rehearsed a lot ! Priya says.. people will think she is Rams daughter and judges made her win..which is not a good thing! She says that participation is important..more than win/ lose! Pihu says..she is not able to understand! Priya says sorry and says that Pihu cannot take part in this competition..! Pihu wipes her tears and says she wont take part if she doesnt want her to and she did it only to make her happy ..! Priya hugs Pihu ..and thanks her.! Pihu says now she will say bye to her friends ..! Priya wipes her tears..!

Precap — Priya asks Ram what is she teaching Pihu? That she is Rams daughter so she can win anything..she can do anything? Ram says he was only informing the judges that Pihu is his daughter ..what is wrong in it? Priya asks if this is not cheating ??

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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