Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Ram writing a love letter to Priya, he mentions how he has changed for her and how he has reduced snoring too. Ram then comes to her cabin and thinks how to put the card as she is here. He wishes that she should go out so that he can put the card. Priya leaves the cabin to get her bag and Ram seizes the opportunity to put the card. He does so and leaves. Priya comes to her desk and finds that the balloons are not there. She wonders where they might have gone.

Next Sammy and Pihu are shown to be leaving for the party but the car fails to start, Pihu notices that Sammy has put the gear on neutral. She tells him. She sees that Sammy is tensed and lost and asks him about it, but he brushes it off saying he is ok. They leave for the party.

Back at office Priya comes to Ram’s cabin and notices the balloons there, she sees that Ram is happy and smiling and thinks what is wrong with him…Ram thinks whether she must have read the card or not and whether she liked it or not. Priya asks him about the balloons and why he took them when he knew that it was hers. She tells him that it’s not for him. Ram tells her that he found them on the cabin and thought that she left it here as it is valentines day today, Priya denies it and says that she will not do it for a person who doesn’t trust her. She requests him to give all the employees half day as it’s a special day today and he agrees readily. She comes and tells them that Ram gave them a day of they become very happy and thank her for it, they give her their blessings and one employee calls her their love guru.

On the other hand Ram goes to her cabin sneakily and get the card out of there. Priya is about to go to her cabin but Madhvi stops her and asks her for her aloo paratha recipe for her boyfriend. Priya tells her that she will write the recipe for her as if the boss sees them like this he will get angry. Ram is in her cabin panicking about getting caught, he thinks where he should hide suddenly he gets an idea and hides outisde the window. Priya is angry on herself for getting the balloons back from Ram. She feels that she should have left it there as it reached him on this day. Ram is outside thinking how long will eh have to stand here like this, he thinks of messaging her some work so that he can go from here. Priya suddenly hears a noise and thinks what it might be but hen brushes it off and continues writing the recipe.

Priya is feeling cold and she gets up to close the window. She finishes writing the recipe and goes to give it to Madhvi, Ram is still standing outside unaware of the fact that Priya has left the cabin,

Next Riddhima and Saurav are planning how to make this valentines days special for Neha Vikram and Cady Rahul. After coming up with some flop plans they manage to make a perfect plan.

Back at office everyone have left and Priya couldn’t manage to give her the recipe, Rishi come and thanks her for removing the flowers and saving his job. Before going he gives her a file and asks her to take Ram’s sign in them today as it’s important. She comes to his cabin to get the sign but doesn’t find him there she thinks that he might have gone home, she thinks of calling him. Ram picks up but the phone falls from his hand and someone who passes by catches it, Priya tries calling him again but his phone is unreachable she gets angry on him for not taking her call. She thinks that it’s a new way Ram has found to trouble her, she gets angry thinking that they could have spent some time together as no one is around but it didn’t happen.

Vikram is traveling in his car to go meet ram when he gets a call he thinks it’s Neha and he gets annoyed on the phone he realises that it’s his daughter Ridhdhima. she makes fun of him. She lies to him saying she is not well to get him home. Saurav comes and asks her if she did it she says yes yes and says she feels guilty for lying.

Back at office, Priya gets mad and leaves, She comes out to take an auto but the driver gets out, she asks him what is happening, she looks up and is shocked to see ram there. She thinks he has gone crazy. She hears people around making fun of him she gets mad and asks them to shut up. She thinks what to do, screen freezes on her worried face.

Precap Priya tires to convince him to come inside but to no avail ram says his legs have frozen and he can’t move Priya comes outside.

Update Credit to: Ritu567

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